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Manny Steele’s girlfriend gets booted, once and for all (H/T – Helga)

This is hilarious. Orly brings up Obama’s selective service card during the interview. Hey, Orly, if Barry isn’t a citizen, why would he have to register with selective service? BAHAHAHAHAHHA!


Dumb & Dumber (H/T – Helga)

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) posed for a picture with Birther leader and California secretary of state candidate Orly Taitz at a tea party lunch event in California Friday, Taitz tells TPM.

Taitz and Bachmann both spoke at a lunch sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots, Taitz said in an email. But Birtherism did not come up at the event, according to Taitz.

“Michelle Bachmann spoke at the lunch, however she did not talk about eligibility, but rather general status of economy, politics and elections,” Taitz says. “I spoke at the lunch, however I did not speak about ongoing legal actions involving Obama’s use of ss number 042-68-4425, which was assigned to another individual, I also did not talk about Obama’s refusal to unseal his original birth certificate, currently sealed in HI or any other issues of Obama’ illegitimacy to presidency which are raised in the pleadings. I talked only about my candidacy for the position of the Secretary of State of CA.”

Bachmann was in California for two days for a tour organized by Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum, state Eagle Forum president Orlean Koehle tells TPM. Bachmann’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Now Squirrly Titz is citing coffee house meetings to prove Obama is not a citizen? F'ing nutzo. (H/T- Helga)

порно очень молодые насилие

Taitz Alleges Judge Secretly Met With Holder — And Cites Coffee Shop Sighting To Prove It

In a 24-page filing littered with all-caps, bold, and underlined text, Birther attorney Orly Taitz is demanding that a federal judge recuse himself in a case that has morphed from a soldier’s attempt to resist Barack Obama’s orders to what Taitz sees as a prosecution of herself. голова болит секс

Taitz alleges that Judge Clay Land met with Attorney General Eric Holder, who was allegedly spotted at a small coffee shop across from Land’s courtroom in Columbus, Georgia, on the day of a Birther hearing. A strange affidavit by one Robert Douglas describes the putative sighting of Holder, sans entourage, who “probably thought he would not be recognized.”

Douglas writes:

I looked up and immediately recognized an individual entering and approaching the serving counter, due to his well know [sic] TV displayed distinguishing features: his trim upper lip mustache, not large of stature and general olive complexion.

That alleged sighting is “circumstantial evidence suggesting that, in fact Judge LAND was influenced by prior association or direct ex-parte communications with Attorney General Eric Holder, acting as agent on behalf of de facto President Obama,” Taitz writes in her motion.

Her motion for the judge to recuse himself comes, remember, after Land shot down Taitz and her Army captain client’s case alleging Barack Obama is not legitimately president. At that point, despite a warning against more frivolous filings, Taitz challenged the judge’s order. And he gave her until last Friday to explain why she shouldn’t be fined $10,000.

Which brings us to Taitz’s motion for Land, of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia, to recuse himself, and another motion asking for more time to respond to the threat of sanctions.

In the motion, which you can read in full here, Taitz, among other things:

  • Takes umbrage at judge’s use of the term Birther to describe her, noting that it is often coupled with “even more colorful epithets such as ‘batshit crazy'”
  • Says Land may be disqualified because he allegedly owns stock in Microsoft and Comcast which are “aligned both politically and economically with a key Defendant in this case” — “thede facto President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama” (emphasis hers)
  • Says Land cannot be an impartial adjudicator of whether she should be sanctioned by the court because he has “radically PREJUDGED” the facts of the Birthers’ case (caps hers)
  • Accuses Land of issuing “blitzkrieg-like rulings”
  • Compares Birther crusade to movement for desegregation, suggesting Land, whom she calls “this distinguished Southern Judge” would have been on the side of Jim Crow:

Surely this distinguished Southern Judge would have jailed Thurgood Marshall in the 1940s and ’50s for contempt when the future Supreme Court Justice repeatedly filed cases demanding on constitutional as well as social and psychological grounds the desegregation of primary and secondary public schools against well-established precedents such as Plessy v. Fergusson, 163 U.S. 537 (1896)

Finally, Tatiz asks for more time — until October 16 — to respond to his order requiring her to explain why she shouldn’t be fined $10,000. As she puts it:

The preparation of the response to this Order to Show Cause is in large part dependent upon whether the chief complaining witness, Judge Clay D. Land himself, will also serve as prosecuting attorney, judge, and jury of his complaint to impose a penalty for the undersigned attorney’s alleged misconduct in the amount of $10,000.00

SD Rep. Manny Steele attends crazy kook bag Orley Tater-Titz birther seminar in SF

I just finished watching video one of my South DaCola foot soldiers shot of Orley’s visit to Sux Falls last Saturday. I wish I knew how to compress the files, and maybe I will figure it out soon, but I can sum them up in a few sentences;

• She claims BHO is a British Citizen

• Jokes that ‘Chicago Politics’ are to blame

I’ll get more deets when I re-watch the videos (and my stomach settles).

But I was amazed that a SD state elected official showed up to this circus and publicly introduced himself as a SD lawmaker. Here is a screenshot of his shout out;


DooHickey – Titz; Birds of a Feather

No reason to ‘cartoon up’ this photo, it is funny all by itself

Orly Taitz 3

Here’s a pic I took just for the still-stuck-in-post-adolescence clowns over at South DaCola. Perhaps I’m a glutton for punishment but I thought they could use a new pic for their next cartoon of me. Enjoy.

I did have a little fun with this photo though


Crazy Nut-bag, contempt of court, birther to be speaking in Sux Falls tomorrow night – go figure

Oh, let the circus begin, It is too bad I have to work, I would love to jump up and call her a socialist-communist-secret-muslim;

On Saturday night, attorney/dentist/real estate agent Orley Taitz, one of the central players legally challenging Obama’s eligibility, is speaking in Sioux Falls at the Holiday Inn City Centre, 100 W 8th Street at 6:30 PM in the Embassy Room. If you want to go you can just show up or RSVP with Garland Peterson at gandpeterson@sio.midco.net  or call him at 605-498-3205.

She is so freaking crazy, how can’t you just laugh?