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UPDATE: My pet goat?

UPDATE: I also see the mayor has his own photo album page on the city website. I wonder how much this block of wood cost taxpayers?

Gov_MayorPhoto (2)

The irony of the bunny questions is almost tragic.


Been there, done that.


Who let the crazies out of their F’ing cages today?

As I was riding my bike home from work tonight I saw a license plate that said;


But the crazy shit-house rat nuttiness gets better, as I was riding my bike to work today, I snapped this picture (below). Obviously, God hasn’t helped this poor fellar get a job and do something constructive with his life, like contribute to humanity. I almost pulled the blindfold off and said, “God dislikes you, because you are ignorant and lazy.” but, who needs trouble on a Tuesday afternoon? Not this Bohemian.


Goats as lawnmowers – what a concept!


Mosquito the Rapist aka Bloodlust ipod

Bronson trailer

This is one state worker that does not require a pension

It seems some beauracrats have figured out the amazing power of the goat. We had goats on the farm, they are awesome. You never have to mow your lawn, they will eat any food garbage and their milk is great for baking;

(CNN) — Forget lawn mowers. Maryland officials have found a natural way to combat brush while protecting a nearby threatened species.         

Forty bearded goats have been dispatched by the State Highway Administration to control plant growth in the area. So far, they have been munching in an enclosed area for a week; they will stay until September, but will be put back to work next spring.