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While the mayor dresses up in costumes, CityLink still hasn’t had a PSA about the city election

A few weeks ago I asked the city council and mayor why CityLink doesn’t run a PSA about the city election? Or interview our City Clerk, Tom Greco for an Inside Town Hall about the election? There are many things to discuss, like time of the Election and Runoff, the Precincts, how many candidates, when you can absentee vote, etc, etc.

Funny how when we were trying to build an indoor pool there was all kinds of public meetings, yet with an election a little over a month away not a peep from CityLink.

Hey, but we have plenty of money to dress our mayor up like Elmer Fudd and drool on people at Pheasant Fest for over an hour.

UPDATE II: Secret, Secret, Secret, RAMROD!

UPDATE II: Bravo to Warren Phear for digging up this Argus Leader story from a year ago. Apparently they released the names of the interested parties back than.

So what really was the administration trying to keep from us? But what is even more ironic is that the AL had this information for almost a year and apparently didn’t check the archives 🙂

Asking why Huether is a closed government advocate is like asking why the sky is blue. We know the answer to the question, yet we still struggle with why it has to be that way;

Sioux Falls officials are refusing to provide the identities of developers in the running for the first phase of the rail yard redevelopment project downtown.

I’m getting to the point, that I don’t even want to talk about it anymore. It is what it is. Lies, schemes, scams, boondoggles, etc. etc.

I will bet you though that Legacy Development is on that list, and that is why Heather and the city are pulling excuses from their rear ends.

Isn’t it ironic that while Huether is setting up his ‘legacy’ he keeps promoting ‘Legacy’.

UPDATE: Shocker! Legacy is one of the developers!

Of the six development firms who responded to the city’s request for qualifications for the rail yard redevelopment project, four are local to Sioux Falls: Lloyd Companies, Legacy Developments, Eighth and Railroad Center and Pender Cherapa. The other two submitters were Inland Development Partners of St. Louis Park, Minnesota, and Philadelphia-based development firm Smart Visions.

The funny part is that I have known for years Eighth and Railroad Center has been interested in developing this property since they border it. It’s not like Lloyd being interested in the property is some big secret either. Huether keeping the developers ‘secret’ is like saying he also knows Santa Claus isn’t real either, but isn’t going to tell anyone.

Re-Finance ‘Word Games’ with Huether and crew (Guest Post – Danielson)

The absurd actions of Mikey the other night are great theater.

The wonderful things about moving the SIRE videos over to YouTube is our ability to catch action and text normally missed. I wasn’t able to be at the meeting but sure heard a lot about it so I went to the YouTube machine at www.siouxfall.org and pulled a transcript. Here are some morsels starting at the moment:

(1:13:01 – Scott Ehrisman) “This, I guess we’re just going to go all the way to the end – may 15th no transparency all the way to the end keep the game consistent” (1:13:02)

(Mike starts a 24 second staring contest with the audience)

(It appears Councilor Erickson tries to break the silence with a quiet) “Mr. Chair” (Mike does not acknowledge her)

(1:13:26 – Mike then continues:) “Tracy, I, ah know you’re chopping at the bit and so am I, is there anybody else in the audience who wanted to speak to this particular item before I turn it over to the council” (1:13:33)

Councilors Erickson, Stehly and Kiley speak and then this;

(1:22:59 – while Kiley is speaking) “push the whole transaction back by far and”

(Mike injects) “Council Chair, if you don’t… my apologies sir, my apologies to you sir you, Tracy if you would just repeat that one more time I, I, councilors if you would have, just beg you to listen to councilor, to Tracy, thank you is keep it simple as much as you can thank you”

(Tracy restarts his explanation…)

Notice Mike tells Tracy to take it real slow and easy on the ignorant councilors by making sure the message is in simple terms?

A couple of thoughts about this exchange:

1. Why did the mayor inject anything at all while he still held the gavel? If he is such a stickler for Robert’s Rules he should have given it up so he could speak out of term.

2. Are our councilors so dumb the mayor has to tell his Director to speak slowly and in simpler words to make it more understandable. How insulting.

3. Why did no one call a POINT OF ORDER to stop him?

My count as of today show we only have 9 more meetings with him in charge then its to let the door hit yah where the good Lord split yah.

Record Growth

UPDATE: Mayor gets called a stupid S.O.B. at the council meeting tonight

Mike’s new theme song?

Oh, and he wasn’t called it just once, but twice. The person also didn’t abbreviate like I did in the headline.

While it was good theatre while it lasted, I would agree it probably wasn’t good decorum from a long time public inputer. Sierra has commented several times on crime going on in town, especially sex trafficking. She has had a volatile relationship with the mayor for quite awhile.

