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Mayor TenHaken gets partisan with latest endorsements

Yesterday I received a campaign postcard from TenHaken in which he was endorsed by former Police Chiefs Barthel and Burns.

Besides the fact the Barthel never worked for him and Burns was hired by Huether, the postcard came off very partisan;

• Stood first against a national narrative and provided proper funding and unwavering support for Sioux Falls law enforcement.

The defund the police movement had nothing to do with actually defunding police departments. It has been debunked several times. It has to do with redirecting police funds for preventive crime measures and training officers on diversity issues and better deescalation efforts. If anything it would expand police departments by adding other services and counselors.

It’s just a right-winger partisan talking point like CRT (which is actually a law-school college level course on civil rights suits). Nobody wants to defund the police, including the most vulnerable like minorities in poorer neighborhoods. And it has never been a discussion in Sioux Falls. The only thing debated is whether they should get overtime for running parades which brings us to who actually approves the funding for the SFPD, the city council NOT the mayor.

He also brags about stealing an idea from his former opponent by renaming it;

• Opened the city’s first Police Department remote report-to-work location.

C’mon Poops! You are NOT fooling anyone with all your fancy name changes. If it walks like a duck, it’s a precinct. One of the dumbest things he has ever came up with. Also, he acts like we are NY City and that the officers can’t bother themselves by checking in at the main law enforcement center. You can get anywhere in Sioux Falls in about 17 minutes max.

Does the City of Sioux Falls really have a full-time employment shortage?

When you factor in the city having well over 1,000 employees, it is hard to fathom that they have a retention and worker shortage problem. I clicked on this web ad today and out of 27 positions, only 8 are full-time and the remainder 19 are part-time.

My guess is if you are only looking to hire 8 full-time people when you have over 1,000 current employees, you are sitting pretty good as an organization. Ironically, besides more officers, that we supposedly need, and a mechanic most of the other positions are not really applicable to the service of the public when it comes to infrastructure and public safety (really the only main expenditures a city should have). Does the finance department really need another accountant (as of 2021 they had 6 in the finance department) or a Librarian (they have 9 with 40+ Librarian associates) I will agree though hiring a full-time counselor is a good idea since the current private contractor we are using has a counselor director that is a Federally convicted criminal.

I’ll say it again, the retention bonus had nothing to do with retention, it had to do with an election and a mayor who has done almost absolutely nothing for 4 years for either the citizens or the city employees and is trying to play catchup 30 days before an election.

Is it ThuneHaken or TenJohn?

Looks like Ironic Johnny has been taking fashion tips from Poops. Tie? I don’t need no stinking tie! I’m sure once Mitch sees this he will be scolded.

Don’t use kids as political props

As I said in 2010 when council candidate Vernon Brown did it;

I do not respect any politician that uses their children as political props, in fact, I consider it desperate. 

Well, at least Vern was using his own daughter. In TenHaken’s (small) defense, he was at a public school helping kids make dog treats (so he could feed his campaign goons?), nothing wrong with that . . . but to post it to your FB page where you are posting campaign endorsements? Really? I also question if the parents of these kids are aware of this (I blocked out their faces).

What I find so ironic about this is that one of Paul’s campaign goons was just bitching on his blog a few days ago about an altered headshot of a candidate? Really? What about this?

If I were the parents of these two young girls, I would demand Paul takes these photos off his FB page and remind him that kids are NOT political props.

*I am aware that Paul’s opponent, Islam, also uses her kids as props too. Nothing wrong with getting your kids involved with the political process, I encourage it, but leave them out of the promotion and advertising. It’s not cute, it’s just tacky.

Can I borrow Mayor TenHaken’s Crystal Ball?

Even though the State Legislature, at this point, has shot down funding the DSU Cyber project in Sioux Falls, it hasn’t stopped Poops from putting it on the Council’s Tuesday’s agenda for first reading (Item #43)


1. That the Mayor has certified that there are available for appropriation unassigned fund
balances carried forward from prior years or revenues in excess of those estimated in the
budget to provide funding to supplement the 2022 budget.

Oh, so he has ‘certified’ that the money is there . . . even though the council has yet to see a 2021 financial report, kind of like the $2.5 million laying around for employee bonus vote bribes.

