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Dusty Johnson proposes idiotic legislation on plant based meat patties

As you can see from the label, it already says ‘Plant-Based’. It’s actually a selling point to people who don’t want to eat meat, but Dusty doesn’t think it is enough;

Representative Dusty Johnson is co-sponsoring a bill aimed at labeling plant-based beef as “imitation” meat.

The Real Meat Act proposed that beef not made from cows, be labeled “imitation” before or after the name of on the front package.

In a statement, Rep. Johnson says, “a plant-based creation isn’t the same as South Dakota beef. It’s a benefit of consumers and producers alike when folks have a better understanding of where their food comes.”

I’m wondering when Congress is going to finally pass and implement country of origin labeling and make it stick for beef? (It was passed in 2013 and repealed in 2015/16). If COOL was still in effect it would have a HUGE impact on sales of SD Beef (they would sell MORE), but Dusty seems to be concerned that people that are eating plants shaped like burgers are being duped.


I propose we start labeling our lone representative in DC as an ‘Imitation’ Congressman.

Will Marion Mike Rounds run for another term? DaCola says NO.

There is a story in the Argus today (I can’t read it because it is for subscribers) but the headline suggests that Rounds may not run for re-election due to his wife’s illness.

I have felt for awhile that he would NOT run anyway, even before his wife was diagnosed. I have heard from several Republican insiders that he doesn’t like Washington so much, and secondly, six years is a long term.

I have been suggesting for awhile that he will choose NOT to run and Dusty Johnson will run for the seat. This is the gossip going around, and one of the reasons he is so upset with Borglum.

As for money raised, both Rounds and Johnson can easily move those funds.

So who would run for Congress on the Republican side? I think it is Paul TenHaken, who I don’t think has the appetite for another term as Mayor.

I think this will open it up for a special election (if TenHaken wins) for Sioux Falls Mayor, which we will see Huether return, but I could also see other opportunists like Greg Neitzert looking at running.

This of course is all speculation, and just some early predictions.

In the Trumpist sphere, I agree with a letter writer Cory Heidelberg scrounged up. I have been thinking for awhile that the reason Romney is supporting impeachment is so he can be the GOP’s presidential candidate in 2020. Think about it, he has ran before, he has name recognition, and he is a moderate (more like a corporatist). He will still lose, once a loser always a loser. I’m still on the fence whether or not the Senate will kick the bum out of office, but that political circus changes by the day. If the polling is 55% or higher with American support for resignation, the Senate will remove him. Guaranteed. And our Nightmare maybe finally over with . . . for awhile anyway.

Rep. Dusty Johnson says since impeachment is ‘taxing’ we shouldn’t do it

When I talk to people about impeachment and why I support it, I keep the answer short and to the point;

‘The president violated his constitutional authority and admitted to it on live television. With circumstances like that, if Congress doesn’t act, they are not upholding their constitutional authority if they choose not to impeach.’

JFK said it best, ‘. . . we do things not because they are easy, but because they are hard,’

It’s time for Congress to do the ‘hard’ thing no matter how taxing or messy it can be and impeach the president of the United States for violating his oath of office.

Old People Suck.

This editorial cartoon was submitted by unknown.

It’s Howdy Dusty Time!

A reader sent me this gem. Not sure where he even found it?

Write your own caption

Trump, Dusty, Butina and Erickson

Opie & Andy are running for Congress (H/T – VSG)

Glad to see Huether won’t be competing with Dusty Johnson

The Dusty Johnson – Jason Gant comparison

We told you about some in-depth digging into the financial reports of legislative and constitutional candidates. This is getting very interesting. The GOP is having a bit of a cat fight right now labeling each group as more or less Republican than the other. And more questions are arising about how Gant is running his office;

Possibly more serious than the attacks is an effort under way to file a lawsuit to kick Gosch off the ballot.

The lawsuit threat stems from Gosch’s nominating petitions to get on the ballot. He notarized one of his own petitions, which isn’t supposed to happen.

“I’m not an attorney, but I said, it sure looks like a violation to me,” said Ed Randazzo, a Rapid City activist who is helping to raise $2,500 to pay for a lawsuit.

Gosch was unavailable for comment, but asked his fellow lawmaker, Rep. Mike Verchio, R-Hill City, to speak for him.

“He’s confident, since the secretary of state (Jason Gant) already says there’s not a problem,” Verchio said.

If you are so confident, why the possible lawsuit?

We are still looking into why each is going after the other, but in this search, we find some other things involving our intrepid SOS Mr. Gant. Why is Mr. Gant mixed up in so many of these strange connections?  Who are these people financing him?  What does Jason have to do for them or what is he promising to the groups giving him the money?

THE FULL DOCUMENTgant 2010 campiaign finance disclosure oct 22 – 11660

We are also looking into the money received by several other candidates elected at the same time as Mr. Gant.  Let’s look at Dusty Johnson’s run for the PUC.  This is an office you could assume would be useful to out of state lobbyists and corporations, it has in the past why not now?  So we looked…  And looked.  Interesting thing, Dusty has raised a lot of money for his PUC runs, but the money he has received are primarily from the usual in-state GOP citizens we get used to seeing in state finance reports. Small in-state PACs

SEE FULL DOCUMENT: Johnson, Dusty campaign Finance report Oct 22, 2010 11745

Jason Gant like Marty Jackley like Chris Nelson like several state GOP legislators are getting massive funds from out of state ALEC based PACs and ALEC directed out of state contributions.

Think the division in the state Republican party is a myth? Think again, it is a reality, and it’s going to get more real as November approaches.

Congrats Dusty!

(Argus Leader file photo)

I have mixed feelings about Dusty’s appointment, but I like the guy, and though he has an (R) behind his name, I think he is a progressive person. I hope he takes full advantage of his position to help ordinary South Dakotans;

Public Utilities Commissioner Dusty Johnson will resign from his job at the end of his term and will become Governor-elect Dennis Daugaard’s chief of staff.

Johnson, who was reelected in November was named to his new position this morning in a news conference with Daugaard.

Johnson, 34, defeated Democrat Doyle Karpen with 73 percent of the vote earlier this month to retain the PUC post. Before being elected to the PUC, he was a senior policy advisor to Gov. Mike Rounds.

I am a little upset about him pulling a ‘Bob Litz’, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt, he may not have been angling for the job before the election. We will probably never know.