So how did it happen.

Public input started and I went up to speak. I went to sit down, and the mayor pulls this trick where he says quickly, “Anybody else, okay.” then quickly signals to the clerk to read the alcohol permits.

David Zokaites who had a PP presentation ready went up to the podium to speak but the city clerk had already started reading. So David stood there until she finished. Sierra stands and yells, “Let him speak, public input isn’t done.” and Mike asked Jamie, the alcohol licensing agent with the city to continue. Sierra lost it, walked toward the podium and told the mayor he was a stupid son-of-a-b*tch, and as she walked for the exit she called him that again.

Then David, who was still standing there asked if he could speak, and the mayor skirting his duties as usual, asked council chair Kiley if David could speak, and Kiley said NO. David apologized for not getting up there in time.

I think the whole incident is unfortunate because they are going to use it to change public input once and for all instead of just banning the bad apple.

But I will say, while I don’t approve of Sierra calling the mayor names (though I did laugh) it really comes to his continual effort to stifle public input by cutting people off before they even have a chance to standup. He has said in the past he wants people to stand in line and ‘be ready’. Sorry, if the mayor gets to sit during the meeting, we should to until it is our turn to go up. Some people are also disabled so it takes them a little time to get up there.

The mayor played more games tonight, and he may finally win, but trust me, not without a fight.

UPDATE: Belfrage talked about the incident this morning on his show. Many people are confused about what public input is and how it is handled, including Mr. Belfrage.

• There is already a time limit of 5 minutes. (Minnehaha County has NO time limit on their public input and I have seen people talk for over 20 minutes, in fact the mayor himself talked for over 11 minutes one time asking for a government handout for a drainage issue on his private lake home). I would be okay with changing it to 3 minutes.

• It was suggested that maybe it should be like the SF school board where you have to sign in to talk at public input and write down your item. I don’t agree with that. Freedom of speech is exactly what it is supposed to be FREEDOM to speak about whatever.

• It is often discussed that this is an inconvenience for the council and mayor. Excuse me? If anything it is an inconvenience for the public to show up on their own time to plead their grievances, this is the only opportunity they can. The mayor and council get paid to sit up there. They chose to run for office and serve after being elected. We pay their wages, it is the citizens TIME and MONEY being expended at the meetings. There is also NOTHING in the charter that says the meetings must be limited to a certain time frame. In fact there are provisions in the charter that allow for recesses or deferring to the next day if a meeting is going to long.

• Same people different topics. Many complained on the show that it is the same people that show up. Well guess what, I try to share something different every time I speak, I am NOT redundant, unless of course it has to do with the trains 🙂 I will NOT apologize for being passionate about our city government, I am very proud of the fact that I speak out against government corruption in this community. If not me, who? I also found it ironic that several veterans showed up last night asking for a land donation from the city and I overheard one of them say they were not registered to vote after refusing to sign a municipal candidates petition. So you served our country bravely as a soldier but once you got home you didn’t participate in something truly patriotic? Hmmm.

• The 1st amendment is very clear, it is a protection for all citizens to tell their government what they think of it. Sometimes it gets a little messy, oh well, you deal with it and move on. Let’s talk about who is being a snowflake. Like I said above, it is unfortunate that Sierra said what she did (in public) but I have heard much worse name calling of the mayor from prominent businessmen, politicians and current and former city council members. His attitude that the public serves him and not the other way around is complete BS, and it finally boiled to the top last night.

Huether plans to ‘RAMROD’ all the way to the end

As I predicted there has been rumors that Huether plans to get even more done before he leaves office. On Belfrage’s show the other day he said he was meeting with directors to see what they would like to see tied up in their offices before the next mayor takes over on May 15. Rumor has it that there is well over 30 items on the RAMROD agenda so far. A City Hall insider gave me a brief list of some of those items;

