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The Super Secret ambulance plan is still Super Secret

Not sure what the plan was or what was accomplished, but here is the video. I had to screenshot the presentation because they didn’t put it in supporting documents on SIRE (not sure why). joint-aid

And people wonder why we want transparency in government.

What’s up with this?

I saw the signs going up yesterday, and took this picture today (5oth & Western). Just curious, is Paramedics Plus training their own EMS, or is this on the job/continual training after going through formal schooling and training?

Does anyone know?


CityLink Propaganda Video a Waste of time and taxdollars, just like the ambulance service

The video still doesn’t touch on the super secret pilot program. Jill Franken, REMSA, and PP act like they are going to secure Mosul;

In an effort to make a good system even better, the Sioux Falls EMS system is conducting a two-month pilot project with a goal of optimizing the use of EMS resources in the community. During this time, the EMS system will enhance the use of technology and test and increase its focus on call and scene reprioritizations as appropriate. The pilot project will end by November 30, and preliminary results will be available by the end of 2016. Goals include using mutual aid resources only when necessary and keeping fire department resources available to respond to emergency calls in their own response areas.

In other words cutting back services, but charging the same rates and taxes for ambulance and fire service.

Mayor Apology?

KELO-TV and KSFY both look like fools, let the cat fight begin!

Oh, the belly rolls I get when I watch a couple of local TV stations battle it out over a story that was missed a year ago . . . the contract with Paramedics Plus;

That’s what city officials are saying after a recent report by other local media (KELO-TV) that called into question the response time of Paramedics Plus, claiming they may not even show up.

Tuesday night, the city council was supposed to hear the annual review for Paramedics Plus, but because of the recent news story, Sioux Falls Health Director Jill Franken was forced to spend most of the meeting setting the record straight.

“I feel it’s quite disheartening actually that we are getting calls from elderly ladies who are asking about concerns that they have about whether or not the ambulance is going to respond to them because of recent miscommunication that’s been provided in the community,” said Franken.

Well, Jill, those ladies should be concerned. There has been multiple reports of of bad service in the news and at public meetings. Personally I have received emails and have had accounts of questionable billing practices.

But let’s first address a news(?) organization taking the word of a city official with no follow up with actual clients of the ambulance service. Talk about lazy, piss-poor journalism. I hope they taught you more then to read a teleprompter in journalism school with the look of concern and nicely trimmed eyebrows.

Then let’s take the news organization they are attacking. Via email I made them aware that this should have been a news story when they were picked to be our ambulance service. DaCola had a massive paper trail of the cozy relationship between the provider and the consultant that picked them. We also had accounts of ‘early negotiations’ with the provider.

No response, must have been busy chasing rain drops.

South DaCola, and my foot soldiers have been compiling evidence and interviews with clients, and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture for Paramedics Plus.

On top of that, the news organizations could at least take the obvious and make hay with it.

• All money made from the service goes to Texas, and is not recirculated in our community.

• Paramedics Plus operates with an EMT and Paramedic team, when the previous service operated with two Paramedics.

• The 12 hour shifts, sitting in a vehicle are too long.

Then there is the mutual agreements and the non-emergency transfers that I won’t even go into.

What is pathetic about the whole situation is that while BOTH news organizations are sitting on a powder keg of a story, they take the time to roll around in the alley like a couple of stray cats fighting over an empty tuna can, while I sit at a public meeting and watch a big wig from said company look at his future fishing boat on his I-Pad while a constituent gives public testimony about his wife who eventually dies from a massive heart attack because of the poor service of the ambulance company.

Like some dark irony in a Batman movie, I watch the local news battle it out, while missing the big catch. Maybe they can borrow that fishing boat?

After being dragged over the coals, MED-Star is being asked to bail out Paramedics Plus


Angela Investigatnecke over at Stormland TV decided to take a cue from Detroit Lewis and start digging around at Paramedics Plus. Even though there was ten million red flags when they were awarded the contract, like stomping all over MED-Star’s reputation because they didn’t fill out a couple forms correctly, then after getting the contract, employees stealing from dead people (maybe that is why the calls take so long? They have to finish robbing peoples homes before going on to the next call)?

While Angela reveals many interesting issues with the service, like how many times a guy running an ambulance service can lie in a TV interview (and our 911 and health director), I found this part about a ‘supposed’ contract with MED-Star hypocritical;

“Angela, we do not have a contract in the City of Sioux Falls, but interestingly enough, we’ve been called twice in the last couple of weeks to come into town to be mutual aid. But we haven’t transported anybody as of this date,” Jay Masur of MED-Star said.

The City says MED-Star has been “sent” the contract for mutual aid and Masur tells us he’s been trying to meet with Michael Bureau of Paramedics Plus to finalize the agreement.

So the company that was dragged thru the coals during the vetting process is now being asked to bail out the #1 choice for ambulance service in Sioux Falls. It doesn’t get anymore hypocritical than that.