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Emmett Riestroffer slams City Hall and its Corruption

So Emmett drops some zingers . . .

Emmett Reistroffer for Sioux Falls • At-Large City Council


My Bold Vision includes the following TEN commitments:

  1. Adopt a fiscally conservative budget that doesn’t increase the debt without cutting spending or reducing taxes
  2. Improve competitive bidding and assessments and evaluations for contractors
  3. Stop the “Boom Town” mentality from sacrificing smart development
  4. Bring high-income jobs to Sioux Falls
  5. Provide tax relief to working families
  6. Use our strong economy to the advantage of City Government
  7. Address the rising crime rate with evidence-based practices for public safety
  8. Promote fairness and transparency in government
  9. Work with the County and State to ensure a productive relationship between all sectors of the government
  10. Put our brains together to enhance our city with amenities and attractions that sustain an active population

Read the details of his Vision here (Doc): BoldVision_packet