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Marty Jackboots tough on crime, except when it comes to his own agents

This is the kind of rotten individual that is running for governor. Costing taxpayers over $1.5 million to cover up a sexual harassment allegation. Marty needs to be put into retirement come June 5th.

I also find it a bit hypocritical he is complaining about this so close to the primary. You know, kind of like putting out a press release about an investigation that isn’t finished yet in a mayoral race . . . Karma’s a bi*ch isn’t Marty?

The jury is in and it wasn’t good leaving no one a winner. Laura Zylstra Kaiser of Aberdeen held a press conference at the Sioux Falls Public Library on May 23, 2018 to help us understand the case against the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) and its administrator Attorney General Marty Jackley. The Jury found in her favor the checks never seem to arrive until now.

It seems a Brown County Sheriff’s deputy was harassing DCI agent Kaiser in 2011. Kaiser reported it to his and her superiors with no support from them. As a result, she received a demotion and then because the supervisors said she didn’t play nice with the harasser, a move to Pierre.

In an attempt to help her set the record straight and save her eight year career she appealed to Marty Jackley the head of DCI. It didn’t go well. The grievance process in place failed her so she had to take legal action.

In December 2017, an Aberdeen Federal Jury found her story credible and awarded her $1.2 million:

– $400,000 for mental anguish, emotional distress, embarrassment, loss of reputation and other damages.

– $311,812 for lost wages

– $498,929 for lost benefits

The state screwed around causing her there were more expenses and losses to cover. The final bill for the state was $1.5 million after the Federal Judge threatened to put state employees responsible for handing over the checks in jail for contempt of court.

By the way, can you identify the trackers recording then quickly leaving the presser? Which campaigns does each belong to?


The 5 foot branch excuse works every time

The similarities are striking.

Listen to Jackboots get his ass handed to him by the Supreme Court, it is hilarious. Funny how none of the audio from this hearing has showed up in his campaign materials.

I also find it kind of strange that TenHaken looks like ‘Perry’ (Alexander SkarsgÃ¥rd) from ‘Big Little Lies’.

AG has a double standard on interfering with an election

Besides the fact that they have received no evidence;

The Attorney General’s statement does say investigators on this case are waiting on records from other social media entities.

The timing of this press release is questionable.

Remember when Marty’s buddy Rounds was running for Senate and they couldn’t comment on an ‘ongoing’ investigation into EB-5 during a campaign? But it seems for some reason it is OK for the AG to say they have essentially ‘found nothing’ because, well they have ‘nothing’ a couple days before an election who just happens to have a Republican VS a Democrat.

Gee, that’s not questionable at all. Marty Jackley wouldn’t do anything underhanded like that? Would he? That would be like saying a guy killed himself using a 5-Foot branch, but we won’t let you see the autopsy, just trust us.

Reminds me of when TenHaken was helping his buddy Pity Pat out move servers around the country to hide his campaign store and when we questioned the obvious conflict of interest Jackley says, “They didn’t steal anything. Investigation closed.”

Jackley has made a mockery of the AG office.

During the debate tonight, TenHaken said a major endorsement is coming. Wonder if that is from Jackley? I would think he would be smarter than that while running for Governor, but who knows, the Silver Fox wiggles his way out of all kinds of things.

Clearing the air about Danielson lawsuit

After listening to a morning radio show, I feel like some things need to be cleared up about Danielson’s lawsuit.

I will probably be called as a witness, so I will not comment on that part of the lawsuit, but I can comment about what we know.

Some are wondering why it took 3 years to file?

Danielson subsequently filed a criminal complaint into the incident with the state Division of Criminal Investigation, but nothing ever came of the complaint

If you read the suit, you will see that Danielson reported the incident right away to DCI. He didn’t sit on this for 3 years. Some have questioned the timing with Huether leaving office and Jackley being in the June primary;

Danielson said Monday that he filed the suit ahead of the statute of limitations, which would have kicked in three years after the incident.

He had to file it NOW or it would have been gone forever.

Like I said, as a witness I will not discuss the evidence, etc, but you can read for yourself the lawsuit HERE.

Marty Jackboots to make a campaign stop at the Sioux Falls City Council Public Services meeting

I heard yesterday that Marty will be making the presentation to the council on Tuesday to talk about crime and drugs. I’m sure it has NOTHING to do with running for Governor.

It was sure nice of Councilor Erickson to invite our AG to campaign at Carnegie. The rumor in Republican circles she is on Jackboots ‘short list’ for possible Lt. Governor. First he has to beat Noem.

UPDATE: Ellis probably should have ‘confirmed’ this before tweeting it

UPDATE: Ellis did apologize for his tweet yesterday, and in his defense, Hagen did have a brother die, even if it was a step brother.

If you’ve been following the Eric Hagen trial, you’ve noticed that J. Ellis has been tweeting for the Argus Leader. Did you catch the tweet yesterday that stated Eric Hagen’s brother might be dead?

