Oh shit! I have to run against Steffy again?!

Had to chuckle;

In a following question, NBP asked South Dakotans whom they would vote for “today” in an election between incumbent Noem and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin.  Herseth Sandlin, who was narrowly defeated by Noem (48% to 46%) in the 2010 general election, wins handily today, with 58% support to Noem’s 37%. 5% are undecided.

Of course it didn’t take the Dems long to jump all over this;

“Voters don’t have a case of buyer’s remorse,” says Ben Nesselhuf, Chairman of the South Dakota Democratic Party. “They have a full blown case of buyer’s depression.”

I voted for Thomas Marking and got accused last night of ‘throwing’ the election for SHS by a former SD politico. I won’t name names, but I did tell him that he was wrong. I told him that most people who supported Marking were libertarian and conservative in nature and would have more likely voted for Noem.

Besides, if Steffy was such a great congressperson she should have been able to squeak by Noem easily. Steffy, think big hair and hoop earrings.

After reading the budget address story in the Gargoyle Leader, I dove into a tiny little article buried on page 9A and not available online (that’s where the Liberal media puts their important stories I guess) the article detailed how Dems have been after Marion M. Rounds for three years about limiting the growth of State Government (you know, all those unneeded no-bid contracts to friends and family he has secretly deguised as FTE’s), but as usual, Mike refuses to listen to anyone but his inner greed and arrogance;

For three years, Democrats have tried to hold state government to the 3 percent budget increases allowed schools and counties, and we couldn’t get support,” said Dem Ben Nesselhuf of Vermillion, “If we’d been doing that for three years, maybe we’d have money.”

Democratic Rep. Bernie Hunhuff of Yankton also voiced concern about the property tax increase;

It could sow the seeds for another property tax revolt, and we don’t want that.

Get out the pitchforks and torches I guess.

I think Minority leader Scott Heidepriem of Sioux Falls, District 13, where I live, said it best when he called the governor’s budget “Cynical”

I guess I wouldn’t have had a problem with expanding state government if government services have become better, in fact they are either the same or worse since Rounds has taken office. Just look at the vehicle registration fiasco. So where did the millions go? This is about helping friends out, and now that he has broken the bank, he continues his state of denial and promises more cuts to education, salaries and road construction while failing to put his hand out to our new president who vows to ramp up infrastructure and domestic spending. Once again SD Republican leaders have proven the best way to fix problems is to tax and spend instead of making cuts.