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Sorry Larry. You are still gay

Seems when you plead guilty to trying to get a hummer from another man in a public restroom your appeals of innocence get denied.

Gawd I miss this guy for inspiration;


Maybe it’s Seasonal Affective Disorder…

Or maybe I’m a surly prick all the time, and it just boils over this time of year. I started writing this long tirade about how I hate everyone and I could give a fuck less about you or your problems, and I remembered that it was almost two years ago exactly that I was saying the same things… so I’ll just link it and get back to quietly hating you. Fuckin’ morons.

Gov. Moose Drool can’t be too happy about this . . .

LOS ANGELES – Axl Rose and the band are bubbling over with anger at Dr Pepper’s botched soda giveaway.

The Obama Victory Gaaaaaaaaaaaaayte!

It doesn’t get anymore trailer trash gay then this kids.

Watch the little commercial. I like the young black couple, “We will cherish this as a family heirloom for years to come.” Bullshit! I guarantee that thing will be under the couch in a year be used as a weed cleaner.

I wonder if they also sell belt buckles made from recycled World Trade Center steel?