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Here are the ‘House of Lords’ members that killed IM22 – Vote them out on NOV 6!

And remember, VOTE YES ON ‘W’

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Legislator Youngberg is either playing dumb, or maybe he is just this stupid

Just another clown in the Pierre circus

I can’t believe nobody showed up to this obscure meeting, at a obscure time in an obscure location;

Sen. Jordan Youngberg, chair of the task force, chalked the scant testimony up to a dwindling desire to explore the subject.

“You had a lot of people that were angry and upset to the point that I got a threat they were going to burn my house down over the repeal of this,” the Madison Republican said of the responses to legislative efforts to strike IM-22 in January. “Where is that passion now to come and talk this through and move forward as a state?”

So you give little notice for a meeting, on a Tuesday afternoon, at 5 PM in some obscure room on the far NW part of town and wonder why no one is there? You are kidding right? First off, 5 PM is a horrible time for a meeting. It should have been at least after 6 PM or on a Saturday. Secondly, Tuesday night is a busy government city meeting night with informationals, committee meetings and a council meeting. With school just starting, this is also another reason why busy parents could not attend. And the location? Some room in the center of the University Center campus? It should have been held at the DT library or Carnegie (on a different night). Of course Mr. Youngberg still seems to be baffled by the attendance;

South Dakotans and others also criticized Youngberg for holding the meeting at 5 p.m. and for not doing more to advertise the event.

A press release advertising the meeting was released to local media on September 5 and was shared on the state Legislature’s website. Youngberg after the meeting said he wasn’t sure what more he could’ve done to promote the meeting.

For starters, remove your head from your ass. How do these clowns get elected? They have no clue about citizen customer service OR transparency. I have a suspicion this was done on purpose, just like most things organized by the SD GOP, CONFUSE, LIE & DENY.

The Wisdom(?) of Isaac Latterell

Oh Isaak says some funny things sometimes or is it always? We were looking forward to a boring SD Legislative cracker barrel to finish up when we finally got our morsel of funny. Rep Isaac Latterell didn’t disappoint us. The end is always near when a starry-eyed follower of something decides to drive home a point about non-believers.

IM22 and the ethics of South Dakota are a hot topic this year. Somehow the legislative players are always right and never hoodwinked by power players, only the majority of South Dakota voters. In 2016 an out of state ethics group with an idea decided to follow the example of other out of state no-ethics groups to bring a measure for us to vote on. South Dakota voters thought about the shenanigans of the powerful and decided IM22 was better than the nothing we had.

Isaac decided to get the crowd going home on a boisterous high by calling out the voters as uneducated? Uninformed? Stupid for using an idea from an east coast group? What about being hoodwink attempt by the Georgia high interest credit group? How about the expensive and worrisome west coast amendment set to destroy our rights called Marsy’s law?

There is a reason South Dakota ranks so low in ethics laws, because of the way Isaac was talking. Oh brother…

Were voters hoodwinked by both sides on IM 22?

After the repeal today of IM 22, I started thinking about a rule I usually abide by, Never trust a politician (or politico) farther then you can see them (in person).

As you know, while I sympathize with the pathetic class the South Dakota Democrats have become, I still hold on to my independent roots, and for good reason. Neither party offers many solutions, they are here to protect themselves.

It seems to becoming clearer everyday that IM 22 is an example of when both parties decide to bake a cake together. Yeah, you know how that will turn out. Ever ate a sh*t sandwich?

While I still think the SD GOP is destroying our state with one party rule and the lack of any ethics reform or rules, I still think there are stinkers in the Democratic party.

No doubt, the repeal by the Republic party of South Dakota of IM 22 is stupid. But hey, they are stupid. They should have just let the Supreme Court decide, but they are so worried someone is going to take their bag of chips they didn’t want to hear the truth from them, they wanted to make their own rules.

Not such a bad idea really, when you know your power is going to be taken away from you after 40 years of iron fist rule. Just look at their heros, like that character Bill Janklow, who worked in public service most of his life and became a multimillionaire. Gee, wonder how that works? Cream of the crop ass-wipes, who wiped their asses with IM 22 today.

But, But, But.

What about all this talk about all the ‘outside’ and ‘dark’ money from the supporters of IM 22.

