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Mike Rounds, “It’s like Ronald Reagan all over again.”

I just about had a coronary on the way to work this morning when I heard Senator Rounds say this to Belfrage.

They were talking about the tax cuts and the federal budget. Rounds went on to say that the policies that the Reagan administration implemented created the booming economy of the 90’s.

First off, Reaganomics destroyed our economy which has been a roller coaster since it’s implementation and has caused the biggest gap between the rich and the poor ever in the history of our country. If Mike Rounds is hoping for the trickle down economics of Reagan to work in 2018 like it did in the 80’s, God help us.

What's next? A statue of G.W. Dush?

Reagan Statue

One True Thing full

Image: Associated Press

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard dvd

How ironic that a statue is unveiled of the guy who helped create this horrible economy and robber baron capitalism that now exists in America.