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Sioux Falls City Council folds like a wet paper bag

At the meeting tonight the council decided that after councilor Brekke shot holes in their pay raise proposal and offered an amendment to reduce the pay raise by $30K (Proposal was $195K reduced to $165K and it is currently $130K) they voted for her amendment.

They did it, because I would assume they got an earful from constituents over the past week about how ridiculous the original proposal was. Even people I talked to over the past week that have no clue about what happens at city hall scoffed at a 30% pay increase and the fact that the mayor accosted me in the lobby of Carnegie Hall about it. Someone asked me, “What’s his deal?” I responded, “You would have to ask his chiropractor, or his pastor, I think they are one in the same.”

They passed this amendment to save face in hopes that citizens will vote for the lesser increase and they might, it certainly is more palatable.

I still reject it because little to no research was done on the original proposal and the whole thing needs to be thrown out. It was pretty freaking obvious the original proposal reflected a $1 per resident, which is something a 3rd grader would have concocted, or former Councilor Rex Rolfing.*

I’m glad it was reduced, but it was only reduced so it has a better chance of passing. I have already talked to some people with a strategy on how we will inform the public to vote this down. The council needs to go back to the drawing board.

In other news I have heard a couple things through the grapevine;

• There may be a group working on initiative to throw out Home Rule Charter in Sioux Falls. I am absolutely NOT involved, but I would be willing to support them in anyway.

• There is also talk that two more mayoral candidates may emerge. I am told both are male and Republican. I may know one of them, but uncertain who the other candidate is. I know there is a lot of frustration with Paul’s cruise control government in the business sector.

*In the past during a working session in which the council was discussing swimming pool fees, Rolfing pulled a number literally from his his behind, in which Erpenbach chewed him out about how he came up with it. She basically told him the numbers have to be based on study and research not what happens between his ass cheeks (she really didn’t say that, but she was pretty PO’d).

Why is Sioux Falls City Hall on a Security Lockdown?

Have you been to a public building in recent weeks? Minnehaha County Admin? Post Office? Library? SF School District’s IPC? Was there an armed guard greeting you when you entered? If so, did they request you make an appointment before visiting any department? Imagine if every time you had to go to the county admin office to vote early, get plates, pay taxes or register to vote you first had to make an appointment then check in with an armed guard. Sounds ludicrous, right?

Well that is what has been going on at City Hall, and not just for the mayor’s office.

While they have had an armed guard for awhile in the lobby of City Hall, now when you enter the facility they request you have an appointment in advance before going to visit any department in the (public) building or you are asked to leave.

Besides the incredible amount of unwarranted paranoia, how on earth can they tell citizens they cannot simply walk to a department’s office in a public building?

The comical irony is the person who probably requested this stupidity in the corner office is hardly there to begin with. Maybe we need to build a security fence around City Hall? Maybe we need a security detail to travel with the great one?

Mayor Poops now wants to be Senator Poops

Who says PTH can’t handle leadership? In 11 short minutes he lays it on thick of what he would do if he were Senator on the Belfrage show today. He said if he was a senator he could NOT support the Build Back Better plan because the money isn’t being appropriated correctly and will only increase inflation. This coming from a guy who spends tax dollars and covid money on TIF rebates for low wage egg roll factories, parking ramps, condos, butterflies, tennis courts, ice rinks and seating for a private non-profit movie theater all the while asking for a 30% raise. Yeah, what a fiscal conservative!

He also says that we need more childcare in Sioux Falls, But look what is in that evil BBB Bill;

The bill directs money to providing free universal preschool for all three and four year olds, which the White House has dubbed the largest expansion in education programs since the creation of public high school.

He also complains that businesses can’t just keep giving raises to compete for workforce claiming that is unsustainable and calls it ‘wage inflation’. Ok, Mayor Tightwad, what’s next, an $10 an hour work mandate? When wages go up, those workers spend more money which equals a better local economy unlike the businesses who employee these folks sending the profits back to communist countries tax free and never circulating in our local economy. He really needs to stop hanging out in his garage rearranging his medals and trucker hats and needs to take a basic econ course.

