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Mayor TenHaken’s April Fool’s Joke

During Poops regularly scheduled monthly appearance* on the Belfrage show he said that just because your appraised value of your home may go up 18% that doesn’t mean your taxes will go up that much. This is true. But what he said next must have been his sad attempt at an April’s Fool’s joke. He proceeded to say that some people’s taxes may go down. Hilarious stuff. The only case where this could even be true is if you move into a special category next year that would qualify you for a tax reduction (senior, disabled veteran, etc.). The only entities in Sioux Falls that are getting (massive) tax breaks are the welfare queen Tifilicious developers and we are all paying higher taxes because of it. My taxes going down . . . my ass!

*This was Greg’s BS excuse to not make it sound like a FREE campaign advert.

Even if Amendment A fails the Sioux Falls mayor will still get a $10K raise next year

While most people have been chuckling behind the scenes about Poops endorsement of a NO vote on Amendment A (A $165K salary) he would still get a significant raise next year. If you base it on inflation of 7.5% his raise would be $10,312 which would bring him to $148,112 for 2023.

This is why we have consistently kept the inflation/deflation index for the mayor and council’s salaries, because it works.

Mayor TenHaken says to vote NO on his salary increase

Here is the ‘reason’ he is giving;

For Charter Amendment A, which would raise the mayor’s and City Councilors salaries, I am voting NO on this issue. During a time of record inflation and extremely tightened budgets for families across our community and country, paying our mayor and City Council members more is not warranted or timely.

While he is absolutely correct and probably the reason most voters will be voting NO, this is purely political. He knows damn well that this will fail and now with his endorsement of failure it will probably go down in the upper 70 percentile range. It’s easier to admit failure in advance then to ask for forgiveness in the future. Well played Poops.

Some have speculated this was cooked up by Councilor Marshmellow Selfish and the mayor had little to do with it, but I do know they are close, so I have trouble believing it.

I also find it ironic that he doesn’t think he deserves a raise right after giving $2.5 million in bonuses to city employees, before an election, then receiving union endorsements. So which is Poops?

He also endorses his hand picked candidates (probably would have been weird to hand pick puppets and endorse their opponents). They are clearly selections / recruits. In order to endorse someone you would usually at least have a conversation with the other choices. Many people have told me Poops recruited Sarah Cole because her kids attend the same school as his and that is where they met. We know image matters more to Paul than substance, so it makes sense.

While commenters rail on him about it being inappropriate, which a personally agree, when it comes to the 1st Amendment, Poops has the constitutional right to publicly endorse whoever he wants to, if it makes him look like a jerk, oh well – ethics and integrity really are not tools in his toolbox.

I think this comment from candidate Pam Cole sums it up;

This is Pam Cole and I’m running for At Large B. I bring local and state level policy building experience to the council as a former school board member and state senator. I’m a community builder and leader of policy driven equitable solutions. What on earth are you doing, mayor TenHaken by getting involved in this way? You have refused to meet with me since January 10th. I have given you my card twice…(thanked you for your service while doing so), I’ve filled out the online meeting request form as you suggested, emailed your assistant Julie, given my card to Erika Beck, and other members of your staff, and I stopped in your office in person. You don’t know me, you don’t know my abilities and the heart I have for people. You refuse to meet with me, even though we may get to work together for the greater good of ALL the people in this community. Please go to www.coleforcouncil.com or call me at 605-695-1996 or email me at pam@colefor council for more information, everyone! I WILL MEET with YOU!!
Here’s who you get with Rich Merkouris: someone that left an ELCA Church (as associate pastor) and started his OWN CHURCH. after the national ELCA decided it is OK that pastors are gay. (I’m an active member of Spirit of Joy ELCA Lutheran in Sioux Falls) And, Rich’s position as President of Kingdom Capital Fund garners him $75,000 (as per IRS.gov) to dispense hundreds of thousands of dollars OUT OF STATE activities that attempt to reprogram people such as anti-gay radio personality Dawson McAllister. 260194811_201912_990_2021040517880016.pdf (irs.gov)
Being an authentic Christian means acceptance of others. Please speak truth about us as candidates. Meet with me. Get to know me. My ability to accept others their religions, their color, their sexual orientation, their social and financial status, that is what we NEED for our City. Not judgment, not control. Open hearted care and conviction of everyone’s right to make more of themselves. I CHALLENGE everyone on this post to seek out information. PLEASE call or email me. I’m here for you. 605-695-1996. pam@coleforcouncil.com
And, I urge you to VOTE EARLY. This post may solidify your support of those the mayor mentions. That is fine; please go vote for them. If it causes you to question an imbalance of power, then please vote for me. I am ready to serve you and this city.
KnowThyNeighbor.org: Top 40 Radios Stations Nationwide Including Kiss 108 in Boston Promoting Ex-Gay Movement, Exodus International (blogs.com)

Tappin’ Dat Vote!

