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Guns R’ Fun? (G/T-Tim Benson)

Why would Biden want Rounds ugly Bronze?

So Marion, is this some kind of veiled threat? How appropriate right after a Capital riot.

Notice whenever there is a mass shooting the first thing Republican lawmakers do is tell everyone that the Dems are going to take your guns and gun and ammo sales go through the roof. I wonder if they realize they are only making matters worse? In several surveys over the past couple of years most responsible, law-abiding gun owners want reform, like having to insure your weapons and getting a license that proves you know how to safely use them. I guess lawmakers like Rounds are only interested in making the problem worse, and wasting money on bad art.

Minnehaha CC Barth is tired of gun violence

FF 24:00

UPDATE: SFPD layout plan tonight at community meeting

I watched the meeting tonight online, there were great questions and good answers. WATCH REPLAY.

I think the officers present did their best to lay out a plan. I also understand that it is these officer’s jobs to have a plan and explain it to the public. But many in attendance were wondering where the Police Chief and Mayor were? The peeps I talked to who were there said they didn’t see them. Even if they would have been sitting in the audience, their presence would have been appreciated.

Say what you will about former Mayor Bowlcut and Bucktooth, but you damn well know he would have been there . . . of course he would have never had the meeting because he blamed increased crime on increased population.

There was over 300 people at the event. All councilors were present except Selberg and Brekke.

City holding ‘gun violence’ meeting at community center w/no parking

It was pointed out to me that the parking lot at Kenny Anderson Community Center has been torn up this summer, so I am curious where people are going to park tomorrow night at the town hall meeting.

I also wonder if Governor Noem will be invited to the meeting since she thought it was so wise to sign in a concealed weapon law this past legislative session?

Complete Insanity!

As I have joked in the past, some in legislature need to be evaluated for mental illness, and while I was being ‘sarcastic’ when I see crap like this, I sometimes wonder;

State lawmakers are proposing legislation that would allow people to carry concealed handguns without a permit in South Dakota.

The so-called constitutional carry legislation was introduced Friday. The proposal languished under former Republican Gov. Dennis Daugaard, but new GOP Gov. Kristi Noem offered support for such a law during her campaign.

Republican Rep. Drew Dennert is sponsoring a constitutional carry bill in the House. He says backers have the promise of the governor and support from the public and both legislative chambers.

Support from the Public? Bull . . . . sh*t!

How do you think this will make us safer? Allowing anyone to have a gun without a permit, or a permitting process is complete insanity. Also, how do you think this will help with tourism? If I was a major player in the Tourism industry, the Education system, or heck any business person in this state I would find a way to put a halt to his frightening legislation. We are not living in the Wild West anymore, and if my memory serves me, it wasn’t a very pleasant time. More guns, and especially guns in the hands of people who are not properly vetted is a horrible idea. How do these clowns get elected? Baffling.

Should there be a city ordinance for locking up guns?

While our City Council is concerned about potty mouth people at the council meetings, maybe they should look at REAL threats to our community. What should we do with LEGAL gun owners who don’t either secure their guns in their homes (the best idea) or secure them in vehicles by keeping the doors locked and out of view. The Sheriff and Police Chief take issue with it;

With a growing problem like this, we asked what is being done for prevention? Both Police Chief Matt Burns and Milstead say there’s not much that can be done, besides remind gun owners to use common sense.

Both men agree creating laws to punish a gun owner who leaves the weapon in an unlocked car is not the answer.

“South Dakota law is very clear and prohibits municipalities from having any sort of regulation on firearms and things like that. So that’s a bit of a stretch there to believe that some sort of law or sanction would be in place that a victim, who’s the victim of a crime themselves, would face some sort of penalty,” said Burns.

“You know, because you would be taking legit, lawful gun owners and making them criminals because we’re trying to prevent other criminals from stealing their guns. I hate to make lawful gun owners into criminals,” said Milstead.

Milstead says he would much prefer gun owners just do what they’re supposed to; which is lock up the dangerous weapon they don’t want being used to hurt others.

