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Photo Club w/Charles Luden (Part 3 of 4) Sioux City 1979


Photo Club w/Charles Luden (Part 2 of 4) Sioux City 1979

Photo Club w/Charles Luden (Part 1 of 4) Sioux City 1979

Photo Club w/Charles Luden

Here’s a photo taken Dec 29, 1983 at night of the 1st Ernie November location on South Minnesota Ave where Hardee’s is now.  This was the night of the No Direction record release party for our 1st album.  – C.L.

Photo & Poetry Club with Charles Luden


I always liked this sign. Originally it was located downtown on 10th Street where the city bus terminal is now.  It was the sign for a joint called Tiki Tap. When the building was razed the place moved to East 10th just west of 229 where it became a liquor store. The sign was moved with the business. That’s where I took this photo long ago. – C.L.

His  Wife  is  Shorter  than  his  Daughter

Sitting across

from the family dog

begging for biscuits

they smile and recite

algebraic formulas

of nature’s mysteries

as rain wets their hair

       Charles Luden • 6-30-16 at Granite City

Who Are The Comrades Drinking Rum In The Bushes?

Let me relive this moment tomorrow

Today is too soon to repeat anguish

over empty glasses

The group scatters suddenly

due to gooey mud in the hole

and bright lights to the east

A gift for you I have

a voice from the loudspeaker barks


We did

Now nothing

       Charles Luden • 9-15-16 at Granite City


The night was long

too long for your stomach

to hold it all

After a kiss at 2 AM

behind the Top Hat

you heaved ho

in the parking lot

A message for the

opportunistic lover

       Charles Luden • 5-26-16 at Granite City


I decided for some reason a 2,000 mile road trip was a good idea. I hit the Black Hills, Devil’s Tower (a must see) and Yellowstone (2 days) and finished in the Midwest’s capital of beer (Ft. Collins) before heading home. I am relaxed and ready to get back at it. I recommend to anyone spending 6 days by yourself, it will set your mind free.

pht1-rivrerself pht1-devself pht1-fallsself pht1-devil pht1-rush pht1-geyser pht1-rushself

Photography Club, Charles Luden

Charles Luden sent me these cool photos today, thought I would share;

I shot these in 1974 in Denver at a small club named Ebbets Field. Tom Waits opened for Roger McGuinn. It was a great show. Roger’s 1st solo LP and Tom’s 2nd LP were recently released. A priceless event. – C.L.




More Sanders Photos (H/T – JPF)

We will post a shorter highlights video later on.





Bob Reynolds at Icon Annex, Wed, May 4, 2016


Photog club w/Charles Luden