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Sioux Falls is going to get serious about drug prevention

Where was Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether on Meth crime during the last mayoral campaign?


He was silent and blew off competitor Greg Jamison that violent crime was rising in Sioux Falls. In fact he got the now Corvette convertible driving retired police chief Barthel to agree with him.

He said it wasn’t an issue.

It was an issue. Mike ignored it, but now all of sudden with a Wednesday hearing on petition drives is looming, Mike wants to change the dialog that he is being tough on crime and meth.


Violent crime has been increasing in Sioux Falls for the past 4 years at least, so now why all of sudden, you care. Empty suit. Blowheart. Also, if you care so much why give the FOP a lousy raise? (you know, the people who have to actually battle this issue)

Want to fight meth use? Fight poverty! Promote living wages, promote good jobs. Pay and train our police force well.

So what are you doing Mike? Holding press conferences like you care, pretending to cry. Thats it.

Should elected officials be drug tested?


Before I get smoking on this post, I will say I don’t think anyone should be drug tested unless you are working in public safety, trucking or other jobs where safety can be compromised. I think people should be judged on their accomplishments and experience.

That being said, I have often wondered why lawmakers require public employees, and some have even suggested welfare recipients, to be drug tested when they are not? I thought about this the other day after turning in my resume for the county commission seat.

What do you think? Should we drug test elected officials before they are sworn into office? Or better yet, drug test them when they turn their petitions in for candidacy?

Hey, what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.

What is really behind AG Jackboots Electronic Record keeping legislation


Hey, sounds great, right? Anything to curb people from making meth is a good thing right?

Methamphetamine. South Dakota is experiencing a significant increase in the number of meth lab incidences as well as meth arrests.

“As Attorney General, I do not support requiring a doctor’s prescription for basic cold medicine.  The more reasonable approach is to utilize electronic record keeping of information already being provided in order to address inappropriate use of cold medicine for methamphetamine manufacturing,” said Attorney General Jackley.  Cold medicines containing Pseudoephedrine are often utilized in the manufacturing of
methamphetamine.  South Dakota law currently provides for a written record keeping system for the
sale of Pseudoephedrine products that cannot be efficiently checked by either retailers or law enforcement.  The proposed legislation addresses the problem through electronic record keeping and further allows for a waiver if a retailer does not have these electronic capabilities.  There will be no additional cost to the retailers, consumers or taxpayers for the electronic record keeping system being funded by the industry.

Interesting stuff, especially when you connect the dots.

What are the key components of adding up these dots? Let’s see, they want to implement electronic record keeping, retailers will have access to the information and lastly it will all be paid for by the ‘industry’.

What industry you ask? Big Pharma. See, this legislation is model legislation through ALEC. Who gives ALEC and ALEC members (state legislators) lots of campaign donations? Big Pharma. Who has received a lot of big Pharma money in the past? AG Jackboots. Can you imagine the usefulness of this kind of information to Big Pharma? Being able to track the sales of their over the counter drugs (being sold mostly to innocent consumers not interested in making meth) right down to the actual person purchasing the product, all the while requiring retailers to train their employees to do this extra work, ultimately costing them more in labor costs.

Once again, ALEC is well on it’s way to hoodwink our State Legislators and voters on this legislation.

GP will be posting an extended/closer look at this issue in the near future.

A couple of carnies get arrested for drugs, shocker!

I want the one with crack in it’s head!

Two Sioux Empire Fair carnival workers have been arrested after police intercepted a package containing 37 grams of crack cocaine.

On Saturday, Sioux Falls Police were tipped off by Texas authorities about a shipment of drugs that was headed to the area.

Police were able to intercept the package before it was delivered and found a Lalaloopsy doll inside. Inside the head of the doll was 37 grams of crack cocaine.

Police repackaged the doll and the drugs and delivered it to a southwest Sioux Falls hotel. The man who received the package claimed it was for a friend.

Authorities ultimately arrested both men, 35-year-old Louis Frank Deak of Lawton, Oklahoma and 55-year-old John Thomas Whitfield Jr. of Houston, Texas.

Police say both men worked in the ‘kiddie land’ area at the Sioux Empire Fair.

Deak and Whitfield face numerous drug charges and will be in court Monday afternoon.

“Mommy! Those two guys running Kiddie Land are really hyper, and a little sweaty!”

SD Families First

This is a new lobbying organization one of my friends is helping out with. Check them out!


Here is a letter to the editor, explaining the group‘s mission.

Sheriff Mike Milstead recently announced the Department of Justice will visit our county jail in December to review the growing inmate population. Meanwhile, a work group has completed a review of our state’s prison population at the governor’s request — launching a discussion around many needed reforms.

The magnitude of this issue is truly alarming. I am very concerned about the over-incarceration crisis because we arrest twice as many people as our neighboring states, despite having a similar crime rate. The arrest rate has increased by 400 percent for women since the early ’80s, about the same time we embraced the “war on drugs” and started locking up a record numbers of nonviolent drug users. Although well-intended, this approach actually fuels the cycle of crime, poverty and addiction and makes the public less safe.

The clear connection between our punitive drug laws and skyrocketing arrest rates should prompt a serious discussion about how we handle drugs. I urge our community leaders to consider decriminalization and treating problematic drug use as a health care issue for the family and community, not the police and courts.

Documentary club w/ “The House I Live In”

This is so ironic that Emmett sent me this trailer today, Guest Poster and I just had a conversation yesterday about the ridiculous amount of money our county and city spends on law enforcement vehicles and intimidation. Our money.

Can’t wait to see this film on the worthless war on drugs.

Let’s drug test legislators instead

It amazes me that legislators are worried about dirt poor single mothers smoking a little weed.

A South Dakota bill to require drug testing of welfare recipients has been killed in committee this morning.

House Bill 1120 sponsored by Rep. Mark Kirkeby, R-Rapid City, would require testing of those recipients that state employees believe have drugs in their system.

What is the irony of this legislation? It would probably cost more to implement a drug testing program then the amount of money that is being given to welfare drug users. It’s kinda like the capital punishment debate – It’s actually cheaper to put someone away for life then to kill them because of the appeals process.

But I digress.

What bothers me more is the hypocrisy of our lawmakers. Ever notice how many elected officials get caught fucking whores, doing drugs, beating their spouses, molesting kids and drinking and driving? I think a better idea would be to force every new legislator to take an IQ test, be drug tested and have a mental health evaluation.

Of course that wouldn’t leave many people in Pierre.

Mexican Drug Cartels in Sioux Falls?


While I think Beck is a Shitbag, this story was reported by several other news organizations, including CNN. I’m just wondering when our MSM will wakeup and talk about it.


Open Thread – Eat meat, be merry

You wouldn't want people to this you're a Nazi, would you?

Even with the economy in the shitter, alcohol sales are up. I felt compelled to share one of my favorite sites on the internets  Modern Drunkard Magazine out of Denver. It was THIS POST about how to infiltrate the “drys” that made me chuckle.  So here’s to all you teetotalers out there making our lives easier by following through and picking up our slack. I tip my glass to you.. or more specifically… away from you.. and down my throat.