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Keep government out of the bedroom (H/T – DDC)

Daschle back in the game? Probably not.

Tommy D’s being floated around again to replace Rahm Emanuel as Obama’s Chief of Staff;

Graybeards: The name of Tom Daschle has been floated, largely because he still carries enormous respect and clout inside Washington. And don’t forget that Daschle still has deep ties to Obama, dating back to the days when he was the first powerful national Democrat to really push Obama to run for president in the first place.

But many top Democrats are privately shooting down the prospect of Daschle becoming chief of staff, especially given the fact that his nomination to be secretary of health and human services crashed and burned over tax issues that would have made Senate confirmation bumpy if not impossible.

I think Valerie Jarrett will get the spot. Often described as one of Obama’s ‘best friends’.

South DaCola Classic toon of the day

Obama needs to make good on his 2007 promise

How’s that Hopey Changey thingy workin’ out for yah?

‘It’s a big F’ing Meal’

This is great video of the correspondents’ dinner last night.

President Obortion?

I see Cow Pasture Doohickey’s t-shirt design came true


More then just a Photo-opt

Obama Fallen Soldiers

While I disagree with Obama on a ton of issues, he sometimes does things that make me say to myself, “Thank gawd GW isn’t the president anymore.” Going to Dover AF Base to meet families of fallen soldiers and saluting their service to the country was one of those things. I hope Obama’s visit to Dover ways heavily on his decision of what to do in Afghanistan. Get OUT NOW, it is not worth the price!

Wh…wh… what the FUCK?


I’m sorry, but Prez Diddy hasn’t done anything to warrant a Nobel Peace Prize. 

I can think of about 100 other more deserving candidates. What a joke. He should give it back. The NPP has now attained the credibility of other meaningless awards like the Grammy and the MTV Award for best music video.

Can you hate Racists and Obama at the same time? Red State Update.

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