Also notice there is NOTHING in the ordinance that says this funding shall dissolve if the state doesn’t pony up. No worries, Fortune Teller Fart Smeller Poops looks into his crystal ball and in an email to council said this;

The funding allocations are nearly complete in Pierre and, despite a small road bump this week
with House Appropriations, I am confident both funding bills in the legislature will be passed.

So now Paul somehow knows that the legislators will revisit this before the end of the session and approve the $30 million? Hey, he may be right, but if I was a betting man . . .

I still recommend that someone on the council amends the funding before the 2nd reading and inserts a clause about dissolving the funding if the state funding doesn’t materialize. And if that happens, let Denny and his banksters pay 100% for something that only really impacts their wealth and investments to begin with.

Is Candidate TenHaken using city resources to promote his race?

While there is certainly nothing wrong with having the mayor’s column on the city website, as a candidate he really should be refraining from posting a column until after the election. State law;

• SDCL 12-27-20. Expenditure of public funds to influence election outcome prohibited. The
state, an agency of the state, and the governing body of any county, municipality, or other
political subdivision of the state may not expend or permit the expenditure of public funds for the
purpose of influencing the nomination or election of any candidate, or for the petitioning of a ballot question on the ballot or the adoption or defeat of any ballot question. This section may
not be construed to limit the freedom of speech of any officer or employee of the state or any
political subdivision who is speaking in the officer’s or employee’s personal capacity. This
section does not prohibit the state, its agencies, or the governing body of any political
subdivision of the state from presenting factual information solely for the purpose of educating
the voters on a ballot question.

Paul says this in the opening line of the column;

As our community grows and new residents call Sioux Falls home, our community’s cultures, traditions, and experiences also continue to become even more vibrant.

That is an editorialized opinion of the mayor. If the column just presented statistics on diversity, I would say it was okay. Doesn’t it seem odd that all of sudden after almost 4 years on the job he seems to be embracing diversity when in 2020 when the Covid outbreak at Smithfield occurred he attributed it to poor hygiene of immigrants.

It doesn’t surprise me he continues to pretend he did something over the past 4 years besides socialist handouts to welfare developers and failed bunker ramps. In less than 40 days from an election he is suddenly concerned about diversity, affordable housing, childcare, employee bonuses and bringing in high tech cyber jobs. I would have to agree with Poops when he says he is NOT political, he has certainly shown us that during his first term he has failed as a politician.

But Poops isn’t the only one walking the fine line. Central District Candidate Jim Burzynski had a petition signing event either presented or sponsored by the All Saints Neighborhood Association. Neighborhood associations that are registered with the city and receive taxpayer grants cannot help or promote candidates. They can have forums, but all candidates must be invited.

Sioux Falls DSU Cybersecurity fails to get state funding . . . for now

As I have said ten thousand times before, when you do things in the open you have more buy in from the public. Denny Sanford, Mayor TenHaken and Governor Noem decided to cook up a deal behind closed doors and it has bit them in the butt.

Denny said he would give $50 million as long as the state ($30 million) and the city pitched in ($10 million). That didn’t happen today.

Senate Bill 54 to appropriate funds for the Dakota State University Cyber Program Expansion. House Appropriations cut the funding to $1 on a motion by Tina Mulally.  After that, they begrudgingly passed it 8-1, with Taffy Howard the lone vote no.

I have heard rumors that Mayor Poops still plans on bringing the $10 million funding forward to the council next week. The hope is if the council passes it that will get the legislature to bring back the funding at the end of session.


I have suggested that the council attach an amendment to the funding that they will only pitch in the $10 million IF the state changes their mind and decides to pitch in the $30 million. If the legislature fails to pass the funding before the end of session, the commitment would dissolve automatically.

Do I think this is a good project for Sioux Falls? YES. I just don’t see why we need to fund a private facility that will benefit Denny and his business partners. I also don’t believe the absolute BS that this will create 500, $100K a year jobs permanently in Sioux Falls. It may over a decade create that many jobs, but they will all not be in Sioux Falls.

I believe councilors must submit amendments by tomorrow before the agenda posts, I think they can also do it before 2nd reading. Hopefully at least 2 of them grow a brain and offer the amendment, or better yet, kill it all together.