While I will admit the image is clever, I feel like I am missing the joke . . .

UPDATE: But the Sioux Falls City Employee Bonuses were NOT a political bribe

UPDATE: I guess the SF Police Union endorsed Poops also. This is no surprise that both unions endorsed him . . . they know who they will be negotiating with over the next 4 years and it would be a very bad political calculation to endorse one of his opponents when they know they are probably not going to win. But I would be curious how many of these city employees will either NOT vote (because they are not registered, don’t care or don’t live here) or will vote for one of his opponents. This is just political theatre and little else.

I know, I am as shocked as you . . . not!

The membership of Local 519 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees has overwhelmingly voted to endorse Paul TenHaken for his re-election bid for Mayor of Sioux Falls.

During the Mayor’s tenure in office, he has prioritized the needs of the workers of the city of Sioux Falls, and the general membership of Local 519 believes that he will continue to put the needs of the hardworking public servants of the city at utmost priority.

Local 519 President Jason Ness said, “We have enjoyed a good working relationship with the Mayor’s office through many rounds of contract negotiations and we appreciate the Mayor’s desire to ensure that the employees of the city of Sioux Falls are paid appropriately and are treated with respect while they do the difficult work of keeping the city running.”

The labor movement is strong in Sioux Falls, and Local 519 looks forward to a continued healthy labor management relationship with Mayor TenHaken.

Just because you say something doesn’t make it so

I used to say this when the last mayor would make ridiculous statements like this;

But this is NOT from the last mayor, it is from the current one. It’s one of the several statements he released today in his 2nd term manifesto. I’m not going to link it, you can look for it if you want to read this rambling piece of trash of broken cruise control government promises.

Just look where he rates transparency (even if he pretends to be concerned) #8 out of #12 (at least it is ahead of affordable housing (I guess he dropped the accessible monicker).

The core of any strong relationship is openness and honesty. Once either of those come into question, a relationship starts to lose trust.

He made this promise in 2018 and over the past 4 years he has proven that the trust in government has faltered because he did NOT follow his own promise. He has kept information not only from the public, but from the council, he has shut down city hall and has it guarded by armed security officers. He has frequently concocted policy in secret meetings. He has refused to do several on camera interviews with the media only to have his staffers release vague statements and when he does have a press conference he tells us, ‘I didn’t sign up for this’. He has driven public input to the end of the meetings while leaving the 3 minute compromise in place;

I’ve worked very hard to improve the decorum and pace of City Council meetings while still expanding public input opportunities. Our meetings today are much more efficient in conducting the business of the city and bringing a professionalism that was previously beginning to wane.

I was unaware that government interaction with citizens is supposed to be efficient and pleasant. In fact the messier and louder the public discussion is, the more that is vetted and accomplished. Coming to a rubber stamp conclusion in total darkness is the exact opposite of open government.

Besides failing at many of his promises over the past 4 years, this is Paul’s most egregious. He is paranoid and scared of the public and views an informed citizenry as dangerous. What is dangerous is an uninformed citizenry who is consistently left in the dark. If there was ever a reason to not give this person 4 more years it would be his WAR on open and transparent government in his first term. And if you think things are dark now, you wait to see just how more closed city government will get if we don’t get a well balanced city council elected on April 12th.

Ride’ Em Cowboy

I got a call late last night from a friend who was chided into going to a country western concert fundraiser for veteran suicide prevention at the Alliance.

He said while it was a good cause and all, he got a good laugh at Poops’ speech (while wearing a cowboy hat) talking about how Sioux Falls is a drinker town and in some weird way should be celebrated, talking about how the Events Center broke a record for most beer sold at a country concert.

While there is a lot of truth to that, not sure what that has to do with suicide prevention. But hey, this is the same guy who didn’t sign up for Covid and said this is a nice town to be homeless in, you know, because of all our fine drinking opportunities.

An Unjust Ending to the Bunker Ramp Debacle

As I suspected yesterday, an announcement was made that a settlement was reached in the Bunker Ramp debacle.

But was it a good settlement for the taxpayers? Hardly.

