Uncle Fester

I think you need to change your idea bulb, Blake

If this is the kind of campaign Dr. Curd is gonna run, he might as well throw in the towel today;

PIERRE – Republican congressional candidate Blake Curd criticized U.S. Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin on Wednesday for a direct-mail piece that Curd said is a blatant campaign flier mailed at taxpayer expense.

“We shouldn’t have taxpayer money going to somebody’s re-election campaign,” he said.

Huh? A sitting US congressperson asking and telling veterans about government services is a campaign flier?

The piece in question, mailed to veterans, touts Herseth Sandlin’s support of higher wages for military personnel, enhanced G.I. Bill benefits and a 10 percent increase in veterans’ health.

While I can see Curd’s point, it is a stretch at best. There is plenty other things to attack Herseth on besides postage fees. Trust me. Do a little more digging Curd, I’m sure you will find a couple of things.


While I have been very disappointed in Steffy over the past year, mostly because she is acting like a Republican, I found this possible announcement really interesting;

In recent days, state Rep. Dr. Blake Curd of Sioux Falls has shown up on that list, having spread the word that he is a possible player in the race for his party’s nomination for U.S. House.

Not sure if you know who Dr. Blake ‘Uncle Fester’ Curd is, but him and Dr.(?) Unruh are the ones spearheading the SD teabagger resistance to public healthcare. Blake is a multi-millionaire specialist hand surgeon in SD, that tells us right there why he is against reform. While Steffy seems to be lost on healthcare reform, I think someone like Curd representing us would be detrimental to the state, especially for the mostly lower middle-class and working poor in our state.


The Doctor is in, and his diagnosis is hoof and mouth disease.

It seems that Blake has been hanging with the Unruhs a little too much, he’s starting to make crap up when it comes to the Healthcare debate;

Our government has just proven that it cannot even purchase used cars, but it expects us to believe that it has a stranglehold on health care and its cost.

Huh? Cash for Clunkers has been highly successful, we can only hope government healthcare could work that well.

Despite the claims made by proponents of health care reform, rationing by necessity will occur. Long waits for specialists and treatments denied by our government because they are too expensive will become commonplace.

Blah, Blah, Blah. Just admit it Blake, as a specialist yourself, it will affect your bottom line and that is why you are opposed to it.

Acceptable care will be decided by a government panel and not by you and your physician.

Yes, because private insurers don’t do that now? Don’t make me laugh.

The United States stands as a shining symbol to the rest of the world because of the different way we do things. Our health care should be no different,

Yeah, because we love being rated almost last in healthcare of most industrialized nations, why would we want to change that? Heck, even Cuba has a better infant mortality rate then we do, and they pay their doctors $30 a month.

The approach should reward choice, competition, value and the freedom for individuals and families to decide what is in their own best interest.

I couldn’t agree more, but as of right now many Americans don’t have a choice because they are uninsured.

Those who cannot afford to purchase coverage should be given the opportunity of a tax incentive to become a health care purchaser, not someone dependent on an entitlement.

Hate to break it too you Mr. Rich Doctor, but people who can’t afford insurance likely are not paying much in taxes if any at all, so how do you give an incentive? Besides, one already exists, I write off my private insurance every year on my taxes.

America shocked the world more than two centuries ago when it embarked on this noble journey and established the greatest country ever known.

Yet after more then 200 years we still can’t provide affordable healthcare to our citizens. Maybe we are paying our doctors too much? I’m just saying.