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Catholics didn’t sellout, they voted smart for once

Oh, you mean some Catholics are actually informed about the people running for the highest office in this country? Get out!

But 54 percent of Catholics voted for Obama, including many bishops.

This letter writer thinks that with the economy in the shitter, two endless wars in the middle east and our standing in the world at a all time low we should have picked our next president based on . . . yup . . . you guessed it . . . abortion!!!! Well guess what minnow-muncher, President elect Obama will do more to reduce abortions then McCain would have. He will most likely boot out Abstinence Ed funding, he will require doctors and pharmacists to do their freaking jobs by prescribing BC when a patient needs or wants it and he has appointed a brilliant man as Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tom Daschle.

I’ll pray Rosary for yah.

Give me some of that old time liberal sickness

“The darkness of liberal sickness is rising. One cannot ignore, however, that it is precisely this sickness that inevitably will strengthen the conservative delegation.”

BahahahahahahBawha! Boy those neocons will say anything for a good f’ing laugh. Well, if liberalism is a sickness, conservatism under GW Bush has been a terminal cancer. The conservatives don’t get it. Obama won this election because he campaigned to EVERYONE. This country does have a large percentage of conservative bible-bumping witch doctors, but it is hardly the majority. Most Americans are moderate couch potatoes. Period.

Apparently this jackass has a crystal ball;

Barack Obama has won the White House with nothing more than one promise after another, hollow as they might be, unattainable without question and irresponsible. Obama has made many promises to many people that a person with any common sense concludes that his promises cannot be obtained.

Though I will partially agree with Lance that a lot of campaign promises can never be kept I do think Obama wants to put as much on the table as possible and see what happens. It’s called trying different things to see what works, unlike idiot boy wonder – stay the course – GW Bush.

Liberals are only tolerant to those with like minds.

Really? Moderates and independents who voted for Obama didn’t seem to think so. I think you are talking about neo-con bigotry. Liberals believe in unity not predjudice.

I cannot compromise my intellectual integrity.

Oh, but you already have by continuing to believe the neo-conservative myth that most voting Americans are just like you. Keep the dream alive man, we could use Obama for 8 years.

(Another) Cuckoo Bird Letter of the Day

I’ll have to admit, after reading this letter, I came to realize there are still whack-jobs out there that support GW Bush, our WORST president in the history of our country, unfckbelivable!

Congratulations to the Argus Leader, The Associated Press and other national media outlets on the historic victory of your candidate, Barack Obama. All of you must be proud, as it was one of your finest campaigns in our country’s history.

Yes, the media was bias towards Obama, I will agree with you on that. But I disagree on the reason why. Obama ran a positive campaign, so when the media did a story on Obama, it was a positive story. When they did a story on McCain it was a negative story, because he was negative. The campaigns controlled the message they wanted the media to cover, not the other way around, McFly.

For eight years, you have eloquently articulated the problems of our country and how each problem decidedly was caused by the Bush administration. Who can forget your negative war coverage and how you rallied many citizens against Bush and his evil oil-related policies.

Actually, brain surgeon, the MSM DID NOT do their job on the run up to the war, because if they would have, we would have seen the Bush administration was lying through their teeth. They went along with it, just like the lazy ass Congress did. This was an enormous failure by our media, and they have yet to apologize or make it right. The fourth estate has let us down.

Perhaps less noticeable, but equally effective, was your silence regarding our country’s current success in Iraq. Managing to bury Obama’s failure to support the surge and its resounding success perhaps was your finest hour.

Success?! First off, we shouldn’t have been there to begin with. Secondly, we would not have had to use the surge if we could have maintained security to begin with, and thirdly, the surge has only partially worked. It’s objective to end the violence has been successful, but the diplomatic part has been a complete failure. The Iraqi government is still in disarray. Why? Because we keep holding their hand. It’s time to push the baby bird democracy out of the tree and let them fly on their own.

My personal favorite was how quickly you and others set out to destroy Sarah Palin when her unfiltered convention address helped McCain surge ahead in the polls.

I’ll say this for the 900th time, She is dumber then jellied moose nose. She destroyed herself when she opened her mouth.

Quick! Which one is the Jackass?

Meeting of the Mind(s)?

Why did Measure 10 fail?

Though I voted YES on 10 I knew this measure was doomed from the beginning. It was too long and only should have included the following;

          Eliminate State NO-BID contracts (which is actually Federal Contract standards)

          Create a state contractor website

          Don’t use taxpayer money for lobbying

I think this would have simplified the Measure. Though I do agree we need to punish people who give campaign contributions and expect no-bid contracts in return, I think that it could have been excluded from the IM10.