In fact the bill also has solutions for affordable housing, something he can’t seem to grasp;

Increased spending on housing affordability will go towards building more than 1 million new rental and single-family homes. The bill aims to reduce cost pressures by providing rental and down payment assistance through an expanded voucher program.

It seems Poops needs to figure out how to run a city before he aspires to be Thune Jr.

Thanks Dad!

Either Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken wants to be my youth pastor, fitness instructor or my adoptive dad because he had a lot of fatherly advice for me as I left the meeting last night, to which I replied, ‘Thanks Dad!’ He sarcastically told me that I had a lot of constructive input (he purposely walked out of the meeting during my general public input and waited for me to leave the meeting in the lobby with two other tough guy city employees). While being extremely thin skinned (which I always knew) he is starting to turn into the last mayor who used to like to accost people after the meetings in the parking lot. I called him ‘Picking fights Mike’. Maybe Poops needs to look into getting a Medical MJ card so he can take something to relieve his stress?

I have often been puzzled why elected officials take criticism about policy so personal? It has nothing to do with you personally, it has to do with your policy decisions as a paid public official in that capacity. If you want to wear sneakers and have a mohawk, I really don’t care. Plow the streets and fill the potholes Converse All Star.

I think what triggered his frowny face was when I testified against raising the mayor’s salary and the salaries of the city council 30% in one year. They already get inflationary raises (you know, like the rest of us and union city employees). The argument from do nothing councilor Marshall Selfish is that the Mayor should get paid the same as the directors and he is the CEO of the city and that most CEO’s in Sioux Falls make $260K a year. That is actually the top of the scale in Sioux Falls, it averages around $140K. (The mayor makes $130K now and they want to raise it to $195K – Ironically $1 per resident – where the number really came from. How 3rd grader of them). Either way, the Mayor is NOT a CEO and should not be compared to someone running a for-profit corporation (I also pointed that out and that the directors get paid too much). I still think this will fail at the ballot box by over 60%. If the mayor doesn’t like what he makes as the mayor, maybe he can just resign and return to the private sector. He certainly isn’t doing us any favors especially when he is cocking off to constituents in the lobby of Carnegie (That’s usually a 2nd term thingy).

I was also very vocal on other issues like the attorney bounce back rule (ridiculous). This was the testimony that seemed to put Poops over the top. He stared me down for several minutes when I returned to my seat and called me some name by mouthing it at me. I couldn’t make it out but I’m sure it wasn’t GOOD JOB. I was surprised he could even do that with 12 Werther candies in his mouth. But I’m no DUMBASS, I know Poops hates public input, it seems to enrage him.

I have never understood why people run for office then get upset when citizens are critical of the jobs they are doing and wondering why they don’t get paid more. If it bothers you that much, please resign immediately and go back to the private sector where everyone stuck their nose up your ass because you signed their pay checks. In the public sector, we are your boss, not the other way around.

SIDE NOTE: A citizen who attended the meeting last night parked in an open parking spot right behind Carnegie (where they normally park for meetings at around 5:45). They told me when they parked there was NO tow away bag on the pole, but when they got to their car after the meeting the bag was there. They just drove off (no ticket on windshield) and this morning the bag was gone. This citizen spoke also at the meeting and not in a praise be god sorta way.

I also spoke during public input at the 4 PM Informational Meeting about affordable housing towards the end of the meeting.

Update: What’s Going on with the Downtown Sioux Falls Bunker Ramp Fiasco?

UPDATE: I guess the developer involved with this project has been telling people he is getting a substantial settlement. Which is odd considering he screwed this up, if anything he owes us. Either way, where will this rumored settlement come from? And will it be made public? By state law legal settlements must be public, but they could play a different game and call it something else. My suggestion is to send him a $10 gift card to Walmart and call it good, which is $9.99 to much.

Last I heard several months ago, we were in a legal pissing match with the developer who still thought they had a chance to do the (scaled back) project. Where are we with it now? No news is good news.

