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Trail King clueless about a 99.99% worker turnover

Wow, when I read this story, the first thing I thought is how things haven’t changed in 24 years, literally.

They seem to think it is an employee problem, seems to be an employer problem. Reading comments on FB, I hear the same complaints I heard 24 years ago from one of my friends that worked there, NO air conditioning or ventilation for the welders. He was hardly a slacker, he was a hard working farm kid who was a very talented welder and loved doing it, but when you can’t breathe doing your job, it’s time to hit the road. I think he lasted about 15-30 days.

I applaud the Argus and Steve Young for doing this story, it will blow up in Trail King’s face, and they might finally realize that treating your employees like oxen instead of humans will eventually catch up with you.

Remember this is the same company who took state tax dollars to recruit workers. It’s time for all former employees to speak out and tell the governor and the CEO of the company that we have had enough of this less then human treatment from employers.

Ironic Johnny continues to be a ‘Bunning’ on the issue of the EFCA

Give it a rest already John;

WASHINGTON – With the Obama administration promoting efforts to unionize workplaces, Sen. John Thune warned business leaders Tuesday that they should be ready to mobilize against congressional efforts to help labor groups organize employees.

“We cannot let up. We have to be vigilant. We’ve got to stay on this issue. This is organized labor’s No. 1 priority,” the South Dakota Republican said to about 250 business and chamber representatives from eight states attending a U.S. Chamber of Commerce conference. “We have to defeat this. … We have to be prepared because this could happen on very short notice.”

Why should we defeat this? Because it might require South Dakotans to have the chance to make better wages? It is blatantly obvious that Thune has his head shoved up the ass of corporate interests, Hell he worked as a lobbyist before running for Senate, and once he got in the Senate the first thing he tried to do is give his pal the biggest Federal Loan in the history of our country to a private industry. When are we gonna wakeup and realize this guy is a fraud?

“Chamber of Commerce people seem to think that if you keep giving money to corporations, that will fix the country,” said Mark Anderson, president of the South Dakota State Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO.

Well, Mark, they are the largest lobbyist group in DC. Remember, Washington, and our very own golden boy, Ironic Johnny, only respond to cold hard cash. And the working class of South Dakota certainly are not sending it John’s way. He knows who he works for . . .

“This is a black-and-white issue, and we need to keep it that way,” Thune said.

I agree John, it is black-and-white, so why are you painting it red?

State Republican Legislators plan to waste more time on meaningless legislation. Like their failed attempt at criminalizing abortion they will fall flat on their faces again

UPDATE: Joel Dykstra is spreading lies right now on KCPO (Sunday 10:30 AM – Cable channel 2)


Kind of sounds like someone is posturing for the Governor’s race;

Two powerful Republican state legislators say they will fight a bill now in Congress that would allow unions to organize without a secret ballot. State Senate Majority Leader Dave Knudson, who also is running for governor, and House Majority Leader Bob Faehn of Watertown will introduce a bill in the next Legislature that would put the issue before state voters. The measure would amend the state constitution to require secret ballots in all political and labor organizing elections.

Only in SD, where we rank 50th in hourly wages, would legislators try to limit union participation and thumb their noses at Federal Law. I’m glad they want to put it on the ballot, because it will fail, just like the stupid abortion ban.

If their effort is successful, the state almost certainly would end up in federal court to defend its authority to require secret ballots in labor votes, Knudson acknowledged.

What’s the point? Instead of trying to limit worker’s rights, why not introduce legislation that actually expands worker’s rights? Oh that’s right, I forget SD’s motto, “Big Business and Special Interests first, citizens second.”

Johnson gets it right for once, but doesn't stop the Chamber of Commerce from crying

Stop lying about the EFCA

Finally a truthful letter to the editor about the Employee Free Choice Act;

One of the biggest misconceptions about the Employee Free Choice Act, a bill that would make it easier for workers to join unions, is that the act would take away a worker’s right to a secret ballot. This is false.

Yes, but it doesn’t stop Republicans and Big business lobbying groups from continually lying about it.