I think there is only a couple of major reasons the IM10 fell on it’s face;

          The vote NO people ran a very deceptive ad campaign ironically funded by lobbyists, politicians and our tax dollars (funneled through the municipal league). The very people that IM10 was trying to eliminate was fighting it tooth and nail. It was no surprise they never actually encouraged people to READ the measure, because people would have seen right through the bullshit.


          The other major reason was the Vote Yes side was made up of extremist conservatives like SDCAC, Sibby and Bob Ellis that constantly hammered home that Unions and Liberals are evil, which I found ironic since some of my most liberal pro-union friends voted Yes on IM10. In other words they should have built a consensus instead just assuming that they could carry a majority with just the neo-con vote. The VYFL people found out how well that worked out. I think liberals, moderates and conservatives alike saw something in IM10 they liked. Trying to label the Vote NO people as a bunch of ‘liberals’ couldn’t be farther from the truth. The vote No side consisted of professional politicians (from both sides) and lobbyists.


          And one more thing, the TV adversting on the Vote Yes side was awful. Who was the old lady from Spearfish telling me to Vote Yes? They must have used the same producer/director that Sandy Jerstad used in her porno shop / medi-cade ads.


In the future if this Measure ever resurfaces I think they need to use the KISS theory when writing it, Keep it Simple Stupid.

Why did Measure 11 fail?

Most would think that Measure 11 failed because 55% of the voters are pro-choice. I have a feeling that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I think people in South Dakota that would consider themselves ‘prochoice’ is a pretty small percentage, I think most people fit into a grey area like myself. Though personally pro-life, I still think women have the right to choose. So does that make me pro-choice? Not sure.  I think a lot of South Dakotans fit into that category.

I was surprised as anyone that Measure 11 failed. I thought for sure it would either pass or at least be a very close vote. But once I started thinking about it, I came to some conclusions that may explain why South Dakotans rejected it.

This is how I think the vote broke down, and obviously it is not scientific, just pulled out of my butt.

          Actual self-proclaimed pro-choicers probably made up a small percentage of the vote, but still a significant number. Most of these people are probably long time feminists or young single college aged girls.

          Personally prolife but actually prochoice were probably the biggest voting bloc. Probably on the fence, though they may personally disagree with abortion for themselves, they do not want the government deciding for other people.

          Hardcore pro-lifers I would assume voted against IM11 because they still think a total ban is the way to go (no exceptions).

          The medical community, especially doctors and nurses that work in women’s health probably voted NO in large percentages because they don’t want government intrusion in medical decisions. One person even pointed out that if the ban passed it may also be in violation of HIPPA laws.

          Another group that may have participated is people who want small government, though they may loathe abortion as a practice, they may think that government overseeing who can and cannot have abortions isn’t a good idea.

          My last group may surprise you; Cheapskates. These are people who realized that if IM11 passed there would be a very long drawn out court case that South Dakota taxpayers would have to pay for, and ultimately the ban would never take effect anyway because it would be tied up in the courts  for years.

Any others I missed?

Cuckoo Bird Letter of the Day

Apparently if you voted for Obama, McCain or NO on 11 you are a murderer. That’s a lot of people;

“No, Barack Obama and John McCain are both child-killing socialists. ”

“This makes him a murderer by even the pro-choice definition of murder. Yet 170,884 South Dakotans gave him their stamp of approval in Tuesday’s election. Apparently, genocide is OK . . .”

I’m surprised weirdos like this know how to hold a pen. I think the Gargoyle Leader opinion page editors need to use their brains before printing this kind of crap.

Billary Obama?

Waking up from the Neo-Con Nightmare

Almost at the end of Election Night Partying

I guess I really haven’t talked much about my excitement over the newly elected Obama. Though I was a Hillary supporter, I did get behind Obama in the final weeks and voted for him instead Ralph ‘Uncle Tom’ Nader (Thank Gawd!). Like I have said before one of the main reasons I voted for Obama was because he was the smartest candidate. I don’t want a president I can drink beer with. I want a president who will work hard. Which Obama has proven already by already organizing his team. He knows there is a lot at stake and he needs to work twice as hard as Bill Clinton did to get this country back on the right track. I also want to say that for once in our country young people, independents and Hispanic immigrants really decided this election – this is a good thing, it means America is finally waking up from the very long neo-con nightmare.

Gee, I wonder why McCain lost?