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I am actively recruiting candidates for the City of Sioux Falls council election in 2020

Unlike the group of rat finks looking for competitors to Stehly in 2020, I will be honest with you; I am actively looking for challengers to NW District Councilor Neitzert and SW District Councilor Selberg and if Stehly decides NOT to seek a 2nd term, we will be looking for a candidate in that race also.

No worries, you have some time. The earliest you really need to announce is this Fall, even though there are some people already talking about running against Stehly.

I have spoken with several people interested in challenging the two. With the parking ramp debacle, the chatter has increased quite a bit, and with all the failures over the past three years due to their rubber stamp mentality, many citizens are ready to turn a majority of the council into a citizen advocacy body and a real challenge to city administrators and big bizzo in town.

As you know, Bruce and I have ran many successful local campaigns (ironically one of our best was Neitzert’s 🙁 and we have had a couple of failures, but I think the 2020 election cycle will be a big one for us. As you know, Bruce and I try to champion candidates that are for two things, ‘Good, Clean Government’. We also don’t care about your partisan stripes, we have helped indies, Republicans and Democrats.

We are willing to sit down with anyone interested to discuss a campaign. While the consultation will be totally free and confidential, I can not guarantee we would take you on, but we are willing to listen and advise.

Lloyd Companies Broker newest Sioux Falls city council candidate, Southwest District


Instead of digging through financial reports to see who the biggest developer in Sioux Falls is donating money to, it’s all right up front with Marshall, it is pretty obvious who butters his bread;

Broker Associate

Lloyd Companies/Keller Williams Realty Sioux Falls

While I don’t take issue with realtors running for council (Councilor Erickson assists with her husband’s realty and property management business) I wonder how many recusals Marshall would have to take on votes working for the largest developer in Sioux Falls? It seems these days, the words ‘Conflict of Interest’ mean nothing to potential candidates and current councilors.

Of course, this district race is turning out to be a real drag, with the only other candidate to announce is Manny Steele who says he is running to improve education in Sioux Falls ;(

Maybe Briggs Warren can move out of his parents and get an apartment in the Southwest district and run against these two? I would even help him move. I’m sure we can get your 6 pair of jeans, yo-yo’s and box of comic books to fit in my hatchback.