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Janklow and driving = oil and water

Janklow didn’t have proof of insurance either

Probably because no one will cover him.

Why did we give this guy back his Driver’s license?

Gawwwwwwwwwwd I don’t like this guy! I have always said that we should have never 1) given Janklow his law license back (anyone who commits a felony shouldn’t be allowed to practice law) and 2) should have never given his DL back. He can’t even backup his manure spreader in a parking lot correctly – and of course to him it is no big deal as usual;

“it left only a tiny mark.”

Well, Billiam, you left a mark on South Dakota, a big long brown streak across the underware of our reputation. Please go away, for the sake of all South Dakotans.

UPDATE: Imagine that? Janklow is a liar. Get out!