Some of my peeps in the media and city hall have been saying the mice have been on the wheel over the past couple of weeks . . . but don’t expect an announcement anytime soon. WTF is that supposed to mean?

Maybe on Christmas Eve Mayor Poops will announce that he is gifting the hunk of grey matter to a DeveLloydper and washing the city’s hands of it. Or maybe he will turn it into a tent city so the homeless have a place to drink and do their laundry besides the Dudley House parking lot. Or better yet, he may say it will be a part of the secret settlement of Event Center Siding, Windows on the Midco and the Administration Building’s HVAC?

Who doesn’t like a package deal?

So many underground deals and only a few weeks before 2022 to complete them. Where does Poops and his crack team of lawyers find the time? I take it back, he really deserves a 30% raise 🙁 He better hurry though before the city council fires them all.

Someone from the Sioux Falls Media finally covers the Chaos at the Dudley House

Another Broken Poops Promise, when he was running for Mayor he said he would close the Dudley House because he would eliminate homelessness in Sioux Falls. That reminds me of the time I said I would not get drunk on St. Patty’s then 20 minutes later I was finishing my 3rd Irish Car bomb (they are very delicious).

The Argus finally did a story about it, the day they shut off the presses and made it only for online subscribers which is an intriguing editing decision from the braintrust running that joint.

What is that saying about a bear in the woods?

While it is an interesting story (that no one will see or read), this part literally had me fall out of my chair;

Since 2017, failure to vacate has been the top call to police near Eighth Street and Indiana Avenue. Thus far in 2021, it’s accounted for 20% of the 531 criminal reports taken by the police, according to data collected by the Argus Leader.

Maybe I am reading that wrong (I hope I am) but ONE intersection in this city accounts for 20% of the city’s criminal calls and reports in the entire city!? WTF!?

As I have said in the past, there is NO one solution, but in order to have a solution people need to put their heads together. That means people who live in the neighborhood, the businesses, the SFPD the City Council, churches and many others. When is the City Council and Mayor (you know, the supposed leaders of this town who drive autonomous vehicles thru Tuesday night meetings) going to call on a task force to be put together and have aggressive public meetings to combat this? A vigorous open public discussion with the community could put some solutions in motion. Blaming Covid for the problem or as Police Chief Thumbs did the ‘neighborhood’ area just doesn’t cut it.

Of course, you will see little to no action, even though I do know that some councilors and patrol officers do want solutions, but who has time for 8th & Indiana when we have Blizzards to hand out at Dairy Queen?

Mayor TenHaken: Broken Promises

The above video from March 20, 2018 when Paul was running for his 1st term talks about transparency. While he tells us all the things he will do as mayor, he has done the exact opposite;

• Put city hall under lock and key with security officers

• Moved public input to the back of the meeting, and broke the tie to make sure it went through

• Stopped communicating to certain councilors all together and presents policy on FB before even alerting the Council

• Has given no explanation for why several directors have disappeared

We will be visiting more of these ‘Past Poops’ declarations and how he has done the exact opposite during his administration.

This next video is about workforce development, March 29, 2018. While Poops doesn’t see into the looking glass when it comes to multiple low wage employers coming to Sioux Falls without providing the needed workforce or housing, he does break some more campaign promises;

• Doesn’t fund the Skatepark 100% through the parks department even though it sits on city property and will be maintained by the city, they are still out having bake sales to hit their goal

• Public transit is at an all time low with a failed on-demand ride program that he NEVER even talks about anymore

• Fails to get the Piggy Poop Plant to protect workers during Covid which causes the largest outbreak of Covid in the nation . . . so much with working with employers

More empty promises from our Cruise Control Mayor.

UPDATE: Does a Specialist Doctor have the time to Serve on the Sioux Falls City Council?

UPDATE: I found Cole’s boilerplate website. After the 5 minute read, I’m really not sure how Cole would be much different than what we currently have on the council. She does belong to a book club though.

As someone joked to me, “Don’t you know we need someone from both hospitals on the council now since we have a banker from Sioux Falls #1 Bank.”

Unfortunately, their joke will probably come true.

