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Jesse & Brian kick out the Jams @ JazzFest


Stormland TV did a great story tonight about local musicians at JazzFest. Jesse has the best quotes;

“You can have a band, and you can practice all the time with that band, but you may never get good,” local guitarist Jesse Christen said. “Your main practice comes down to what you do at home and keeping your chops up.”

Looking forward to these two kick it once again on the main stage at JazzFest!

Should smoking be banned at JazzFest?

The Argue Endorser’s ED board thinks that the No Smoking policy in city parks should also apply to JF.

JazzFest or No JazzFest, it is important to remember the No Smoking policy in parks was decided by a volunteer board and the city’s health department, NOT by the city council (who are supposed create and regulate policy in this city) secondly, there is NO fines or violations issued if you are caught smoking in a city park, an officer simply asks you to put it out. What’s the point?

Here’s how I look at it. Tobacco is a legal product to adults, city parks are PUBLIC property, and lastly IT’S OUTDOORS! While I think it is perfectly acceptable for a bar or restaurant owner to prohibit smoking on their patios (private property) and they should, I think it is a bit of a stretch to tell taxpayers who own our city parks, to put out their cigarettes, like I said, legal product.

There is an easy solution – courtesy. Ask those around you if they mind if you light up, whether you are in a city park or an outdoor restaurant patio. If they say ‘YES’ they do mind. Then don’t light up or walk to a place where you are not in proximity of others.

I think banning a legal product OUTDOORS on PUBLIC PROPERTY is a slippery slope. We already have the city telling us how to trim THERE trees, mow our lawns and scooping snow, they should concentrate on something else, like a little transparency from the mayor’s office.

JazzFest designs throughout the years



Jay K. does a great story about this year’s design. I was fortunate enough to design the 2006 and 2007 poster/logo. (the 2006 logo was actually started by Mark Pollard, but he didn’t have the time to finish) In fact my 2007 design was so well liked, JF decided to keep the guitar theme each year after that. Ironically, one of the reasons my 2008 designs were rejected was because I didn’t stay with that theme. But that is a long, long, long, story. (My 2008 submissions below).

Apparently Big Foot was following me around at JazzFest Thursday Night

(H/T – Doctor Barkey)

Forecast for JazzFest 2010 – KICKASS!

Say Hi to Detroit if you see me out there (I look like Angry Guy), should be fun, 3 days this year!

JazzFest Organizers Announce Third Day of Music


This is sooooo kickass!

Robert Joyce, Executive Director of the Sioux Falls Jazz & Blues Society announced today that the organization will extend the Sioux Falls Jazz & Blues Festival – JazzFest into a three-day event, starting the evening of Thursday, July 15th at 6pm and wrapping up around midnight on Saturday the 17th.

“By adding Thursday evening we will reach new audiences, increase the awareness of our mission, spread out our financial liability and get more musicians and artists involved in the festival. And do all three without adding a great deal of expense to the festival,” says Robert Joyce, Executive Director of the Sioux Falls Jazz & Blues Society.

“We’ve been investigating how the Sioux Falls Jazz & Blues Festival can be more productive, artistically and also fiscally. Expanding the event in this way achieves that for us.” says Neal Eddy, Board Chair of the organization.

The Sioux Falls Jazz & Blues Festival – JazzFest is a free music festival featuring two stages and over 18 hours of music.

The 2010 festival dates are July 15, 16 and 17.

More information on the Sioux Falls Jazz & Blues Festival – JazzFest can be found at www.jazzfestsiouxfalls.com.

South DaCola’s guide to a fun (but not always safe) JazzFest

Okay, this is my ‘Event’ of the year. In fact I can’t even remember how many years I have been going, I think like 10. But who cares. Most would agree that the people watching is the best part of JF, but there is some good music to. Nothing like seeing a bunch of D-Bag Republicans in their Tommy Bahama shirts pretending they are cool drinking Bud Lights with their over-tanned trophy wives. I digress. I have often preferred standing by the main stage and seeing the burnt-out drunk middle-aged hippies dance. Pretty soon that will be me! Woo-Hoo!

Okay enough of the stupid bullshit. Before I talk about the great music this year, we have to go over Detroit’s checklist;

– Ride your bike to JazzFest. Not only does this save you time and money, if there is a good South wind you can coast home. There is also a FREE bike corral that has security watching it.

– If the only time of the year that you drink shit American beer is at JF, you’ll have to load up on mini bottles of 99 Apples. Goes great with Coca-Cola or Sprite.

– Wear a hat, bring a hankee for brow sweat and carry wetnaps (don’t ask)

– Don’t sit in one place unless you are drinking FREE beer or eating FREE food (like I will be) Suck on that bitches!

– Stay for the whole thing. Don’t wuss out. If you come at like 1 PM on Saturday, stay the whole day. If you get tired, shower yourself with bug spray and take a siesta by the river.