Opponents of the Employee Free Choice Act are entitled to their opinions but not to distort the facts to serve their purpose.

Let’s have a real discussion about the act without the lies or misinformation.

American workers deserve that much.

Yes they do, and that’s what scares the shit out of the other side. I would love to see a debate between John Thune and a State Union leader. It would be fun to watch Ironic Johnny squirm and sweat.

We can lobby but you can’t – so nanner, nanner, nanner


Don’t like being poor? The unions are not the answer. Work five underpaying jobs at the same time, don’t enjoy life and die miserable. It’s the neo-con way.


If I just work at Walmart 60 hours a week for the next 40 years I’ll get my trailer paid off eventually.

Everyone’s favorite Neo-Con BS letter to the editor writer is back, with another doozey;

Before Juhl gets too giddy over the Employee Free Choice Act, he might be interested to know a recent Rasmussen poll found only 9 percent of nonunion workers expressed a desire to belong to a union while 81 percent did not, which is almost one out of every 10 nonunion workers.

What Stevie Wonderless doesn’t tell you is that there is only 8 workers for every 100 that are union members. If the people he mentions above wanted to join a union, it would over double union participation.

Juhl also should be aware of a study done by the Law and Economics Consulting Group, which concluded that if the Employee Free Choice Act becomes law, unemployment in the United States would increase by another 2 million to 5 million people – or another 1.5 to 3.5 percentage points. Simply put, organized labor becomes much more expensive. If this act is passed, look for Wal-Mart and the health care industry as early targets to be unionized.

The one thing that Mr. Shitslinger also fails to mention is that the breakup of the Unions in the west and southwest caused the massive illegal immigration of Mexicans (around 15 million) to come to our country and work illegally. So when this study talks about 2-5 million becoming unemployed, I will bet my bottom dollar 99% of them are illegals. So how is this a bad thing?

Regarding Ehrenreich’s book, which surprisingly is required reading in thousands of high schools and colleges, her credibility was greatly diminished when interviewed by ABC’s John Stossel in his recent special “Bailouts, Big Spending and Bull.”

Steveless is talking about the bestselling, multiple award winning book, Nickel and Dimed.

It’s one thing to try to discredit a Bill O’Reilly fictional mystery novel, that’s easy, but claiming John Stossel debunked her is laughable at best. John Stossel, BAHAHAAHAH!

And finally, Steve gives some of his good old fashion life advice;

The possibility of making it on your own still exists through hard work and perseverance.

And a lot of groveling, ass kissing and playing reindeer games – especially in Sux Falls.

I worked at two jobs for seven years after getting out of college and would do it again if I had to.

What? Do you want a cookie,?

Granted, we are in the middle of a recession, and I am not attempting to diminish that reality.

Ah, yes you are.

But some proper perspective is needed.

You are correct, it just isn’t coming from you.


Joel Dysktra leading the charge against Employee Card Check. We know how this going to end.

Wonder if he grew his ‘working man’s mustache back?

Opponents of card check legislation want to protect their wallets, not anyone’s right to vote on union elections, said union officials in Rapid City on Thursday.

“They’re dead set against it, because it takes money out of their pocket, it’s that simple,” said Mark Anderson, president and financial secretary of the South Dakota State Federation of Labor AFL-CIO. “It’s simply an issue of money — who gets it, who keeps it.”

Mark, Mark, Mark. Really. Are you saying some South Dakota business owners are money hungry greedy bastards that don’t want to pay their workers a fair wage? Where would you get an idea like that? It’s not like we rate dead last in wages in this country or that South Dakotans have to work two or three jobs to make ends meet. Obviously this has nothing to do with it.

Anderson said opponents often latch onto the secret ballot issue to claim the card check method is undemocratic.

“So when you hear all the hoopla, from the employers’ side and the opponents, I think that’s a bald-faced lie,”

Are you calling South Dakota Neo-cons liars? Get out. Now go get your magic markers and help me make a Tea Party sign that says, “Kill Socialism – Buy Guns.”

