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Frank Kloucek proves something I have known a long time about the SD GOP


This article in the Mitchell Daily Republic proves it;

He ended by inviting the dozens of people in the audience to his annual post-dinner gathering at the local truck stop, where he was offering pie and ice cream. In keeping with the draconian budget cuts by Republicans, he said, he would only allow his guests one of the goodies, and not both.

Every time Kloucek rattled off a zinger like that, the five Republicans seated to his right remained stonefaced, even as most of the audience laughed.

They don’t laugh, because Frank breaks down the hypocrisy of the SD GOP, and it’s many facets;

I know many political people in South Dakota who are at a loss to explain how Kloucek keeps getting elected. They see him as too plainspoken, too common, too “provincial,” to borrow a word they might use.

What they fail to see is that many voters admire exactly those kinds of qualities. That was evident last week at the legislative dinner when, in a room full of voters, the only people not laughing along with Kloucek were his colleagues.

But I’m laughing, while I enjoy my Kolache.

South DaCola’s Bohemian post of the day


As a Czech, there’s nothing better then a tasty Kolache, and this place has them!

My mother’s parents, Carl and Viola Blachnik lived in Scotland, SD and my grandma used to make the best damn kolaches I have ever had. Of course they were 100% Bullhunk, so they knew what they were doing.