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Who says Public Input is a nuisance?

So for the month of August we will be trying out a new thing at Club David. Patrick Lalley, Matt Staab and I will be doing live commentary to a live stream of the city council meetings at Club David. More details to come, but we hope to have the first event August 7th.

Councilor Stehly on Lalley today

She will be on around 4ish, Information 1000 KSOO. Listen LIVE.

UPDATE: Patrick Lalley Show 4:15 TODAY

Lalley has invited me on today, KSOO 1000 AM. I have a pretty good idea what we will be talking about. Replay HERE.

Stehly on Lalley, 3:45 Today, KSOO AM 1000

Councilor Stehly to be on Lalley at 3:45 Monday to speak about the effort to shove the citizens to the back of the “Public Input Bus.”

REPLAY: Patrick Lalley Show – KSOO 1000 AM – 4 PM

Not sure what I will be talking about, probably the upcoming primary. REPLAY.

Replay of Patrick Lalley Show

Listen to my appearance today (FF: 35:00) LISTEN HERE.

The Return of Lalley, KSOO 1000 AM

Pat is back from his European vacation, and I am his guest tomorrow, around 4ish. We may talk about Italian art, but I am guessing not . . .

REPLAY of the Lalley Show today

You can listen to a replay of my interview HERE. (FF to 45:00)

Patrick Lalley Show this Wednesday, 4 PM

I will be Pat’s guest, I’m sure we will be shaking down the city election.

Lalley Show; Guest Brooke Blaalid talks about public input and local government

Brooke Blaalid, Co-Director of Ready to Run who Prepares SD Women to Run for Political Office was the guest on Patrick Lalley’s show today. (FF: 35:00)

She talks about her resume and background, and one of the fascinating stories she brings up is serving on the Yankton City Commission. She makes some great statements about local government;

“Sitting at the city level is the most important part of government, I believe, we see change happening first and quickly, at the city level. There’s not a lot of citizen participation, unfortunately.”

Then she talks about the value of public input.

“Sitting on the City Commission, I thought there would be more social interaction from the community. I think I got maybe one or two emails while serving . . . that’s where all the great ideas come from, public input . . . I think when you have policy developed by people who are not at your educational level or social economic status, they have no idea how to create that, I think that’s where public opinion is so important, because you get good policy than.”

She also touches on being an Independent and how that makes you more approachable as a (female) candidate instead of being an extremist from the Republican or Democratic party.