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Noem’s Trump Support Backlash just beginning

While I think there are more smarts between two drunk squirrels then what’s swirling around in the mostly empty cavity between Kristi’s ears I think she knew if Trump wasn’t elected for a 2nd term (he really wasn’t elected for a 1st term) that things would get pretty dark for her and South Dakota.

Within 60 days of Biden’s term he has already done this;

• Blocked Keystone pipeline (I believe this is permanent.)

• Give millions more to blue states in the newest relief bill (This really is just about math. More people live in these states and and they pay a lot more in Federal taxes. In fact South Dakota has been a federal tax welfare state for decades all under Republican rule.)

• Fireworks cancelled at Mt. Rushmore (this should have never happened to begin with in 2020, it was obviously a Trump campaign rally that endangered public and sacred lands. I knew once Deb Haaland became Interior Secretary, a Native American herself, she would put an end to it.)

I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg and I think if the Democrats put up a strong candidate to run against her you will see money pouring into the state from blue supporters.

The backlash has just begun and I think the Federal funding issues and cancellations are just the beginning of the Biden administration making it very miserable for Noem and frankly the rest of us. I actually think there will be Federal investigations into how the state has conducted business.

Thanks Kristi for dragging the rest of us along for the ride because of your sick obsession with the Orange Menace.

Kristi Kries about Keystone XL

It seems that Kristi’s Krocodile tears won’t stop;

Gov. Kristi Noem called on South Dakota media outlets to provide more extensive coverage of the fallout from President Joe Biden’s decision to revoke the Keystone XL pipeline permit, a project she and many other Republican lawmakers have long supported.

As for the news coverage, when Biden revoked the permit it was all over National & International News and almost every major media source in South Dakota covered it.

As for Kristi’s claims about jobs, you can’t lose jobs that don’t exist to begin with;

We can verify that the claim of thousands of jobs lost is true, however, it can be misleading. A total of 1,000 people are now out of the job and there won’t be another 10,000 hires because the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline was axed by Biden’s order.

However, Biden hopes to create 10 million jobs through his clean energy plan in addition to the 3 million jobs already in place.

This is the main reason Biden killed it, we have to combat global warming by phasing out fossil fuels. And as I have pointed out several times, Americans don’t get one lick of that oil anyway as you can see from this map. It goes straight to the gulf coast to be loaded on tankers to China.

While Kristi may not like our new president, she may want to research what the project really would have done for us if not revoked, NOT A DAMN THING!

Keystone XL Pipeline Protests

So a South DaCola foot soldier sent me an interesting email today;

Just a thought, this might come home quicker than we think. I would guess that our PD and firefighters will offer to fill in when the protests start. I’m guessing that we still pay and insure them when they volunteer.

What do you think as a taxpayer about that?

We are setting ourselves up for quite a battle

Funny that this story came out today;

Construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline is scheduled to begin next spring in northwestern South Dakota. Officials in the nine counties affected by the pipeline construction are preparing for protests to break out along the route.

If protests become significant, the costs to manage the scenes will first fall on county governments, according to a state law.

Some are concerned that drawn-out protests such as the 7-month encampment of protesters opposed to the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota in 2016 could develop. A large protest could strain the budgets of the mostly rural counties along the Keystone XL route.

In the first of two stories, South Dakota News Watch reporter Bart Pfankuch examines the potential costs and outlines an effort to change the law. Find this story and other in-depth reporting at www.sdnewswatch.org.

I was just telling my barber that the Lakota Sioux tribes are very proud people, and they are going to fight this to the end. What do they have to lose? Really? We have taken everything else from them, all they have left is their dignity and reservation land. Keystone XL is going to have a rude awakening I’m afraid, and President Trump’s decision to allow this pipeline without the builder being responsible for security is going to cost South Dakota taxpayers a lot of money in defense costs. The PUC really needs to stop this before the protests begin. We really don’t need to be giving up our land, resources and capital for a foreign Canadian company to transport oil to shipping ports that send the oil to China.

Rounds and Noem continue to peddle the lies about Keystone XL


Ironic Johnny, still a lying sack of Thune-Bag

The Keystone XL Pipeline project will create 20,000 jobs? Where John? In Canada? He also repeats the ‘Medicare & Social Security’ bankruptcy mantra.

Lies. Lies. Lies.




Last I checked Oklahoma is in the U.S. not Canada

Sometimes I scratch my head when Thune-Bag opens his mouth;

Obama says he has ordered federal agencies to speed up approval for a section of the Keystone XL pipeline that will run from Oklahoma to the Texas Gulf Coast.  But Thune says Obama has delayed approval of a permit for the larger part of the project that would bring Canadian oil to the Gulf Coast.

Maybe Obama wants the pipeline because the oil is coming from American soil, not Canadian. Just a thought.

Lakota block the Keystone XL trucks (H/T – Helga)

I just found this story last night. (Cory also has a post) Good for them. It appears the truckers wanted to go through the reservation to avoid weigh stations and fees;

Five Lakotas on Pine Ridge Indian land in South Dakota were arrested Monday after attempting to block two tarsands pipeline trucks from entering their land. According to the Lakota activist the six-hour standoff started when the trucks refused to turn around claiming they had “corporate rights that supersede any other law.”