“You’d feel horrible if your gun was stolen out of your car, where you’d left it unlocked. And ultimately it ends up being used by somebody to kill somebody, to rob somebody, to commit a violent crime,” said Milstead.

Sioux Falls City Councilor Pat Starr has suggested a city ordinance that would fine a citizen who didn’t secure a gun in their car by locking the doors and concealing it. It seems there is an issue with State Law, and we know our State Legislature, they would NEVER pass a law like this, in fact, their solution to gun control is MORE guns.

Yeah, they are idiots.

But I wonder if you could get savvy with the ordinance. First off, I would never make it a felony, I would just have a simple fine like a speeding ticket. But instead of naming ‘guns’ specifically, maybe you could phrase the ordinance like this;

If stolen property taken from an unsecured vehicle is used in a crime you will receive a $250 fine and the property will be kept for evidence.

So this could be anything. A knife, gun, tire iron, wrench, etc. This way the gun nuts can’t say we are going after their guns, we are simply telling them, if you own something that can be used as a weapon and you are storing it in your vehicle without securing it, and it is ACTUALLY USED IN A CRIME, you will be accountable. This game of ‘reminding’ people to lock their cars is NOT working. This would be a pleasant reminder.

There should be stricter penalties for irresponsible gun owners

Here we go again, having to explain to hayseeds why it is important to lock the door of your car and your house.

I have often felt one key piece to better gun control without infringing on the 2nd Amendment rights of others is having stricter penalties on irresponsible gun owners.

If your gun is stolen because you don’t properly lock it up or secure it, aren’t you partially liable? I think so.

I think if your gun(s) goes missing (because you didn’t lock them up) and you report it missing there should be a $500 fine for each gun and gun license revoked for 5 years.

If your gun(s) is stolen and used in a crime, there should be a $5,000 fine for every gun stolen and used in that crime. License should be revoked for 10 years.

If your gun(s) are stolen and used in a crime in which someone is injured, you should get a $20,000 fine each gun stolen and up to a year in jail for each count. Gun license revoked for life.

If your gun(s) are stolen and used in a crime in which someone is killed, you should get a $100,000 fine, 5 years in prison and license revoked for life.

I have often said it isn’t the responsible gun owners that are the problem in this country, it’s the irresponsible ones and the criminals that take advantage of their stupidity and laziness. They should suffer the consequences or just choose to be responsible. The 2nd Amendment is a right, but that doesn’t mean you can abuse that right.

I encourage everyone to watch this video

You can have your opinions about Trump, but this was an amazing conversation, I learned a lot (not from him).

One of the comments that stood out was one of the victim’s brother said we need to have and open conversation and bring everything to the table and all ideas even the controversial ones, because that is how we will come up with solutions.

I would have to agree, our First Amendment may be the solution to fixing our Second Amendment to the Constitution.

You will have to FF to about 25 minutes;

Gun Violence Network (GVN)

After yesterday’s shooting it is probably safe to say, Trump will most likely go down in history as the ‘Gun Violence’ president (I’m sure there will be some other titles he will garner along the way to).

But why just stop with the President? Maybe the cable networks need to have a 24/7 news network dedicated to just gun violence? They could talk about the current mass shootings (seems like there is one about every other week these days) they could do historical pieces on past shootings, they could show feature docs about gun violence like ‘Bowling for Columbine’.

Along the bottom of the screen they could stream the names of everyone killed in the past 24 hours due to gun violence, whether that was an accident, suicide or homicide, than maybe pick one of the victims and do a feature story about them.

But I think the kicker of the day they could stream all the names of Federal and State lawmakers who receive money from the NRA and other gun groups, they could also attempt to get comments from them about the ‘latest shooting’. You know, like when Thune gave us all the great advice to ‘get small’.

I’m sure with all the talent in the cable news business they could easily put together such a network, and I guarantee it would probably be more watched than HLN, CNN and MSNBC combined.

We love our guns in the United States, but what we love even more is denial that we have a gun violence problem in this country.

Just let the NRA and Gun Manufacturers continue to control the conversation, and we can keep watching the body count rise.