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My favorite person of 2009; Rachel Maddow


I could go on and on, but let’s watch this great video instead.

I love how Rachel combines real reporting and journalism with sarcasm. She is funny, smart, unapologetic and gay (what pisses neo-cons off the most). I look forward to her 2010 appearances.

Golly, gee, cure them gays!

This video is well worth the watch. I’ll admit, I make fun of the ‘gays’ but I also understand that you cannot be cured from it, trust me on that. Never trust a man named Dick. If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing now, FF to the last 30 seconds, Rachel’s ending is fantastic.


Another great interview with Frank Schaeffer (H/T – Helga)


And I know this following video is over 22 minutes long, but it is incredibly insightful about the current state of politics, and well worth the listen.

Rick Perlstein

President Obama asks. “How do you want to die?”

This clip on the Maddow show the other night had me rolling, even the president could barely control his laughter after a call-in question about living wills, it just goes to show all the BS surrounding the healthcare debate;

Rachel Maddow on the GOP’s latest conspiracy theory. Republicans are trying to rally their base by painting health care reform as a way to advance assisted suicide and to literally kill old people. It would be bad enough if this were only coming from fringe groups or right wing web sites, but as Rachel notes, it’s coming straight from these politicians’ mouths.

The Republicans continue to prove that Bill Maher was right about them with this kind of talk.

Maher: This is because we don’t have a left and a right party in this country any more. We have a center right party, and a crazy party. And over the last thirty odd years, Democrats have moved to the right, and the right has moved into a mental hospital.

Babe of the weekend; Rachel Maddow


Rachel has something I like in people (straight or gay); Snark. Rachel has no problem with bringing her lesbian sisters on her show and ripping on the decline of morality amongst straight couples all the while cracking gay sex jokes about Larry Craig. She gets it. If you can’t pick on yourself, you can’t pick on anybody else. So I ask? Is it sexism when you are sexist towards yourself?

Ask Rachel, I would love to hear her smartass answer.

Another Conservative who doesn’t get ‘Satire’

Besides David Frum being a total POS, now he claims sarcasm and satire have no place in the presidential race. Who made him joke God? What is it with conservatives and satire? He thinks it is okay to call people running for president terrorists, but not okay to crack jokes about Republicans.

Rachel Maddow schools him on satire.

Frum, who unbelievably has the nerve to sit in judgment of anyone when his carefully crafted propaganda led us into an unnecessary war, employs the Republican tried and true method of creating false equivalencies to defend the indefensible tactics of the McCain campaign. And his target isn’t the expected Barack Obama or even Bill Clinton, but Rachel Maddow herself.

That’s right. For Frum — who by the way, has only a glancing relationship with facts — has the bad manners in addition to flawed thought process to tell Maddow that using snark and humor in her news show brings down the national dialogue just as much as McCain and Palin’s race baiting and fear mongering.