American History 101

Let’s not be shy, King talked about equality for all, not just for African Americans, but short fat loud mouth German-Czechs like me.

Increasingly, we have become a nation separated by the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. some of us are white, some are of pigmented skin.

Lets not forget that King’s message is about opportunity and freedom for all.

In a world dominated by the gun culture, and right wing dominance, now more then ever we MUST join hands in fighting tyranny. In our work place, in our churches, in our families and even in our play places. We have a government more concerned about what we are all doing, instead of worrying about our well being.

We must hold hands, we must break bread together and we must solve the challenges of violence, equal pay, racism, fairness in the judiciary and reach a common goal of common goodness, and peace.


Wars are not won by the barrel of a gun, they are won by words, honesty and integrity.

Americans will make this country great again by holding hands, having conversations and by seeing the enlightenment in each of us.

I think King said it best, “Judge me by the content of my character.”


Don’t get me wrong, love listening to MLK. On the way back from the cities we were listening to past speeches by him. Incredible stuff. I said to my friend, “Can you imagine what the pundits would say about King today? They would accuse him of being negative and a radical. I mean, who complains about being poor and screwed over by the upper class, c’mon, get off your lazy asses and get a job, and if you have one, work harder.”

We could use a little MLK these days.

When you listen to this speech by MLK, you can’t help to think about our current situation, except it applies to ALL of the working class, not just minorities.

“A true revolution of values will soon cause us to question the fairness and justice of many of our past and present policies. On the one hand we are called to play the good Samaritan on life’s roadside, but that will only be an initial act. One day we must come to see that the whole Jericho road must be transformed so that men and women will not be constantly beaten and robbed as they make their journey on life’s highway.“  -Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Let’s Do Something About Why People are Hungry.

There are many reasons. One is South Dakota’s tax on groceries.

• Grocery prices are up! The state can’t undo the high prices, but it could help by getting the tax off.

• Times are tough!

• Solutions are available! especially for the state portion (4%) of the food tax. This would help middle- and lower-income people. Most states do not tax groceries. No state bordering South Dakota taxes food.

• The food tax refund program is not the answer. It now reaches only 264 households in the whole state, despite much greater need. These types of programs are inherently ineffective.

• Cutting the food tax is the right thing to do. This tax hurts. What people pay annually in food tax (state + city tax) could buy their food for 3 weeks.

What to do? Enough people need to ask state legislators to start cutting the food tax. To join an email network of advocates, send your name, address & phone to:

South Dakotans ended the tax on medical services and outlawed paying to use toilets. You don’t pay a tax before you can vote or before you can breathe. No one should have to pay a tax before they can eat.

I would like to thank King for his contributions to civil rights, which is a benefit to us all.

Erin Rath writes a great letter to the editor about King’s mission.

Nothing in this country happens without a fight, and if anything we have learned from Obama’s campaign and Bush’s failed administration is that we must not be apathetic. The next administration will not be able to change the status quo in this country without us. So step up, tell your public servants how you feel as often as possible. Otherwise you are just part of the problem.