  • Proclaim that April 1st each year in Sioux Falls will be called ‘Interesting Siding’ day. Homeowners will be encouraged to post pictures on the city’s FB page of their ‘interesting siding’ installations. Participants are asked that they paid the contractor double for the job that excludes a warranty.
  • Rename every park in Sioux Falls with a corporate sponsor that will be responsible for putting up two ugly signs in the park proudly showing who the sponsor is.
  • Executive order telling city councilors Starr and Stehly to sit out all city council meetings until after May 15. Huether comments, “We don’t need their votes anyway to get things done.”
  • Flagpole annex the private lake Huether’s second home sits on. After annexation Huether asks to make the lake and surrounding property a city park and gets $500,000 from taxpayers to rename it Huether Family Park.
  • Emergency closure of the Arena for the next three months for city hall document shredding.
  • Huether offers ALL city employees a 20% discount coupon for his future book, “If you can’t stand the Hueth get out of the Kitchen”. For employees who still can’t afford the book after the release there will be financing available at a 79% interest rate.
  • Replaces Project KEEP and NICE with Project LEGACY which will allow citizens to dump asbestos FREE for one week at the land fill.
  • Fires the entire police department and replaces them with a newly deputized Tuthill Ghost. Huether comments, “Because the hype around the crime increase in Sioux Falls is really just a myth.” The money saved from this action will be contributed to the Aaron Hultgren defense fund.
  • Budgets $10,000 for decorating his future office when he gets hired by the next mayor.
  • Removes West Law software from the city attorney’s computers and replaces it with solitaire. The cost saving measure actually makes the office more productive.
  • Shuts down Para transit and Public transit. Replaces bus passes with a business card from Billion Automotive.
  • Submits a city ordinance that makes it a felony to remove any of his stupid quotes from the walls of city owned buildings.
  • Installs tissue dispensers on all city owned podiums.
  • Tells the public for the 685th time his dad was an alcoholic.
  • Gets his final haircut at a barbershop and finally has his ducktail cut off.
  • Leaves a word of advice for the future mayor, “Buy a comfortable couch. You are going to be spending a lot of nights there.”
  • Kisses his wife in public without her acting uncomfortable or grimacing.
  • Asks councilor Rex Rolfing to wear a hat at his last council meeting and to muster up at least one good idea that will benefit the city.
  • Finally admits that he signed off on the installation of the Event Center siding but comments, “It was Mark Cotter’s idea.”

There you have it folks, 3 more months of ‘Getting Things Done!’

Entenman WORSE than Huether, TenHaken just like Huether

I enjoyed reading Paul TenHaken’s 2026 plan for the city. Would really like to meet the authors, maybe they should be running 🙂

What I’m finding more and more is TenHaken is running on the Huether platform and Entenman is running on Corporate Welfare platform (if you think Huether gave the farm away to developers, you wait).

While Paul’s plan has value, without government leadership skills he would run this city like Huether did. And that’s really scary. Government isn’t a business. It’s time the citizens of this city elect a government leader that offers the highest level of customer service with the best value. That person isn’t Jim or Paul. It’s time to embrace our citizens over the next 8 years, business will do just fine on it’s own.

Memory Lane with Huether

Wow. You would think Mike had only a few days left in his administration when listening to his interview this morning on Belfrage. We have 3 months left of listening to this guy patting himself on the back. Puke.

He reveals some interesting things. He compares himself to Janklow, which I agree is appropriate. Stepping all over the little guy to get things done while mysteriously making himself a multi-millionaire working in public service most of his life.

He also claims he doesn’t talk to a couple of councilors (Starr and Stehly) because they don’t accomplish anything. It’s his way of saying they stand up to him and his corrupt deals. Sometimes putting on the brakes accomplishes more than tying the citizens to bad deals. He goes on to saying he only needs 4 votes to accomplish things. Sad really. Or brags about vetoes.

Than he goes on to throw all the mayoral candidates under the bus (because he was so great, you know) especially Greg Jamison. C’mon Mike, you are not running for office, stay out it. Please.


The ‘Agitators’ need to stop pointing out my ‘Lies’

Our Version

Full Version

Mike doesn’t disappoint as his communications manager climbs onto the softball pitcher’s mound.

Nobody is talking about the siding!


Interesting Phone Survey

I guess there has been a phone survey being conducted in Sioux Falls. Not sure what all the questions were, but it was political in nature. One of the final questions was rating Mayor Huether’s job performance.

I find it strange that someone who has said they are not running for higher office would have a poll out there about their job performance.

If I had to speculate it is one of the mayoral candidates campaigns conducting the survey, and if I had to guess who it was I would say either TenHaken or Entenman.

I personally believe Huether is chopping at the bit to endorse Entenman, and I think they want to see how the public feels about his job performance before they take that step. It also may have to do with the rumor Entenman wants to employ Mike if he wins.

Please contact me if you got the survey, I would be interested in hearing what other questions were asked.

It only took 7 years and 8 months, but Mayor Huether now supports LGBT rights

Okay, that isn’t fair. He did try to monkey around with some executive orders a few years ago. While I think it is great he signed on with this program, I will also say it is easy to support controversial social issues when you have one foot out the door. That’s Mike, always ‘Getting stuff done’.