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Remember when Noem made fun of Corndogging Intellectuals? And she still can’t enter the club and never will

Is the Varilek machine all it’s cracked up to be?

I was Alfalfa in a previous life.

From a South DaCola foot soldier;

Pam Gulleson (ND-AL) is in a similar position to Matt Varilek. Open seat with Obama at the top of the ticket. Both states have a Republican controlled state house and state senate. Both candidates have raised about $125K. Republican Rick Berg defeated Democrat Pomeroy in the last election and Repulican Noem defeated Democrat Herseth Sandlin. However, according to this, the DCCC is targeting Pam Gulleson for help but not Matt Varilek. Is the Varilek machine all it’s cracked up to be?  How much power do Daschle and Johnson wield anymore if they can’t get Varilek added to the first important fundraising rescue list the DCCC puts out to their donors?

While I agree, Noem is dangerous, and well, an idiot. Varilek will really have to step up his game to beat Noem, especially when it comes to money. The first thing I suggest is that he gets his hair cut in Mitchell and not at the Little Rascals barbershop.

Matt Varilek to run against Noem.


I suspect Barth may drop out, and if NOT I encourage him to do so. There is not enough time and money to go around with Democrats in our state.