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I first posted this cartoon on my other blog on November 9, 2006.

Somethings never change. Maybe they will get it this time.

The Campbells slam Vote Yes for for Life

Not sure if you saw the half-page ad the Campbell family put out in the Gargoyle Leader yesterday, but worth the read.

I like the third paragraph, which pretty much sums up the VYFL campaign;

We’ve fallen prey to the Vote Yes for Life tactics of personal attacks, intimidation, and name calling which has become the trademark in dealing with those who share life experiences that cause some undecided voters to question the merits of the Vote Yes for Life position.

Same old, lying, cheating, money laundering campaign as in 2006. They say abortion is a question of one’s morality, I think they need to take a long, hard look in the mirror and question their own morality.

Debates on Measure 10 & 11

Will be re-broadcast on SD Public TV tommorrow (Sunday) at 1 PM.

Highlights from the debates are when Dr.(?) Backcracker Allen Unruh puts on his best Bill O’ Reilly of Abortion impression and Dena from Yes on 10 winks at us, and her opponent, ironically has to admit he is a paid lobbyist. (Surprised he isn’t working for the McLame campaign.)

Impatient Anti-choicer wants to be heard

I moderate my comments on here and on KELO, so they go to my email first before I release them, but apparently that wasn’t fast enough for this guy, so he emailed to me.

Care to post the comment I submitted earlier today in rebuttal to your im11 cartoon or will that throw your left-wing agenda too far off course?

Another same old, same old argument from the anti-choice side:

The only thing wrong with Initiated Measure 11 is that is devalues the life of a child conceived of rape or incest.  By including exceptions in the initiated measure for rape and incest, it conveys the idea that a child has to be born of perfect health and perfect circumstance to be deemed worthy of life.

What most pro-choice supporters still don’t understand about most pro-life supporters is that we are not trying to make life difficult for the mother by denying her easy and open access to an abortion; rather, we are trying to preserve the right of the unborn child to have life.

If a mother does not want to keep a child born of rape or incest, there are plenty of organizations willing to help her (both financially and emotionally) to bring the child to full term and delivery so that the child can be adopted by someone who will appreciate the child regardless of the way in which it was conceived.

Rape and incest are horrible acts inflicted upon a mother.  The offenders, if identified, should be the locked up for life and made to pay for their offense.  The innocent unborn child however, should not be recipient of the punishment.  The child is innocent of the crime.

The mother is innocent of the crime as well.  She didn’t ask to be raped or victimized.  However, when she chooses to have an abortion rather than to carry her child to a full-term delivery, she falls into the cycle of abuse.  There is no healing from abuse.

If you look at a 2-year-old on the street, could you readily identify that child as being born of rape or incest if that was the case?  Would the child have a scarlet ‘R’ or ‘I’ emblazened on his or her forehead?  Of course not.  The child, in a nurturing environment, would be like any other 2-year-old.  Would anyone warrant the killing of that child once he or she was identified as a rape or incest kid?  Of course not.  Because, at 2-years-old, we can see that the child is a living breathing child with potential.  Back up two years to the birth of the same child.  He or she is lying in mom’s arms just after coming into the ‘outside’ world for the first time.  Eyes are open, purple skin is taking on color, there might even be a smile looking back at the strange yet familiar lady holding him or her.  Does that child have a scarlet ‘R’ or ‘I’ emblazened on his or her forehead?  Would anyone warrant the killing of that newborn child once he or she was identified as a rape or incest kid?  Of course not.

Back up four months previous to the birth of the same child.  He or she is lying in mom’s womb just waiting to arrive into this world.  He or she has no knowledge of having been conceived or rape or incest.  He or she has a beating heart just like a child conceived by a ‘normal’ married couple.  He or she has a brain just like that of a child conceived by ‘normal’ means.  The child is a whole living being complete with arms, legs, toes and fingers.  The child can distinguish mom’s voice from another and is near or at the point of viability if it were to arrive into the world a bit earlier than planned.

What’s the main difference between the child at 5 months old on the inside of mom’s womb vs the child just born into the world and lying in mom’s arms or in the arms of a loving adoptive parent…?

…one is going to have a chance at life while the other is about to have his or her body parts pulled out one by one by an abortion doctor who’s going to be $700 richer in about 15 minutes…

Scott M.

Your SS# lets out all kinds of skeletons

Do you want SD state government nosing around in your medical records?

An image of the 14th Amendment guaranteeing citizens the right to privacy

When the public has very little access to public records ourselves?

Leach and Dr. Marvin Buehner, a Rapid City opponent of the ban, said the law effectively would ban all abortions. Doctors would choose not to provide that care rather than face possible criminal charges and second-guessing of their medical decisions.

Buehner says that while the name of a patient might be blocked out in records submitted to the state, the initiative says nothing about redacting other identifying information, such as Social Security numbers, addresses or dates of birth.

“It would put government in the examining room while threatening severe criminal penalties,” he said.

If they have your Social Security number and DOB what’s the difference if they have your name or not? Same freaking thing as far as I am concerned.

The Anti-Choice Freaks are descending on our town

I saw a vehicle from this group driving around Downtown yesterday. Nice shirt.


Donate money to charities – yeah right. What the Alpha Center.

Vote Yes on 11 has until 5 PM today to follow campaign finance laws

I guess these guys will never learn. Save the babies by breaking laws. Of course they try a diversion tactic by claiming voter fraud by SD Healthy Families (even though no one has voted yet).

Kelo-TV’s version

Argus Leader version;

The Campaign for Healthy Families said in a written statement that it complained to Secretary of State Chris Nelson that the side favoring the abortion ban – VoteYesForLife.com – has received 19 anonymous contributions, or contributions from donors without listed addresses, totaling about $11,500. The letter, signed by Jan Nicolay, co-chair of the ban opponents’ committee, said the contributions violate campaign finance laws.

What’s dumber then Measure 11?

Their ad campaign that shows fully grown BORN babies on their yard signs.