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Acting like a ‘retard’ apparently not against the law


Apparently, councilor Johnson eats a lot of turkey. That’s not against the law either.

I was skeptical of what laws former Hartford councilor Doyle Johnson may have broken by making up emails that said offensive things about his special needs son and didn’t mention a specific name, or for that matter a fictitious name of who authored them;

Johnson admits he altered that letter to read in part:

“I would like to think you cannot be more *expletive* than your son, but it certainly doesn’t seem that way.”

Johnson read the letter at a city council meeting on December 1st, and added an additional six other sentences to the email, including another referring to his own special needs son.

Minnehaha County States Attorney Aaron McGowan says while Johnson’s actions show “dishonesty and poor judgment” they do not fall within criminal statutes regarding false entries into a public record and it will not yield any prosecutorial merit to forth any criminal charges.

Did he lie during a public meeting? Sure he did, but if we had to start filing charges every time an elected official lied during a public meeting, our courts would be busy. I think the term ‘Grain of Salt’ applies here, as with most politicians when they have ridiculous rants like this.

BTW, anyone who would concoct such a rant (disparaging their own son) for sympathy doesn’t need to see a court room, they need to see a head doctor.