For the record, I think all political money is ‘dark’.

Which brings us to Mr. Weiland.

Why couldn’t he drive to Pierre and make his case? Really? Why couldn’t he?

Maybe it was about money? Was it Rick? Was it about money? Or was it about us?

Good question.

The Sunshine state still remains dark, very dark. Both sides of the coin.

Should we really be surprised that our Legislature and Governor want to gut IM22?

Time and Time again we have watched our state legislature, which mostly is controlled by Republicans, defy the wishes of the voters. They are doing it again with the attempt to repeal IM22.

We have seen the mountains of corruption over the past 40 years this party has wreaked on South Dakotans, and I believe, this is why IM 22 passed. We have had enough.

But when are South Dakota voters going to really get it? Most if not all of the corruption is being sewn on us by the Republicans in the state legislature. I want to be careful how I say this, I know many Republicans in government in South Dakota that are good people, but it seems the Republicans in the State Legislature are the cream of the crop when it comes to corruption.

Going to Pierre to essentially benefit themselves and their businesses, and without ethics laws, running rough shot over the citizens. You might say that not all of the Republican legislators are bad, and I get the argument, but as Stace Nelson pointed out on Belfrage today, the good ones are no better then the bad ones if the good guys don’t stop the bad guys in their party. In other words, if you are not a part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Also, as Stace points out, the corruption runs deep, if it isn’t suspicious suicides and murders over EB-5 and Gear Up, it’s sex scandals. What will it take to reign in this problem?

First off, the opposition party is ‘part of the problem’ they need to not only grow a spine, but they need to grow in numbers and overtake the snake pit that has become the SD GOP. This means educating voters that Republicans in the State House ARE the problem and need to be voted out and kicked out of Pierre, they are destroying our state. It’s obvious from this repeal, that they are happy with the status quo, and don’t want things to change. It takes more then measures, initiatives and referendums to stop them, it takes giving these clowns their walking papers.

As I told a local government official tonight, there is not much we can do as citizens when the SD GOP has held us hostage for so long. I can only blog so much about the despicable behavior of these characters. It will take massive education to get South Dakotans to send some of these whack jobs packing in 2018.

So at the end of the day, don’t be surprised if this repeal passes, you voted in these crooks, and when you have the fox watching the hen house, you should know what the results will be.

Was Attorney Jackley Hoodwinked to?


Apparently one of our high ranking state officials doesn’t think the voters were hoodwinked;

“The voters of South Dakota spoke and they said there needs to be some level of change and I think that change ought to focus on an ethics commission,” Jackley said. “I don’t think we should necessarily be scared of that, we should embrace it.”

Marty would know about ethics and corruption in this state first hand, he investigated EB-5 and Gear Up. Is old Jackboots sending us subliminal messages?



Sloppy Shrinkage


I liked it when he said IM 22 was ‘sloppy’. Does he mean ‘Sloppy’ like when snow melts on the streets in Spring or ‘sloppy’ like the corruption of EB-5 and Gear Up? I couldn’t believe the nerve of a guy to chastise the writers of IM 22 and have such a short memory about the amount of people who have died in the wake of his ‘sloppiness’.

Stu Whitney nails it on the outrage over IM22


The pure unbridled arrogance of our ONE-party morons in Pierre is disgusting, and further proof that the one-party rule system is NOT working for our state, in fact it is putting us DEAD last for ethics and corruption;

Never mind that South Dakota was the only state in the union without such restrictions and one of only eight without an ethics commission, leading the Pulitzer Prize-winning Center for Public Integrity to give the Mount Rushmore State a national rank of 47th in deterring government corruption.

The SD GOP seems to take pride in being last. Whether that is pay for teachers, or quite frankly many professions, like nursing, or for rating as the most corrupt, or the defiance of green energy, they are more worried about protecting their free meals and benefits to their businesses then doing the work of the people, because it seems the people are an annoyance to them;

Even more intriguing is the reaction of the state’s Republican establishment to this development.

When citizens express concern about government transparency and the response is to question their intelligence for passing a law that addresses it, what does that make the people in charge of running our state?

Misinformed, to put it mildly.

Well, when your head is up your ass 99% of the time, it’s hard to be informed about most things.

Listen to Weiland talk about the measure on public radio today.