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Alison Weir

As many people may or may not know, Alison was in the area this week. She is a part of this organization, and several others; www.ifamericansknew.org

There are many things we could say about Alison, but the only thing I have ever taken from her was that she is a non-partisan, un-bias journalist. She is the model employee of the ‘Fourth Estate’

I watched her on Patty O’Lalley’s ‘100 Eyes’ show this past week. Alison is a seasoned journalist and had Pat in stitches, though I will give him props for bringing her on, and being in stitches, she had him in a tight corner begging for mommy to set him free.

I also attended Democratic Forum this past Friday to listen to her speak about the Israeli/Palestine issue. In about 45 minutes Alison covered every base. The horrific violence that the two parties inflict on each other and our almost brain dead media that has so much Israeli money shoved up their asses they can’t see straight.

I will say this, don’t care if you are Muslim, Jewish or Christian, killing children in the name of (your) God is not justifiable.

I think the most memorable moment in Alison’s speech was when she showed pictures of injured children from the conflict, and I looked across the room and saw grown men tearing up. As my friend attending the forum with me said last night about Alison’s presentation, “I experienced a Rapture – I saw an audience spellbound.”

What is amazing about Alison’s presentation is that she shows us what our aid to Israel is paying for, killing children, aproximately, $8 million PER DAY! And while we fight over spray and dog parks in SF, we supply the Israeli people $8 million a day to shoot children in the back, and other stuff. But Hey! We are getting a New Walmart! Maybe two!

Who should we trust in the Middle East? NO ONE!

This is a very revealing video. I don’t know why we waste our freaking time and treasure in that part of the world.

The Israelis and Palestinians are at it again

I get so sick of this crap.

Maybe they need to take some advice;


Why do the Jews embrace the Old Testament? Because it justifies killing people. Why do Muslims embrace the Koran? Because it justifies killing people. Christians supposedly embrace the New Testament (which justifies peace) but most of them choose to ignore those teachings. People ask why I don’t believe in religion. Watch the video again and maybe you will figure it out.

Jew the Plumber – hanging out in the Promised Land

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War; Fat and Pathetic