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Is the time ripe for SD independents to rise up?

I found this post on Hog House Blog not surprising. I have often said the SD GOP talking point “We are a conservative state.” was total bullshit, and this proves it;

After polling from January-June, Gallup now lists South Dakota as “Leans Democratic,” one step away from full-on blueness.

While it is nice to see that a majority of South Dakotans are not Republican, I don’t think this is a sign they are Democratic either. I think a majority of South Dakota voters are moderates, this was proven when they voted the abortion ban down twice. I think it is time for SD moderate independents to rise up and become a legitimate political movement in SD, it would start with a solid candidate running in the governor race. I am still holding my breath and hoping Chris Nelson will register indy and run for governor, while I do think he would have a good chance of giving Herseth a run for her money, he can’t beat her. But I think as a indy in the Governor race he could kick ass, I also think he could win handily as an indy.

I think Americans and South Dakotans are fed up with the political parties and their constant bullshit. It is time for indies to stand up and be heard.