– Try to refrain from saying things you’ll regret. I fail at this one every year. It usually takes me a few weeks to make amends after JF. Like I have said before, I have never made any new friends at JF, but I sure have lost quite a few at the event. Don’t cry for me Argentina!

– And lastly, and most importantly, if you are a hottie (of the female kind) please wear tight lowrider hot pants shorts and a tank top. Besides the stupid yuppies, hippies and zitty teenage boys, I need to have something to look at.


I’m pleased to say Sioux Falls best blues band, the Blues Bashers will be opening JF. This rocks, because while everyone is coming to the event they will hear the sweet licks of my best bud, and SF best guitarist Jesse Christen tearing it up. This year the BB will be joined by of course Bobby Berge on drums, Terry Brooks on keys and vocals, Derek Snow on blues harp and lead vocals and Sam Irish on bass (if you have never seen Sam play, he is the God of bass regionally, from Sioux City, and he is really fucking tall!)


Blues Bashers – 6 PM – Friday

Friday night also has a bunch of other crap going on, but who cares.

Saturday afternoon starts out with my favorite Jazz fusion band, The Bad Plus, currently kicking ass and taking numbers. Unfortunately, they are playing in the afternoon on Saturday (they should have had a better slot) but they are totally worth seeing. They would be a kickass band to eat mushrooms to . . . I’m just saying.


The Bad Plus – 4:30 – Saturday

The last two performers of Saturday are pretty kickass, to say the least. Keb Mo will heat up the crowd and Lil Brian will smoke your socks off. I will have to admit, it is about time JF had a fire breathing dragon as a closer. I love Zydeco, which is a hot rod version of polka, jazz, blues, Ska, creole, reggae or you name it, the jumbalaya of music, and Brian rips it up. It might be so hot the hippies may leave, or their hemp jewelry will catch on fire.


Keb Mo – 8 PM


Lil Brian – 10 PM – Closer!


Coltcockers – 6 PM – Friday (think college progressive band, but a bunch of old guys) They remind me a little of ‘Tapes & Tapes’

The Body Electric – 4:30 – Saturday (Rich Show’s latest project – heard they are good)

Truth & Adapt – 6 PM – Saturday (This time slot kicks ass, because I can watch them instead of main stage) Of course, big time Sioux Falls Hip Hoppers!


The Blues Bashers will be playing the American Legion Friday and Saturday from 9:30 – 1:30 AM

Jazz Guitarist Mike Miller will be playing the Touch of Europe Friday and Saturday from 9 – 1:30 AM

I suggest you see both acts if you are not to drunk!

I won . . . Free Beer


From the SFJB,

Pollard, Ehrisman Winners of JazzFest T-shirt Contests


For the first time ever, the Sioux Falls Jazz & Blues Society held a design competition to determine the volunteer shirt and official festival shirt for JazzFest 2009.


Mark Pollard, graphic designer and owner of Visual Solutions Group submitted the winning design for the festival’s official shirt which will be for sale at this year’s festival.  Pollard was going for a “vintage” look with his design.  “I think this festival will be going on for years and years to come, and I wanted to design a graphic that was simple and timeless,” he said about his work.

One True Thing trailer


Local graphic designer and visual artist, Scott Ehrisman was the winner of the volunteer t-shirt design, which was based on the Thelonious Monk quote, “Jazz is freedom.  You think about that.”  Volunteer t-shirts are free to each and every volunteer that works at the festival.  Over 800 volunteers work at JazzFest each year.  “We always try to integrate a quote or some kind of fun theme into the volunteer shirt this year,” says Katrina Lehr-McKinney, executive coordinator of the Jazz & Blues Society.  “This year’s quote by the great jazz pianist Thelonious Monk resonated with us, reminding us why jazz music is such an important part of America’s cultural heritage.”


The Jazz & Blues Society plans on holding more design contests to bring new opportunities for local visual artists in the community.

JazzFest to cut back on big names this year, but it is still FREE, so STFU!

The Bad Plus will play JF this year, one of my favorite modern jazz groups

I can here the f’ing whiners already, “Who is Elvin Bishop?” Well guess what, it does not matter, he rocks and he is good, and nobody is charging you to see him. So if you don’t like it, pack up your Walmart lawnchair, your ugly fat wife and rug rats and go home, so the rest of us music fans can enjoy it in Peace.

A tough economy meant a $65,000 decline in sponsorships that keep the festival free, said Robert Joyce, executive director of the Sioux Falls Jazz & Blues Society. That put a dent in what was about a $265,000 budget last summer.

Less money meant trimming costs in part by spending less on entertainers, Joyce said, but the festival still has about the same number of bands and quality of performers.

Sorry if I am a little harsh, but I wanted to nip this in the butt early. Every year I hear people bitch about Jazzfest. Only in Sioux Falls would our cheap asses bitch about FREE entertainment.