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Pete Beuttigieg not the answer to beating Trump

I have been well aware for awhile the the State and National Democratic party is trying to beat Republicans by going ‘Republican Light’ a strategy that has NEVER worked and NEVER will.

While it is a close draw, a majority of Americans are Center to the Left (by a just a sliver). They proved this in the last election by giving Clinton 6 million more votes than Trump. I also think that Americans are becoming more Center to Left.

Pete is NOT the guy;

Buttigieg’s work, personal and political, has consistently served the interests of Silicon Valley, the police and the military-industrial complex. If the only way to oust Donald Trump is with someone like Buttigieg, then the far right really has flipped the board, and the regulatory capture of any so-called opposition is already complete.

We need a strong moderate that leans a little left with bread and butter issues in mind like better jobs, national healthcare and better trade agreements. We also don’t need another racist.

Pete Beuttigieg interview, 4/28/2018

Pete was the headliner at McGovern Day dinner. We were fortunate to interview his before the dinner.