One petition organizer, former U.S. Senate candidate Joel Dykstra of Canton, told The Associated Press that the South Dakota ballot proposal is the same as efforts in other states and is affiliated with the national Save Our Secret Ballot organization.

We’re not anti-union. We just believe employees should have the right to select their representation by secret ballot,” Dykstra said.

Yeah Joel, I believe you, because if anyone has credibility in the business and political realm, it’s you . . .

It’s important to increase union membership, because unions are responsible for the creation of the middle class, Anderson said. As unions have weakened over the last several decades, the gap between the rich and poor in the country has grown larger, he said, and the middle class has disappeared.

And that’s just the way they like it.

Thune wants to put the cement shoes on EFCA


Passing the EFCA would bring back guys like this – or Senator Thune would like you to think that.

Thune was at it again, spreading BS lies about labor Unions;

Thune said the bill “is a bad policy” while the current system has worked fairly well since it was put in place in the mid-1930s.

Because what Thune isn’t telling you is that before the 1930’s card check existed until business owners started crying to lawmakers about it. One of the main reasons to bring it back is because we have CEO’s making 400-500 times more then their average worker. I think that is ‘bad policy’.

“We’ve got a process that I think works, but it preserves the right to a secret ballot vote for workers in the workplace, which I think is very pro-worker,” he said. “I don’t view this as being anti-union. I think this is about protecting the rights of workers to cast a secret ballot when it comes to union elections.”

Yeah, because if you can trust anybody’s word, it’s Ironic Johnny who says one thing in SD and another in DC.

An AFL-CIO Federation member was having no part of John’s bologna;

“He’s putting a fear in front of them, and it’s like red meat to some of these folks,” he said. “It’s just putting the red meat in front of them to make them more afraid of working people.”

Nordstrom said the argument over the secret ballot misses the point of the legislation, and the fears of unions are simply unfounded and unfair in this part of the country.

“Like we’re going to come out and kneecap you or something like that? That’s not something that would happen with the morality of South Dakota,” said Nordstrom, an industrial waste technician with the City of Rapid City. “There’s more to the issue than what the senator’s putting out there.”

Of course our pro-worker (ha-ha) governor is against the EFCA to. So predictable;

“It’s not acceptable, not good policy and not anything the federal government should have their nose into,” Rounds said.

But you are okay with taking stimulus money from them? Hypocrite.

Then there is this stupid argument;

Dan Michael of Action Mechanical said the legislation would only hurt the economy just when it needs all the help it can get.

How do you figure? If your employees make more money, they buy more. That’s called stimulating the economy.

Charles Hart, chief executive of Rapid City Regional Healthcare, said he was concerned the legislation would force government-imposed contracts that would hurt the healthcare system’s flexibility in tough economic times.

If you dumbasses would streamline your records system, which was suggested by Al Gore all the way back in 1999, you would save millions a year in healthcare costs.

As for pressuring Johnson, who supports the legislation, Thune said:

“There are people on the Democrat side that are looking at this and listening and might be persuaded.’

Good luck with that. Obama has vowed to sign the legislation if it makes to his desk. I expect it will happen very soon.

I had to chuckle

I’ve missed KCPO’s Neo-con spout session ‘The Faxts’ over the past few weeks. I tuned in tonight, and I see somethings never change.

They had guest David Owen, President of the SD Chamber of Commerce on talking about the evils of the Employee Free Choice Act (imagine that). I won’t go on and on about how ironic it is a guy who represents employeers is against organized labor (gee, duh). But there was something that made me laugh that David said;

(Paraphrasing) “You know, when you pay union dues the union’s use that money to be politically involved, and they are very politically involved (he made the assumption that Unions lobby Congress-duh).

I laughed because David’s group charges his members dues to, to do the exact same thing, and guess who is the biggest lobbyist of Congress? The U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

So what are you saying David? That you are big hypocrite?

The second part of the show was about the upcoming Tea Party at Covell Lake, I laughed at so many dumbass statements during the segment, I don’t know where to start, so I will leave you with one, “We will be written down in history books for this event.”

Are they filming the next Jackass movie during the event?