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Get out the man purse. Is Heidi-Scott back?


Wait?! That’s not a ditch in rural Iowa. Is this a legit press conference?

So a Republican friend calls me last night and asked if I saw Scott on Stormland TV. Then they speculated that he may be running for governor again since he is involved with this Gear UP lawsuit. I guess I would not go that far, but if Huether is running on the Democratic ticket, I would like to see a primary challenge from someone, even if it is two closet Republicans.

Scott Please, or anyone else, run against Huether.


Heidi-Scott may not win the Governorship but he wins the sign wars (H/T – Dave R.)

Nope. These are not in a ditch in Iowa.

I thought you might be interested in some pictures I took at two polling places this morning in the dark hours before 6 am. There were 64 Scott Heidepriem signs occupying every available space at the Minnehaha County Courthouse and 66 Heidepriem signs the Hawthorne school at 601 North Spring Avenue (below).

WOW! Heidi-Scott kicks ass and takes names

While I didn’t vote for either candidate when I voted last week, I was really impressed by Scott’s Gargoyle Leader interview. There is no doubt he is a smart person. My problem with Scott is that he is part of the Democratic regime in SD which is wishy-washy.

Scott Heidepriem believes he is qualified to be governor because he is in love with his wife?

While I enjoyed watching Scott’s 30 minute ad, that I found very informative about HIM and his love for his wife, I really didn’t get much else, accept, “Please Vote for me, and things will change.” Oh, I’m sure that is true, but what will change? How is a democratic governor going to negotiate with a Republican majority? I left the ballot blank in the governor’s race. Neither candidate earned my vote.

Doogard; King Rounds’ good soldier?

On some levels I agree with both candidates on stimulus money education funding;

Heidepriem said it’s a good bill that doesn’t increase the nation’s debt.

“This is an administration that accepted all the revitalization dollars, $250 million to balance the budget over the last three years,” said Heidepriem. “This administration accepted $183 million earmarked for roads and bridges in the state of South Dakota, but when it comes to education this administration says no. Strings attached _ we don’t want it.”

Heidi-Scott is right. We accept Federal dollars all the time, and if this helps education, why refuse the money?

Daugaard said regulations yet to be written could force the state to spend money in ways not fiscally responsible. He asked if school boards would have to fire teachers hired or retained with the money if it’s not available next year.

“I am not willing to say that I will accept that money and spend it without knowing first what strings are attached,” Daugaard said. “I think that’s good government.”

Dennis is also right, what kind of stipulations will the Feds throw at us? I guess the simple thing to do is to just ask? Right? A CC company can’t give you a card without giving you their terms of service. I find it hard to believe that the Feds would be handing out money before they tell us how to use it. Seems Dennis is playing politics with this one.

But this statement shocked me a little (well not really);

He (Doogard) said he doesn’t always agree with the governor but made a commitment when he became lieutenant governor not to publicly disagree with Rounds.

And we wonder why government is broken? Too many yes men.

Is Obama polarizing the Independents?

Heidi Scott IS NOT Obama

It is no secret that Indies help carry Obama into office (that, and the fact McCain’s running mate was a batshit crazy extremist) But is he beginning to polarize independents? While it doesn’t surprise me that Doogard is leading in the polls, this tidbit of info did surprise me;

Daugaard has a double-digit lead among voters not affiliated with either major party

Remember, like most indies, I like to vote for the best candidate, most of the time that means voting for the lesser evil. Heidi Scott is the lesser evil, but I have a feeling people are going to associate him with Obama, the early polls are showing that.

Heidi Scott rolls out his budget reform ideas on his Facebook page

The reforms include:

Capping state spending at 3 percent or the rate of inflation, whichever is lower, something Heidepriem has long pushed for in Pierre.  Heidepriem contends that South Dakota cannot sustain its current average growth of 5.5 percent over the past eight years.

The implementation of across the board cuts in every agency and department of state government.  The extent of the cuts will be predicated on the depth of the financial hole the state faces.

Cutting state full-time employee growth dramatically to levels South Dakota had prior to the Rounds\Daugaard Administration.  Heidepriem notes that the current Administration has added approximately 1,500 new state employees during the eight years of the Rounds\Daugaard Administration even though the state’s population has remained relatively static.

Create smaller state government with the consolidation of State Departments particularly combining the offices of State Treasurer and the Commissioner of School and Public Lands. Heidepriem contends that it may have made sense in 1889, the year South Dakota became a state, to have two separate offices
for these functions but with modern technology, the functions of the two offices can easily be consolidated.

Eliminate the practice of the State granting millions of dollars in “no-bid” contracts which stifle competition and create a culture of cronyism in which State contracts too often are awarded to political friends potentially at inflated amounts of state tax dollars.

End the practice of “Pay to Play” in which South Dakota’s top political appointments turn around and contribute significant campaign funds to South Dakota’s Governor and Lt. Governor.

Undertake a complete audit of State Government with the goal of eliminating frivolous and unneeded State spending.  As a couple of examples of this wasteful spending, Heidepriem notes that the state does not need 10 airplanes and he intends to sell all but the absolute essential planes.  He also will eliminate the $200,000 a year federal lobbyists – a position Heidepriem considers “already filled” by South Dakota’s Congressional Delegation of Senators Tim Johnson and John Thune and Representative Stephanie Herseth Sandlin.

Eliminate the controversial and secret “Governor’s Fund” which is nothing more than a hushed political slush fund that opens the door to undue influence over the Governor with no public accountability.

Implement Regulatory Authority Reform making it illegal for departments like the Public Utilities Commission to raise funds from the very companies they regulate in order to finance PUC conventions and workshops.

“These reforms are extensive and long overdue.  They will put South Dakota’s economy on a strong footing and will restore confidence with the people of South Dakota that their government is fiscally sound and responsible while it is more open and honest in the way it does business,” Heidepriem said.

Ending pay to play and having too many FTE’s would save us millions.

Mama said knock you out!

One of my pet peeves I have with Democrats is that they never go for the jugular. Why go half-way?

Sen. Scott Heidepriem blamed years of irresponsible spending for the current hole in the state budget, saying South Dakota has not been governed by fiscal conservatives in the last seven years.

Okay, he is right – but go in for the kill, and explain to the voters what that ‘irresponsible’ spending is (campaign contributor no-bid contracts, unneeded FTE’s, airplane fleets, etc.) What do you have to lose? You haven’t held the governor’s mansion in almost 30 years, obviously your pussy foot approach is not working. Tell the voters of SD straight up – Republicans suck and they are bleeding the working class of this state and getting rich from it. Take the freaking gloves off already!

I thought the exact same thing

Although the constitutional amendment to allow large casinos in South Dakota has failed, I was telling someone yesterday that I suspected that either Heidepriem or Abdallah had an ‘outside’ force pushing them into it. Who knows if it was true, but apparently I wasn’t the only one putting 2-2 together. South Dakota’s very own Sarah Palin thought so to;

When the House State Affairs Committee rejected a proposed constitutional amendment on gambling sponsored by Senate Democratic Leader Scott Heidepriem of Sioux Falls, House Assistant Republican Leader Kristi Noem of Castlewood questioned Heidepriem’s motives.


Noem said Heidepriem’s law firm represents a client involved in gambling.


Heidepriem said he was stunned by the suggestion he would promote a measure out of personal interest.

I’m STUNNED a lawyer would think it unusual to question their motives. Give me a f’ing break.

I see the Republican brand is doing well in South Dakota . . . NOT!