Fortunately the only good thing to come from today’s announcement is that it is finally over and it took a mayor almost his entire first term to write a check from our bank account to a failed developer who defrauded us.

The developer(s) didn’t do it on their own, they had the help of two mayors and several former and current city councilors who have yet to apologize to us for the terrible decision they made based on fraudulent information and even obvious information that investing with this group was a bad idea.

I remember sitting in the council chambers listening to citizen (item #44) after citizen come to the podium and plead with the city council to not do this. But even after that initial approval, a second mayor had an opportunity to undue the bad decision of the last mayor and councilors.

He chose to steam ahead because the banksters and bondsters involved needed to make their buck from the bonds. We could have refused the bond and paid a fine and moved on.

Councilors Starr and Stehly tried to do just that and were scoffed at. I told Starr today if any taxpayer asks you about why this sloppy settlement was done this way all he has to say is, “I didn’t vote for it. Go talk to the councilors that did.”

But what makes this announcement even more egregious is listening to what the city attorney and mayor said about the settlement;

“For that reason, the settlement agreement includes reimbursement of $500,000 from the city of Sioux Falls to VRG for a portion of the hard costs it’s leaving on-site, and reimbursement of the $150,000 developer fee previously paid to the city,” TenHaken said.

What about the additional costs to taxpayers to seal off empty floors with cinder block since the developer never finished the project?

Also our litigations costs of $300K.

And why are we paying those costs and the cost of the settlement out of, I am assuming, the general fund? Shouldn’t it come out of the Parking Enterprise funds?

Like I said, glad this is finally kind of over with (we still need to find someone to complete it) but the way this was handled says tons and tons about how the majority of the city council and this mayor has ran this city the past four years . . . on perpetual cruise control and little else.

It’s going to be an interesting Friday in Sioux Falls

There has been a rumor floating around today that Mayor TenHaken plans to have a news conference tomorrow afternoon at around 2 PM at City Hall concerning a new development downtown.

I guess a deal has been in the works to finish off the rest of the Railroad Redevelopment site just east of the 8th and RR Building. The two proposals floating out there are workforce housing (market rate apartments) and luxury condos. I can’t tell who the competing developers are or if this is what the rumored press conference is about, but the timing of this supposed press conference is interesting considering the council suddenly posted today they are having a 1 PM working session on Friday, that has NO public agenda items except public input and they go directly into executive session. Maybe they should have just called a City Council Poetry Reading since I find it laughable they are calling a faux working session so they can be told something privately.

These folks are so sloppy.

Councilors and council staff are not allowed to tell the public what goes on during the session, but I can make some guesses. It could be about the development Poops may announce (sneakily telling council only a few minutes before he announces a proposal to the public) or it could be a settlement has been reached with the Bunker Ramp and that could be the ultimate announcement?

My head has been spinning for weeks while watching Paul pack 4 years of his do nothing term (that he didn’t sign up for) into a few weeks of getting something done. Maybe he will announce he is cancelling the election because his opponents don’t have a snowball’s chance?

At this point nothing would f’ing surprise me.

Mayor TenHaken’s SOC Address ends in a very unusual way

You won’t see it on the end of the video we downloaded (it was edited out) but as you can see from the screenshot below it had an unusual ending;

The city did eventually upload to their YouTube channel, but before that it was ONLY on FB. Bruce Danielson who owns and operates the SouthDacola YouTube channel that I link to frequently downloads from FB videos. He does NOT and never has had a FB account, so he was surprised when at the end of the SOC address video post on the City’s official FB page an ad/video for some kind of butt spray paint appears. Not sure why that happened, but it makes you wonder who uploaded the video to FB:) Was it a city employee or one of Paul’s campaign goons? And Bruce, if you are secretly looking for butt spray paint, we need to have a serious heart to heart conversation. LMFAO!


I guess I missed this in his address;

TenHaken announced he will be proposing to the Public Transit Advisory Board and City Council to make the public transit system free to kids citywide.

Hey great idea, wonder where it came from? Oh that’s right, I wrote about it here. I won’t take credit, I was alerted about this from a citizen advocate, Cathy Brechtelsbauer, and after I blogged about it I contacted Sioux Falls School Board President Cynthia Mickelson about Cathy’s idea and she started collaborating with a couple of city councilors, as far as I know they have already been trying to draw up an ordinance to do it, but like most of Poops ideas he lifts them from other people, you know like precincts, uh, I mean, report-to-work stations 🙂