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When voters don’t show up, taxes go up

I didn’t have any doubt that the Harrisburg School Bond would pass, and I figured it would be a poor voter turnout, but this is ridiculous,

So we let 809 people who practiced their voting rights to decide on a $60 Million dollar bond. Folks, we can get mad at elected officials all we want, but when we don’t show up and vote on these measures, our taxes go up.

UPDATE: Will the Harrisburg School Bond election results give us some insight on the SF election

UPDATE: The Bond election passed with almost 85% approval (no surprises there) and like the SFSD election a low voter turnout, about 10%. I still wonder how these elections would have turned out if held with the Mid-Terms.

I think it will be very interesting to see the results of the Harrisburg School Bond tonight.

There are many differences. Harrisburg is taking out $40 million (not $190) and they are having NO tax increase attached to it (their levee is already higher than SF).

Another factor is that Harrisburg and other surrounding towns like Brandon and Tea tend to be a little more fiscally conservative when voting.

I still think it will pass, I’m even willing to say by 75%. But what if it is 85% or higher? Does that tell us that Sioux Falls 85% passage is believable? What if it is a lot lower? Or doesn’t pass (60%)?

The voter turnout will also be another factor.

While the results certainly can’t be compared 100% to the SF School Bond election, there will be some areas we can review and do some comparisons.

I also find it curious that the SFSD told voters they had to have the election in September because their budget HAD to be submitted to the state by September 30. So how is it that Harrisburg can have their election after that magical date in the middle of October and still be able to submit it to the state? Oh, that’s right, because the budget can be amended and submitted to the state later. Both Sioux Falls and Harrisburg school districts could have had their bond elections with the mid-term in November. It would have saved taxpayers money by holding it with the midterms. There would have been a larger voter turnout AND it would have been tabulated by a machine by an un-bias county auditor instead of having finance administrators count the votes by hand.

The results will be interesting.

Harrisburg School District proposing a $40 Million bond with NO tax increases

I know, you must be scratching your head a little, as am I. How can the Harrisburg school district propose a $40 million dollar bond without a tax increase? Oh, I don’t know, it’s that little thing called GROWTH!

Rasmussen said there are enough new homes and businesses in the district to support the proposed $40 million dollar bond vote without increasing taxes.

This was my argument about the SFSD bond, with record breaking building permits for over 6 years and the massive growth in Sioux Falls, why would we have to increase property taxes for our bond? Or better yet just build the schools out of the capital outlay without bonding and paying a $100 million in interest. How can a small community like Harrisburg figure out this simple math problem and NOT Sioux Falls? Sometimes arrogance gets in the way of prudence.

I think it would be safe to assume that the Harrisburg bond will pass the 60% threshold easily, especially with NO tax increases. It will just be interesting to see if they hit 85%. Yeah right.

Harrisburg School Board candidate Jennifer Greco gets whooped

This didn’t turn out so good;

Incumbents Linda Heerde and Mike Knudson held onto their seats on the five-member board, beating out Jennifer Greco.

Greco, who entered the race in part over concerns that high school students in the traditional learning program are treated unfairly compared to students in the district’s controversial customized learning program, pulled in 229 votes.

Knudson netted 425, and Heerde led the pack with 494 votes.

As I warned, when you are a single issue candidate, people see thru your whiny stances and dismiss you. While I will applaud anyone willing to run for public office, I encourage you to get your poop in a group and study ALL the issues, instead of blathering away on Facebook about how your little Johnny isn’t being taught properly.

Sioux Falls City Council Clerk’s wife, Jennifer Greco is running for Harrisburg School Board

Well, unlike her husband, I hope she registered to vote before enlisting herself 🙂

As I understand it, Jennifer and Tom live in Sioux Falls but are in the Harrisburg School District.

Today, Harrisburg announced that the HS principal, Lein, resigned to take a job in Iowa, but it seems he may be embroiled with a little controversy stirred up by Mrs. Greco;

The next day, Lein was back at his desk, arm in a sling, hugging students and fostering the “Harrisburg Strong” mantra.

And Lein himself has been strong in the face of a group of Harrisburg High School parents rooting for him to leave.

The “Parents for HHS Change” Facebook group had about 150 members as of Wednesday morning.

The group is rooted in opposition of MOD classes and administered by Jennifer Greco, who is seeking a seat on the Harrisburg school board in the May 9 election.

“There is a little faction that exists of parents that were upset and certain folks that definitely had an ax to grind with (Lein),” Knudson said.

Greco said the main feeling among group members Wednesday was that Lein’s resignation was a positive for students who don’t participate in customized learning. She hopes to see change in what she calls a divided culture at Harrisburg High School between traditional and MOD students.

“Dr. Lein is clearly very invested in making customized learning work, and that’s fine,” Greco said. “But I just also want to make sure the traditional program works.”

Kind of wonder if Jennifer sent any middle of the night ranting email to Lein about her military service and sick kids like her husband did to Cameraman Bruce 🙂

She had this to say on her FB page about her opposition to CL;

Many know that my interest in running for a seat on the Harrisburg School Board was sparked by concerns about the divisive culture in the high school. After meeting other parents and hearing their concerns, I am afraid a similar atmosphere is permeating throughout the district as new curricula are being introduced in our other schools.

To run for an elected office focusing on ONE issue is never a good idea, but it seems South Dakota voters continue to elect those kinds of people (Republicans, Guns & Abortion). Hopefully the good people in the Harrisburg School District realize that ONE-ISSUE candidates are not qualified, kind of like a retired military official running a city clerk’s office, I’m just saying.

Property taxes (assessments) are going up in Lincoln County, but not because of the Harrisburg School District

So this email from the super of Harrisburg was recently sent out;

—–Original Message—–

From: Notification from Harrisburg School District [mailto:Notification-Do_Not_Reply@target.brightarrow.com]

Sent: Saturday, April 02, 2016 2:01 PM

To: – – – –

Subject: This is a notification from Harrisburg School District

We are hearing that some people in Lincoln County are seeing that their real estate taxes have taken a big jump.  What we understand is that most of this is due to higher assessments on property.  The Harrisburg School has again not raised their tax levies for the 9th year in a row.  Any increases you may see are not due to an increase by the school.  Jim Holbeck

The assessments are up in Sioux Falls to. Funny how this city is swimming in money and we have all this borrowing power, of course we do, we keep increasing taxes.