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Another Blizzard of the Century


Here we go again. Stormland TV wants to tell us fine South Dakotans about the dangers of snow and wind (something they call a blizzard, I guess, who knew?), and they do it in about 4-5 different ‘computer models’ with one model giving us 10+ inches and the other just rain. But of course it all has to do with the ‘temperature’ and when it changes.

No shit Sherlock. You mean as it gets colder rain changes to snow? Get the F’ck outta here! I thought maybe little snow elves decided when to make snow.

Enough already. Please simplify the forecast and move one to REAL NEWS. Let me help you;

Sioux Falls Saturday Forecast

Morning rain changing to snow by afternoon. 1-12″ inches possible by Sunday morning.

How fricking easy was that?

Can you say gigantic conflict of interest?!

Gordon Howie must think the rest of us are so stupid we would fall for his legislation. He wants to increase the regressive retail tax from 4 to 6% on the state level and than cut property taxes by 35%.

Oh, but wait, did Howie tell us he was a realtor and it would directly affect his sales. But the worst part about it is South Dakota’s investigative reporter of the year, Shawn Kneestadt didn’t bring it up in the interview. It’s one thing to be bent over by our politicians but its an entirely different thing to take it from our MSM who is asleep at the wheel.

Shawn, let me simplify this question for you;

“Gordon, don’t you think, with you being a realtor this kind of legislation presents a conflict of interest?”

Than you can have a great camera shot of Howie peeing his pants.

We’ll just take his word on it

Once again, KELO-TV just let’s Mike say whatever he wants without questioning his sources;

Governor Mike Rounds says many South Dakotans have told him they support his proposed cuts to the state budget.

The second-term governor says he has gotten many phone calls and e-mails from people who understand that cuts are needed to balance the budget.

Many? How many and from whom? Once again KELO proves to be apologists for Governor Rounds. We can trust him on his word, he has such a good track record.

Jodi really needs to get a hobby besides reading my blog

City Spin Cycle on High

And calling up her media buddies at KELO-TV.

In less then 24 hours after I posted about the Sioux Falls Calendar mysteriously Jodi Schwagg (our very own overpaid press release writer) was on KELO-TV (trying) to counter everything I pointed out in my Sunday post about the calendar. It was so blantant, when I emailed KELO reporter Ben Dunsmoor about ‘bogarting’ South DaCola’s stories, I was literally crying I was laughing so hard.

So let’s review;

I said the mailing list was 70,000. But according to the city;

It went out to more than 67,000 households and cost thousands of dollars. For the first time, the City of Sioux Falls sent out a calendar to its residents in an effort to keep taxpayers informed. 

I said the publication probably cost $50,000 or more. They claim this;

So, how much did taxpayers shell out for the publication? The Mayor’s office put out the calendar and says it cost more than $33,000 to produce.

And Jodi just couldn’t resist to do a little stompy-stompy dance-dance on my brochure idea (which would have saved taxpayers thousands of dollars).

But, city officials believe a calendar is something residents will keep all year, instead of fliers and brochures, which typically get thrown away. 

You could of also done a magnet for a fraction of the cost that would stay on people’s refrigerators ALL YEAR LONG. I have a feeling half the calendars will get thrown away anyhow. People usually get gift calendars (Sports Illustrated swimwear for instance or Norman Rockwell) Other people use their day planners or PDA’s and some people build their own calendars with that fancy-smancy calendar software you can buy Walmart for $19.99. And instead of pictures of snowplows and mustaches they put pictures of their family and pets. And if you need a city department number, there is always the phone book or internets.

Even if by chance someone USES this calendar, it is still a waste of money. It is taxpayer funded propaganda, and nothing could be a bigger waste.

No where is there a reference that there were under a 1000 respondents to the survey – and that’s what makes this propaganda. When you mislead the public using half-truths and use taxpayer money to do so, it is always a waste – A HUGE WASTE.

Sorry, Jodi, you could have spent 1 cent a piece and it still would have been too much. Please, stop reading my blog and go back to blogging about how hip and cool SF is for young professionals.