Not sure what to think of this;

A former University of South Dakota law professor announced Friday that he plans to run for governor as an independent candidate.

Mike Myers taught health care law and elder law at USD for 23 years. He also worked in the early 1960s for the Argus Leader and the Sioux City Journal.

But it’s in health care where Myers has his most significant experience. He was CEO of Mayo-St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, Minn., and an executive with other hospitals.

Myers has been an outspoken critic of the vertically integrated health systems reflected by Sanford Health and Avera McKennan, which he called “oligopolies.” And he said that health care and criticism of “corporate medicine” will be the crux of his campaign.

The Dems would be smart to get behind him and not have a candidate of their own. The amazing part is he is about 900x smarter then our current governor, and has given the middle finger to the political party system.

This will be fun. Dennis better get out his cod piece.

Seems County Commissioner candidate Reynold Nesiba touched a nerve with Doogard last night;

A governors forum turned raucous Monday night in Sioux Falls as spectators shouted at each other and a candidate for local office was evicted from the debate.

Reynold Nesiba, who is running for Minnehaha County Commission, was escorted from the audience of 300 at the Holiday Inn City Centre after he interrupted a comment by Lt. Gov. Dennis Daugaard.

Daugaard, the Republican nominee for governor, was responding to state Sen. Scott Heidepriem, the Democratic nominee, by saying that management of the Valhalla retreat in the Black Hills “was not on my watch.”

“It was on your watch,” Nesiba interjected from a table near the front of the room.

Daugaard turned to Nesiba and said, “Reynold, did you have something to say?”

Were Nesiba’s comments inappropriate? Maybe. In that setting, but what he said WAS true and it seemed to touch a nerve with Denny, since he responded. Remember the Rounds administration isn’t a very big fan of Mr. Nesiba ever since he helped put a kabosh on Rounds’ personal plane trips on the taxpayer’s dime.

Here’s video from this ‘supposed rowdy’ Tea-Bagger debate.

Hi. I’m Don. Besides using Just for Men hair color, I chase very slow ambulances in my free time.

I read and watched this story, and wondered what it had to do with the price of rice in China. NOT A FUCKING THING. It’s not like either one of these guys ran a stop sign and killed an out-of-state biker. I speed! Daily! We all probably do it w/o realizing it. Speed limits are silly. Speed limits should be determined on how safe of a driver you are, that’s it. If this is the best thing you can come up with on these two yahoos, this is going to be a long road to November.


Oh, but it gets better, Noem is a little Jankolette. Like I said above, speeding is one of those silly crimes, it seems Noem thinks it is so silly, she doesn’t have to pay the fines;

Noem also has six court notices for failure to appear and two arrest warrants.

While I will stand by my original post, I will also say, if you are breaking the law you should at least show up in court to defend why you were breaking or NOT breaking the law, especially if you are running for office. This really is a no-brainer. Does Noem understand how the 5th amendment works? Those teabaggers really don’t get how the constitution works, do they?

Gotta hand it to Steffy, she grabbed this opportunity to make a point out of it;

“Elected officials need to have respect for the laws that are made for all of us as citizens. You need to be accountable and need to take responsibilities for your actions and set the highest standards,” Herseth Sandlin said.

So do we call Kristi ‘Little Janks’ Noem now?


And it looks like spin doctors one & two are at it again. Like normal Republicans, blaming everyone else for their problems. Hey guys, this isn’t about speeding or even gay sex in a Minneapolis Airport bathroom, who cares, wide stances aside. It is about not understanding the 5th Amendment. If Kristi thinks she is innocent, why not show up to court and prove the innocence? Or is Lil’ Janks farm subsidy welfare queen to good for that? Or was she late for her hair and tanning appointment? Or her Rodeo queen belt buckle polishing appointment? Or her cowboy boot polishing appointment? Or her Castlewood millionaire club appointment?

Or even better yet pay the fines? Why don’t you get your crack legal team on this one? While chasing down politicians speeding ticket records is pretty fucking pathetic, not understanding the 5th amendment is even more pathetic. This is the real story, and hopefully someone from the 4th estate will figure that out.



Besides a couple of quips on either side – it was the pretty boring expected BS.

Here’s some highlights;

Doogard went back on his promise to not take Federal education funding because him and buddy Mikey found out their was ‘no strings attached.’ Heidi-Scott jumped his ass about it.

Doogard did slam Heidi-Scott on being his own man, he said something like, “My name is Doogard not Rounds.”

They sparred over ethanol and education for awhile, but the Hyperion discussion was interesting. Heidi-Scott suggested that the state listen to the EPA (you know, that federal entity that tries to prevent poisons from circulating in our air.) While I did not agree totally with Scott and did agree a little with Dennis on this issue, I was a little confused about Dennis’ demonization of the EPA and talking about cow farts (methane regulation). I have often respected Dennis for not dragging out FOX News talking points, but this was straight out of the Ironic Johnny playbook. He avoided the air quality question by talking about cow farts instead of an oil refinery.

I don’t think either guy is ready to be governor. Which is unfortunate. Because either way you churn it, we will get another 8 years of do-nothing politics.

Come on over, my buddy Ironic Johnny will be there to. Heck, we might even do his Christmas card photo shoot in the barn!

Republican big shots will be on hand at Dennis Daugaard’s farm this Saturday for a fundraiser to help the state party. The party will be held Saturday evening in Daugaard’s barn near Garretson, the same place that he kicked off his campaign for governor.

Daugaard will be there, as will Sen. John Thune. The money they help raise will likely go to help the state party keep the lights on and fund down-ballot races, particularly in the state Legislature.