Mayor TenHaken Tweets campaign commercials while chairing the City Council meeting tonight

As you can see while the council meeting is going on (7:24 PM) the mayor is tweeting campaign commercials on his twitter page. Not only is this during a city council meeting he is chairing it is during the discussion of employee bonuses.


This reminds me a little of when councilor Knudson was watching the Olympics during a meeting, but what makes this even more egregious is it is the chair of the meeting during a discussion on bonuses for city employees.

I guess you could argue he can multi-task, a candidate for office should not be promoting his candidacy during an official meeting we are paying him to chair.

Can anyone say unethical?

Mayor TenHaken says Sioux Falls is a nice place to live, work, play & be homeless

Don’t take my word for it;

“There’s no good way to say this, but we are a nice community to be homeless in,” he said. By that, he means that our social service agencies such as The Banquet and Bishop Dudley Hospitality House are strong, well-run organizations. The churches in Sioux Falls are financially stable. The people are generous.

I become less surprised each time Poops tells us exactly what he thinks. First he didn’t sign up for the job, then he thinks candidates are jealous of him when he uses inside information to benefit his campaign, then he is angry about alleged pervert cops now he acts like living homeless in Sioux Falls is the lap of luxury.

It is amazing how incredibly tone deaf our mayor is. He has NO clue of the amount of slum housing and poverty we have in this city, and he doesn’t seem to care, as long as the non-profits take care of it for us.

The city has the resources to make public transit, employment and housing better, but they live in the shiny glass house on the hill and wish the minions below the best of luck.

Many of our issues with food insecurity, housing, addiction and employment could be simply fixed by seeking higher wage employers to which Poops response is ‘we can’t continue this wage inflation, it’s not sustainable.’ But I guess we can continue to allow non-profits to bail out the poor?

UPDATE II: KELO AM turns into the ‘State Media’ for Mayor TenHaken on Thursday

UPDATE II: As I suspected this was not a paid for commercial. Not once in the two hour event in which the mayor talked a lot about the city did he say it was paid for by his campaign. This means his 2 opponents can and should ask for free and equal time.

UPDATE: It looks like there is a little rule that needs to be followed here;

The equal-time rule specifies that American radio and television broadcast stations must provide an equivalent opportunity to any opposing political candidates who request it. This means, for example, that if a station gives a given amount of time to a candidate in prime time, it must do the same for another candidate who requests it, at the same price if applicable.

I suggest other candidates ask the station for equal time.

I also see now the State of the City Address is being billed as an RSVP event;

Join Mayor Paul TenHaken for the 2022 State of the City Address. The event also will feature a panel discussion with youth leaders from the 2021-22 Mayor’s Youth Council on the future of our community.

Advance registration is required; seating is limited.

8-9 a.m. Wednesday, March 16

Doors open at 7:30 a.m. Breakfast is included with registration.

Event is free and open to the public. RSVP by March 4, 2022.

Seating is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. The address is also available to view via livestream on the City of Sioux Falls’ Facebook page.

I have NEVER heard of a public event like a public meeting being a RSVP event, especially in a facility owned by taxpayers (Convention Center). I am also curious who is paying for the breakfast? The tickets appear to be FREE. This looks like a campaign event funded by the taxpayers. Unbelievable!

Section 3.03  Mayor’s duties and responsibility.  

The mayor shall, at the beginning of each calendar year, and may at other times give the council information as to the affairs of the city and recommend measures considered necessary and desirable. The mayor shall preside at meetings of the council, represent the city in intergovernmental relationships, appoint with the advice and consent of the council the members of the citizen advisory boards and commissions, present an annual state of the city message, and perform other duties specified by the council and by article III. The mayor shall be recognized as head of the city government for all ceremonial purposes and by the governor for purposes of military law.

Imagine me NOT being surprised when the morning host on 1320 AM, Belfrage, announces this morning that on Thursday between 7-9 AM, Mayor Poops will be able to have a 2-Hour campaign commercial on the station.

I will have to give the mayor’s campaign folks props, who wouldn’t want what appears to be a FREE 2-hour commercial?

But what is surprising is a station that constantly bitches about the supposed ‘state media’ they just turned into the propaganda wing for city hall. Maybe they will give Poops more awards during the show.