Not sure what to think of this;

A former University of South Dakota law professor announced Friday that he plans to run for governor as an independent candidate.

Mike Myers taught health care law and elder law at USD for 23 years. He also worked in the early 1960s for the Argus Leader and the Sioux City Journal.

But it’s in health care where Myers has his most significant experience. He was CEO of Mayo-St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, Minn., and an executive with other hospitals.

Myers has been an outspoken critic of the vertically integrated health systems reflected by Sanford Health and Avera McKennan, which he called “oligopolies.” And he said that health care and criticism of “corporate medicine” will be the crux of his campaign.

The Dems would be smart to get behind him and not have a candidate of their own. The amazing part is he is about 900x smarter then our current governor, and has given the middle finger to the political party system.

This will be fun. Dennis better get out his cod piece.


Governor Rick Perry, “Hey, at least I wasn’t executing retards.”

I saw this story last night on the Rachel Maddow show;

(ChattahBox)—The 2004 execution of Cameron Todd Willingham, convicted of arson and the deaths of his three little girls, continues to haunt Gov. Rick Perry, the prosecutors and investigators responsible for Willingham’s conviction, because many national arson experts are convinced he was wrongly convicted. That means that the State of Texas, under the authority of Gov. Perry, may have executed an innocent man.

Now, Gov. Perry is under fire for allegedly attempting to block any further investigation into the Willingham case by a state commission, by firing the head of the commission right before the hearing was to take place.

Besides the fact that an innocent man may have been executed (Texas is famous for this), I have often been against capital punishment because many people put to the death haven’t been given the opportunity to prove their innocence. Trust me, if you are caught with the bloody candlestick in the billard room, you are screwed, but Mr. Willingham’s story is a prime example of a failed justice system. This story will get more interesting as it unfolds. It’s one thing to execute an innocent man, but when you know he may be innocent then try to cover it up you are a pretty freaking disgusting human being, of course this is the same governor that wants Texas to secede. Good Riddance.