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Dem Forum REPLAY, Sioux Falls Mayoral Candidates (3 of them)

Dem Forum, March 30, 2018

This is in two parts, Cameraman Bruce is experimenting with Livestream. First part is US House Candidate Tim Bjorkman talking about crime, second part is Minnehaha County Sheriff Mike Milstead and Assistant Sheriff, Michelle Boyd.

Dem Forum Live Feed, NOON Today

Democratic Forum, Friday, Feb 16, 2018

The Sioux Falls Democratic Forum’s regular Friday get together at the Sioux Falls VFW brought in District 15 Sen. Reynold Nesiba and Rep Jamie Smith. The February 16, 2018 talk brought the appreciative crowd up to date on the events in Pierre this legislative session.

Starr and Stehly lay out their concerns about the DT parking ramp at Dem Forum (12/1/2017)

As you can see, many people in the audience (one of the largest crowds they have had) agree with the councilors that the math just doesn’t add up on this project.

We need everyone to make this a better country

Starr and Stehly to address Democratic Forum on Friday

They will give attendees an update on what is going on with the city council these days.

Roger McKellips Remembered (1923-2017)

South Dakota lost a friend and leader, Roger McKellips on August 18, 2017. A simple remembrance of his South Dakota and Alcester leadership is given on August 25, 2017 at the Sioux Falls Democratic Forum.

We will also have video of Jeff Barth who spoke at Forum on Friday.

Dan Letellier at Democratic Forum, 3/24/2017

Want to catch up on happenings at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport? Executive Director Dan Letellier spoke to the Democratic Forum on March 24, 2017 with many interesting items.

Isn’t it interesting the we could get a parking ramp at Joe Foss Field with 1,100 spots for $24 million and our esteemed city government will get a couple of hundred for $18 million? Another reason we look forward to a new administration in 2018.

LEAD (Leaders Engaged & Determined) Dem Forum, 4/14/2017

LEAD did their presentation today. I applaud the group and their priorities (DOC: LEAD-SF). I have often believed that we need MORE women as legislators and political leaders, heck, 50% would even be a nice goal!

But during the Q & A session it was revealed that the growing pains are becoming a reality. They started out with about 100 members and have grown online to around 2,100 in just a few short months (mostly due to the anti-Trump sentiment).

While I also applaud them on being non-partisan, as a women’s political group, they are going to have to ask some serious questions about their platform and that’s where the growing pains begin. It seems they want to recruit candidates for local races and the legislature but have yet to implement a platform.

This is troublesome.

While I say ‘Hell Yah’ to candidate recruitment, especially on a local level, you best have your ducks in a row when it comes to a platform and policy positions. While having a desire to run for office is a great thing, you better know what you stand for before you announce your candidacy, and you best have it set in stone. It will be the script you must stick to throughout your campaign, and should be SIMPLE and CONCISE. Remember good government is very easy, it’s based on common sense, not some special interest mantra or dogma.

I wish them luck in their endeavors and hope they form a strong platform soon, rather then later.