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Seems Dems care more about business freedoms then Repugs do

Doubt it. It probably has more to do with working class smokers being Dems. Not sure.

See all the polling questions and when they will be released.

How long have we been talking about a smoking ban? I think this toon I did in 2007 sez it all

What pisses me off is that it has taken over 3 years to enact the inevitable because a few bone-headed bar and VL casino owners cried and cried.

NO on 12 have some pretty piss poor claims

I got this mailer yesterday and had to laugh. I didn’t scan all of it because some of it was so ridiculous it wasn’t even worth my time to debate. But here is some of it.

1) So what? This isn’t about people who smoke, if they want to harm themselves, who cares, this is about the health of non-smokers.

2) LMAO! Which bars are you talking about? They don’t exist.

3) It is perfectly legal for you to allow mold to grow on your plates in your sink and eat off those moldy plates to. This is about regulating private business, not controlling what they can do. Last I checked bars sell alcohol not smoke. No ‘Rights’ are being taken away.

So how many of these states already had a state income tax BEFORE the ban? Not sure, but I would guess all of them did. This is clearly a scare tactic, and frankly, a ridiculous statement.

So that is what we fought for? Our right to smoke in a bar? WOW! I feel like a total ass, I thought we fought for a democracy that allows voters to decide what freedoms are best for our country.