This week a Specialist Doctor in Sioux Falls announced they are running for city council and while I could comment on several fronts why they don’t qualify, I am mostly concerned about their time constraints. As I have been told by peeps in the medical field, they probably can rearrange their schedule to make it work, but what’s the point? This person literally has NO political foot print. I can’t even find if they have served on ANY non-profit or semi-governmental boards in the community.

It is however pretty obvious why someone with such a busy schedule was ‘picked’ by the golden team, because they would make an excellent rubber stamper who would never question the mayor’s agenda and quickly move stuff along and get home in time for bedtime stories.

While I agree we need all walks of life serving on the council, I would much more prefer to see more piano teachers than specialist doctors. Representation of the common Jill and Joe on the council has almost disappeared and that is because of the enormous amount of money poured into these races by the SD GOP and Developers in this community and the Rah Rah Taupeville Churchies. It would be impossible to compete with the kind of money this candidate will raise. The only hope is the incumbent in the race (Janet Brekke) can ride into a second term based on her incumbency and solid voting record of mostly supporting the council agenda over the past 4 years while fighting for more transparency, legal clarity and long term planning.

While I commend this person for wanting to serve, I question if they even have seen a council meeting or know how city government works and that is exactly who the cruise controllers want.

Mayor TenHaken continues to push the false narrative of Med MJ being dangerous

In a recent email Mayor Poops told the council this;


Sharing this task force report as an FYI – very relevant info on ND, IA, and MO. This is important data to be familiar with for if/when we move into the recreational realm.

The message was sent a couple of days ago after the SD Supreme Court decision that told voters to GFY. Does he know something I we don’t know? Also, one councilor told me this was the first time since Poops has been in office that he sent the council any thoughts on policy. I breezed thru the (slanted) 82 page report that contradicts itself on many levels. But this sentence stood out to me;

• Marijuana represented 89 percent of the total drug weight seized by Midwest HIDTA enforcement initiatives in 2020.

Well, doesn’t that tell you something? STOP SEIZING IT AND FOCUS ON OTHER CRIMES!

The whole point of the report is that illegal cannabis use went up after the legalization of Med MJ in these states. That you should also tell you the same thing, make it legal for every adult.

Besides the beneficial tax revenue we would gain from Rec MJ there is the millions upon millions we would save in justice costs. I couldn’t find any references to that in the report, just that more people are using Medical Cannabis after legalization. Shocker, I know.

The Zoo & Butterfly House are considering a merger

When I saw this press conference yesterday I was confused about this possible merger, Thanks to SF Bizzo for some clarification;

The Butterfly House & Aquarium and Great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum of Natural History might be joining forces.

The boards of both organizations have approved entering formal discussions to determine whether it makes sense to combine.

A joint exploration committee will be working with a consultant to determine whether to recommend the organizations combine. The process was endorsed by Mayor Paul TenHaken, who held a joint announcement with the organizations today at City Hall.

The mayor can endorse this all he wants, but it is the city council that will have final approval. A city councilor told me today that they were not informed about this consideration until last week. However, I do think it is worth exploring and would be a good match. But I do have some questions.

What is the financial strength of the Butterfly House? Are they just struggling so they saw this as an opportunity for a tax payer bailout? What is the financial strength of the Zoo? How about exploring another option like merging and becoming a private non-profit all together and have the Zoo lease land from the city and let taxpayers off the hook?

I have heard since they terminated Ms. Whalen things haven’t been going as well (though the employees may be happier). Why is it that the first option is the taxpayers bailing both of them out? Why create this monster and take on more Capital Improvement Debt? Also, like the Pavilion and Events Center, while we all subsidize the venues with our 2nd and 3rd pennies, we still have to pay to walk through the doors. What percentage of people who pay taxes in Sioux Falls can afford to pay admission at the zoo or even go there? Should we be subsidizing the place?

While this needs a lot more studying, I suggest the City Council get involved and have the consultant look at them merging and become a Private Non-Profit. It’s time we start spending tax dollars on infrastructure instead of bears and butterflies.