You don’t have to come to DaCola to read about the Federal approval of Gay Marriage. But this is part of a bigger movement. The ACA was found to be constitutional once again, marriage equality, and now marijuana sales in Flandreau. The next big step is making marijuana legal nation wide.

It’s about time our country realizes we are a country of freedoms – not just for some people – but for all.

Rachel Maddow: Dangers of sex with demons highlighted by Perry prayer participant. I wonder if governor DooGard is going to this fun event?

Jon Stewart asks Seinfeld if Bachmann’s husband is closet (scroll down to see video)?

In honor of Dr. Marcus Bachmann‘s gay therapy clinic, Jon Stewart dedicated his opening segment today to suppressing his “natural” urges to ridicule Bachmann for being both a gay conversion advocate and a very, um, flamboyant character. He kept his mouth closed, tried to switch gears, and even brought in a comedic therapist– Jerry Seinfeld– to resist the temptation, but ultimately, Rep. Michele Bachmann‘s husband was just too gay for Stewart to resist heckling.

Beginning his segment by highlighting the fact that Rep. Bachmann is leading polls in Iowa, a state arbitrarily chosen as pivotal to primary races, Stewart noted that she was gaining traction despite Rep. Bachmann having some questionable views on the LGBT community– namely, believing that homosexuality is “bondage, personal bondage, personal enslavement” and that “gay” is a “satanic” thing. Standing right beside her on this sentiment? Her husband Marcus, who works in the mental health industry attempting, it has been reported, to help gay people cope with their orientation by renouncing it.

Stewart kept his jokes fairly on target until he played a video of the Bachmanns dancing, to which his initial reply was only, “that’s the guy teaching people not to be gay?” After sputtering to himself a bit about how gay Bachmann appeared, he allowed himself a few jokes, comparing Bachmann to “the Green Mile guy just absorbing it all” and calling him “one Izod shirt away from being the guy on Modern Family.” Then began the attempts to suppress his desire to ridicule Bachmann, which failed pretty significantly– “is he curing them so he can hoard all the gayness for himself?”– even with the help of Seinfeld. Stewart’s “comedic therapist” reminded him that he wasn’t “born” a comedian, “comedy is a choice,” and then proceeded to make some harmless jokes about Bachmann, like how his name is weird. Needless to say, it didn’t work.


Bigot of the week, Andrew Shirvell thinks it is okay to call homosexuals liars and racists. Okay, that’s fine, he is protected by the 1st Amendment, but that is not the newsflash here, he works as the assistant Attorney General in Michigan. Yeah, that’s right, his paycheck comes from taxpayers . . . nice. I’m surprised SD AG Jackboots hasn’t hired him yet.

I love his crazy eyes in the video interview. This guy should be in horror films not law.

Okay, just kidding. I think this event is good thing for our community, and maybe will open some eyes in a town that can be a little narrow minded. With a major corporate sponsor like Wells Fargo – it certainly cannot be ignored. But I’m sure Hickey was up in arms after reading this on the (gay) agenda;

But according to the Gargoyle Leader the mayor won’t be present to read the proclamation;

City councilwoman Michelle Erpenbach will read a proclamation by Mayor Mike Huether.

He must be to busy chasing down rogue turds to attend.