That’s pretty sloppy journalism.  According to a foot soldier who knows the Hagen family what made it truly a living nightmare is that Eric Hagen is from this area.  His aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents were all alerted to that tweet and had several hours of crying and anguish before they could reach Eric’s only brother to confirm he was alive and ok.  He travels a lot and lives in L.A., so it was very plausible Eric’s brother could have died and his relatives not been notified yet. With Ellis being part of the press pool, he may have had access to alternative information. While he does say that it ‘needed to be confirmed’ it should not have been tweeted at all until he knew for sure.
I’m starting to wonder if anyone at the AL even gives a rip anymore.
Oh, and BTW, not only is Eric’s Brother still alive, Eric is a free man;

Eric Hagen was acquitted Wednesday by a jury in Flandreau that needed only a couple of hours to deliberate. Hagen and his company consulted with the Flandreau Santee Sioux in 2015 on the project.The tribe eventually torched its crop amid fears of a federal raid, and Hagen was charged with several counts related to marijuana possession.

Hagen says the state overstepped its authority in bringing the case. He says he “never once thought that I was guilty.”

Oh the irony of this case compared to when Fatty Patty Powwers was running his political trinket business out of the SOS’s office. Jackley tries to charge Hagen with possession of a product the tribe owned, because Jackboots knew he couldn’t go after the tribe. When Stan Adelstein accused Pat Powerless, as sitting deputy SOS, of ‘borrowing’ intellectual property from the state to help his personal political consulting business, Jackley finds Mr. Fish & Chips NOT GUILTY of stealing (money or other materials from the state). Something he wasn’t accused of to begin with.
And this guy wants to be governor. LMFAO.

If only conflict of interest laws existed when Gant and Powers were in office


Oh the irony of Pitty Patt Postting this story;

Prohibiting and criminalizing direct conflicts of interests and self-dealings resulting in personal financial benefit from taxpayer monies

Under current South Dakota law, it is only a misdemeanor to engage in self-dealings of taxpayer monies for personal benefit or gain.  See SDCL 5-18A-17.4.

“A public official, who misappropriates taxpayer monies that have been entrusted to them, violates the public trust and should be held responsible for such actions.   When   a public official uses taxpayer monies for personal benefit or gain, it should be treated  as any other criminal theft,” said  Jackley.

The Attorney General’s proposed legislation narrowly defines a direct criminal conflict of interest to occur when “any public official who knowingly misappropriates funds or property which has been entrusted to the public official in violation of the public trust and which results in a direct financial benefit to the public official, commits a criminal conflict of interest.” A public official who commits a criminal conflict of interest would be guilty of theft under existing law. Under current theft law it is a Class 6 felony carrying a maximum penalty of two years imprisonment when the value of the theft is in excess of $1,000, a Class 5 felony, punishable up to five years, when the value is more than $2,500 but less than or equal to $5,000, and a Class 4 felony, punishable up to 10 years, if the value is more than $5,000. The bill also requests employee whistleblower protections.

Legislation being introduced by others will require notice to the Attorney General of conflict violations.

That was our main claim against Gant & Powers. Pat was still running a campaign consulting company while working as deputy SOS. A conflict of interest, especially if he was using information attained from the SOS to further his business. Not only did Jackley at the time not investigate him for that, they found them not guilty on stealing (something they were never accused of). But I guess, even if they were found to have a conflict of interest, not much could have been done until the law changes. PAThetic quit anyway claiming he had to get back to his litter of spawn.

Was Attorney Jackley Hoodwinked to?


Apparently one of our high ranking state officials doesn’t think the voters were hoodwinked;

“The voters of South Dakota spoke and they said there needs to be some level of change and I think that change ought to focus on an ethics commission,” Jackley said. “I don’t think we should necessarily be scared of that, we should embrace it.”

Marty would know about ethics and corruption in this state first hand, he investigated EB-5 and Gear Up. Is old Jackboots sending us subliminal messages?

Yeah, there seems to be A LOT of things missing Marty

I usually don’t comment on these kind of crimes, I prefer to blog about living politicians and politicos fiddling around with our money.

But I took an hour out of my life that I will never get back to hear our esteemed AG, Marty ‘Silver Fox’ Jackboots talk about the Westerhuis death investigation.

I won’t speculate what was ever recovered in the investigation, but Jackley danced around a lot of things that don’t add up;

  1. First he says that the safe was not recovered and was probably destroyed in the fire, than he said that it might have been stolen or Scott hid it somewhere. So which is it Marty? First off, a safe, especially to a guy who may have been embezeling millions of dollars, was probably fireproof, not because it may have had money in it, but probably a lot of damaging records, not just about what Scott was doing but he may have had dirt on others involved. I would think the first thing DCI would have looked for was a safe, and if it wasn’t recovered, it is somewhere. Like I said, I won’t speculate where the safe is, but you I know what I’m thinking.
  2. While it was brought up that a shell was found in the gun that Scott killed himself with, there was no mention if shells or remnants of shells were found around the other victims. In other words, he never says the gun that killed Scott was the same that killed the victims. Maybe I missed that?
  3. In another bizarre twist in the press conference, Marty says the voice mail left on Nicole’s phone has been ‘terminated’. This is probably highly unlikely. Talking to a programmer today who works on different computer devices and phones said DCI should have asked for access to those records right away, and the provider (Verizon) should have had them, heck, they probably still do. So why would Marty say this? Not sure?

Once again, more deaths due to financial mishandling of Federal money in our state, and a closed investigation that leaves us with more questions than answers. Pretty soon Marty is just going to finish all of his reports with “It was the third gunman on the grassy knoll.”