Wait?! That’s not a ditch in rural Iowa. Is this a legit press conference?

So a Republican friend calls me last night and asked if I saw Scott on Stormland TV. Then they speculated that he may be running for governor again since he is involved with this Gear UP lawsuit. I guess I would not go that far, but if Huether is running on the Democratic ticket, I would like to see a primary challenge from someone, even if it is two closet Republicans.

Scott Please, or anyone else, run against Huether.


While I enjoyed watching Scott’s 30 minute ad, that I found very informative about HIM and his love for his wife, I really didn’t get much else, accept, “Please Vote for me, and things will change.” Oh, I’m sure that is true, but what will change? How is a democratic governor going to negotiate with a Republican majority? I left the ballot blank in the governor’s race. Neither candidate earned my vote.

On some levels I agree with both candidates on stimulus money education funding;

Heidepriem said it’s a good bill that doesn’t increase the nation’s debt.

“This is an administration that accepted all the revitalization dollars, $250 million to balance the budget over the last three years,” said Heidepriem. “This administration accepted $183 million earmarked for roads and bridges in the state of South Dakota, but when it comes to education this administration says no. Strings attached _ we don’t want it.”

Heidi-Scott is right. We accept Federal dollars all the time, and if this helps education, why refuse the money?

Daugaard said regulations yet to be written could force the state to spend money in ways not fiscally responsible. He asked if school boards would have to fire teachers hired or retained with the money if it’s not available next year.

“I am not willing to say that I will accept that money and spend it without knowing first what strings are attached,” Daugaard said. “I think that’s good government.”

Dennis is also right, what kind of stipulations will the Feds throw at us? I guess the simple thing to do is to just ask? Right? A CC company can’t give you a card without giving you their terms of service. I find it hard to believe that the Feds would be handing out money before they tell us how to use it. Seems Dennis is playing politics with this one.

But this statement shocked me a little (well not really);

He (Doogard) said he doesn’t always agree with the governor but made a commitment when he became lieutenant governor not to publicly disagree with Rounds.

And we wonder why government is broken? Too many yes men.