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Sioux Falls City Councilors at Dem Forum • 4/5/2019

Janet Brekke, Theresa Stehly and Pat Starr bring their Sioux Falls SD citizen first messages to a joint Friday Democratic Forum lunch crowd on April 5, 2019.

The past TWO Parks Board meetings have been videotaped, you can’t watch them HERE under the RECENT tab. There has never been a formal press release or announcement of this to the public or city council. I found out from a personal email from Jason Reisdorfer.

Sioux Falls City Councilors Starr, Stehly & Brekke at Dem Forum

Michelle Lavallee – Dem Forum 8/3/2018

Democratic Forum with ACLU’s Libby Skarin

The Sioux Falls Democratic Forum invited Elizabeth Skarin to talk about Voter Rights, Political Rights and what to consider when electing officials including the Attorney General of South Dakota. This Friday noon presentation was at the Royal Fork temporary location on July 20, 2018.

Democratic Forum @ Royal Fork this Friday

Democratic Forum has a NEW home for a couple of weeks

SPECIAL NOTE:  Due to the daytime closing of the VFW, Democratic Forum will be held June 22 and 29 at the ROYAL FORK buffet on 49th Street south of the Empire Mall.  Our special rate for the full buffet, including beverage, will be $9.50.  Members need not purchase the buffet to attend the meeting but that will be the only option to eat.  The buffet includes a wide choice of entrees, sides, salads and desserts.  Be sure to mention you are with Democratic Forum when paying.  The buffet opens at 11:00 and early arrival is encouraged to avoid long lines.

PROGRAM: US Congressional Candidate Tim Bjorkman and former legislator Frank Kloucek  

Tim will provide a short update on his campaign while Frank, an active farmer, will discuss rural issues in SD.

WHEN: June 22, Noon to 1:00 PM

WHERE: Royal Fork.

4610 W Empire Place.  Opens at 11:00 AM.


June 29:  FORUM:  TBA

July 6:  FORUM:  Jana Johnson on Haiti.

July 13:  FORUM:  Sheryl Johnson and Margaret Kuipers, candidates for House in District 11

July 20: FORUM:  Elizabeth Skarin, ACLU

July 27: FORUM:  Valerie Loudenback and Erin Healy, candidates for House in District 14

Democratic Forum to move to new spot

The problem is they don’t know yet. They were informed this morning that the VFW will no longer be open during lunch hours starting immediately. Forum has been held at the VFW on Fridays at Noon for a very long time. They are searching for a new home, until than they hope to find a temporary place for the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for updates.

Democratic Forum – Friday the 15th speaker changes

The speaker arrangement will change tomorrow at Forum. Due to a family emergency Rose Grant will not be able to attend. Cory Heidelberger will speak in her place, and Jeff Barth will remain on the docket also.

UPDATE: Mayor Mike Huether – DEM FORUM (4/27/18)

UPDATE: I don’t think we caught it in the video (we have difficulties with the wi-fi in this building) but the mayor was telling the same story about leaving to all the news media lately and was continuing the story at Forum (to a lot of snickers in the crowd). When it got to about 12:50, Jim stood up and reminded the mayor that he needed to take questions. Mike said he was going to finish his ‘story’ first and if Jim didn’t like it, he was going to leave. Mike continued for another 10 minutes without taking any questions. At the end Jim said out loud, “Thanks for the filibuster mayor.”

Dem Forum w/ Bill Walsh and 60’s Politics, 4/20/18