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Rant-a-Bit, Episode 9

No worries, kids, we will be recording a new episode on August 30, come Hell or High water. I will keep the guest(s) under wraps for now until all the deets come in. Stay tuned.

Rant-a-Bit, Episode 8 ‘The Water Show’

We talked about all things ‘Water’ in SF. Water Rates, Snowgates, Swimming, and how the SF taxpayer’s head will be under water with funding the new Events Center with citizen advocates Theresa Stehly and Cheryl Rath.

Rant-a-Bit episode #8 Spoiler Alert

Our guests on Tuesday (June 14) will be SF citizen advocates Theresa Stehly and Cheryl Rath. We will try to dedicate most of the show to city politics, such as the Events Center, snowgates, water rates and everything in between. This will be an exciting show because it will be our first female guests and Cheryl has taken detailed notes on the Event Center discussion and has attended several meetings, if not all, concerning the EC. This will not be a love fest for the events center. I did invite Dave Syverson and Steve Hildebrand of Build it Downtown and got no response. I also invited a frequent opposition commenter on my site, and never heard a response. That’s fine I guess, but this would have been their opportunity to make there case un-edited. Prepare to be skewered.

Next month we hope to have on Dr. Allen Unruh to talk about the Sioux Falls Tea Party, I have a feeling other topics will come up to . . .

Rant-a-Bit Episode #7 w/ guest Rep. Bernie Hunhoff

Believe it or not, it is probably our cleanest episode so far.

We talk about local issues, as usual, and we let Bernie tell us HIS version of the legislative session.

Rant-a-Bit teaser; Bernie Hunhoff and the 2011 legislative session

Next Tuesday, April 12, Scott and I will trek to Yankton to interview Representative Hunhoff about the session. It should be a good one. I also have a few questions about the SD Democratic party grooming Mr. Huether for bigger and better things, and I ain’t talking about a 19.9% interest rate.

Rant-A-Bit Episode 6

Cory braved the weather and Mr. Millage took our questions.

Download it here, or

listen here.

Rant-A-Bit Spoiler Alert

Cory is the one with the beard

We will record our next episode on Tuesday, February 1.

Our scheduled guests are Cory Heidelberger from Madville Times and possible council candidate (running for Litz’s seat) Mark Millage.

Send us your questions in the comment section.

Rant-A-Bit Episode 5

Our post-election show features guests Jack Billion and Cade from KRRO radio.

Rant-a-bit preview; Post election show w/special guest Cade from KRRO radio

I think this picture sez it all.

Rant-A-Bit Episode 4

Dr. Kermit Staggers (former state legislator, city councilor) and Emmett Reistroffer (IM13) are our guests.

Download or watch the episode here.