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Mitchell, SD pays a third of what we did for their Indoor Aquatic Center

Okay, for disclosure reasons their pool is a little bit smaller (not by much) and they were wise enough to attach it to another public facility (what a concept), a rec center;

MSH said construction costs are below the project’s total budget and construction is on schedule for a mid-June opening.

Under budget!? The only time we have heard that in Sioux Falls is when the mayor decided to put tin foil on the Denty. Not only are they paying a third what we are for the building, the operating costs are estimated at $400K a year (and the citizens freaked when that estimate jumped from $225K). Our operating costs are at $1.4 million a year with a $400K deficit.

So now we have Watertown and Mitchell for examples. Why are we paying double to 3x more for our public facilities in Sioux Falls than in these other smaller South Dakota cities and getting less? Somebody is getting rich from building public facilities in Sioux Falls, and it isn’t the taxpayer.

Mitchell recalling mayor for being a Drunk A-Hole

Geez, if this is all it takes . . .

“Since election, Mayor Toomey has exhibited GROSS INCOMPETENCE to fulfill the duties and obligation of the office of mayor and/or his display habitual intoxication or DRUNKENESS which deems him unfit for the office and subject to removal.”

. . we could have recalled our mayor on a whole host of things, but mostly the lying, the lying and the lying.

Mitchell Mayor Freaks out at Council Meeting

You think things get Harry at our council meetings, FF to 26:20 in this meeting (Feb 6, 2017) in Mitchell, SD

Short Summary: The forecast is bleak with no change foreseen for the SDDP

This was sent to me by a reader;

Full Report: I attended the SDDP’s E-Board and Central Committee meeting in Mitchell on Saturday (12/10/2016). I was not in the room for any Quorum count but I am sure they had a Quorum for both meetings. I counted 13 counties toward the Quorum for the Central Committee plus a number of people I didn’t recognize. Electronic attendance was allowed too, though no notice was given.

Ann Tornberg acknowledged things went badly in November but she has no intention of stepping down. She never misses an opportunity to remind listeners that she was elected to a four-year term two years ago.

The Budget was presented to the E-Board without much discussion. Niblink  congratulated the Party for having a $100,000.00 cash surplus at year-end without any material liabilities against it. The meeting then adjourned to executive session to discuss salaries. This lasted at least an hour. ( Not being an E-Board member, I toured the Discovery Museum. (Interesting Museum. I recommend it.)

Meeting reconvened. The Budget was approved without much discussion. (I learned two days later that they approved $10,000.00 in staff salary increases in executive session). (I guess this was a reward for the poor results in November Ann alluded to.)  (The SDDP has 4 staff people, three subsidized by DNC at $2500.00 per month.)

The Black Hills area was promised their own office by Ann when she was elected Chair in December 2014. A motion was made to honor this commitment but it was tabled for further study. Ann reported on the listening sessions the Party has held. She said the take away was that we need a coherent message. She plans to hold more. She also announced she would not be working for the Democratic Caucus this session but instead planned to attend County Party meetings wherever they are.

Lunch Break

Central Committee Meeting:

Was carbon copy of E-board meeting except that 1) no mention during Budget approval of staff salary increases.. 2) I pointed out that it shouldn’t be considered an accomplishment to have a $100,000.00 cash surplus at the end of an election cycle; that the SDDP was not a profit making operation but was supposed to elect Democrats to office and I suggested that such a balance is evidence of poor planning. Staff responded that Republicans have a $300,000.00 surplus and that the SDDP didn’t spend the money because it wasn’t budgeted for. Someone then suggested perhaps they should have a process to approve spending when the SDDP has more cash than they budgeted for.

3) New Budget has projected a surplus of $56,000.00. So I asked if I was correct in understanding that the $100,000.00 surplus and the $56,000.00 surplus projected for 2017 meant the SDDP would end up with a $156,000.00 surplus at the end of next year. I was told this was correct. A discussion then followed about setting aside money for Statewide Candidates.  It was discouraged by Ann and nothing happened. 4) Then followed a discussion of the Black Hills office again with Leonard, Pennington County chair on the phone obviously pushing hard for a commitment. Tom Katus had a written proposal from Joe Lowe which was handed out. Finally, a motion was adopted  “To commit to a study of the proposal and report back at the next meeting” (probably in February).


Oh! And Tom Cool never missed an opportunity to remind the group that the squares on the Party’s organizational chart have been assigned responsibilities which they need to perform. Or else.

Corn Palace Days has a great exhibit

Click to enlarge


Funny how Mitchell, SD figured out how to fund an indoor pool with private funds


Hey, Mr. Business Acumen, Mayor Huether, see something in the above numbers that make sense?

Funny how the Mitchell aquatics club was able to donate a million, while Snowfox in Sioux Falls raised enough money to pay a consultant and print some t-shirts.

I wasn’t against an indoor pool, but we should have partnered with the Sanford Sports complex to build it out there.

Should the city of Mitchell should be concerned?

It seems the city of Mitchell used a familiar contractor we all nicknamed here in Sioux Falls as ‘The Oil-Canner’;

The Corn Palace renovation, which was expected to be completed in early April, still must finalize several aspects. Ellwein said the floor should be completed in June, the sign by July and the mural that will be seen upon entering the building will be finished in the next two weeks.

The Corn Palace domes have not yet been deemed suitable to stand up to South Dakota’s harsh winds and heavy snowfalls. MG McGrath, a Minnesota-based contractor hired to build and install the domes, was asked by the city to re-evaluate the domes’ sustainability against typical Mitchell weather. This request was made after wind led to visible shaking of some parts of the domes.

“We don’t want those domes to be installed until we have verification from both their engineering firm and ours that they’re going to do what they say they’re going to do,” Ellwein said.

Good old MG McGrath, you know the contractor that ‘oil canned’ the siding job on our events center with visible holes and ripples (they did the same thing to the Pinnacle in Lincoln, NE). Then they went and blamed a contractor that didn’t even do the work.

A word of advice to the City of Mitchell, you should be a little concerned.

Trail King clueless about a 99.99% worker turnover

Wow, when I read this story, the first thing I thought is how things haven’t changed in 24 years, literally.

They seem to think it is an employee problem, seems to be an employer problem. Reading comments on FB, I hear the same complaints I heard 24 years ago from one of my friends that worked there, NO air conditioning or ventilation for the welders. He was hardly a slacker, he was a hard working farm kid who was a very talented welder and loved doing it, but when you can’t breathe doing your job, it’s time to hit the road. I think he lasted about 15-30 days.

I applaud the Argus and Steve Young for doing this story, it will blow up in Trail King’s face, and they might finally realize that treating your employees like oxen instead of humans will eventually catch up with you.

Remember this is the same company who took state tax dollars to recruit workers. It’s time for all former employees to speak out and tell the governor and the CEO of the company that we have had enough of this less then human treatment from employers.

Mitchell, SD to tackle the chicken debate


Hopefully they can come up with an answer quicker then our brain-trust chicken committee did in Sioux Falls;

Mitchell’s City Council is weighing whether to allow residents to raise chickens in backyards.

Peggy Miiller asked council members this week to consider the idea, and they agreed to discuss it further at their next meeting on Feb. 16.

A current city ordinance bans ducks, geese, chickens and other domestic fowl from within 100 feet of occupied buildings and all residential areas of the city.

And remember, rabbits are pets and food (but not at the same time.)

This makes me sad

Saw this story tonight on Stormland TV and it made me a little teary eyed. Growing up in Parkston, which is a mere 20+ miles from Mitchell, I have seen a lot of movies at the Starlite in my day. I hope the community comes together and raises money for a loan or grant to save the outdoor movie theatre.