I have noticed over the past couple of years the kids painting the plows are getting more clever with how they show their wintry love for Jesus. While they don’t mention the Christian ghost on this plow, they cleverly turn the ‘T’ into a crucifix. I know, pretty cute.

Cute or not, it is still a violation of the separation clause (or better known as the establishment clause). Of course, I know the city’s public works department will just ignore this, because if you remember with the tornado cleanup last year, it seems our public works department is being replaced by church volunteers.

I fully expect to see members of a local Mega-Church this winter shoveling our emergency snow routes so we can use our taxdollars on more useful projects, like $26 million dollar bunker ramps to nowhere.

Praise be to God.

UPDATE: According to commenter VSG, the cross has been taken down. I figured once it was pointed out it would not take long, considering the consternation the SFSB had over having to put up a ‘In God we Trust’ sign in the lunchroom. Which is kind of ironic, because it is Federal taxpayers that are feeding almost 50% of our kids in the school district, not God. Maybe a more appropriate sign would be ‘Teach a man to fish . . .’

A South DaCola foot soldier sent me this picture tonight. Was this Christian cross hanging in the window of a private Christian business owner or a private Christian school?


It was hanging in the window of the IPC Center for the Sioux Falls School District.

Now I’m not a Grinch. This employee who hung this up should not be fired, or even reprimanded for having religious symbolism in the window of a facility supported by taxpayers. But it should be removed immediately and they should have to write a 10 page essay about the importance of the Establishment Clause. Then if the employee refuses, they can certainly grab a box and pack up the rest of their belongings because they should be out of a job. Then they can apply to work at one of our fine Liturgical schools in town.

I have often argued that your faith is between you and the God of your choice (or not). Separation of Church and State is important. Why? Because it protects the faithful from the government telling them how to worship. Why is it so hard for these people to understand this? It PROTECTS YOU! Now, if on your own time you want to convert people with your idols and symbolism, go for it. The School District has NO right to tell you what to do or who to worship on your own time. But when you are on the taxpayer’s dime, you must refrain from your cutesy cross crafts.

I can hear the comments already about how I am anti-Christian, anti-God, etc. I am not. I believe in God. What I don’t believe in is using my tax dollars to promote God. God promotes itself everyday when the sun rises in the morning, when the rain comes, when the birds sing us beautiful songs. I don’t need to see a cross in a publicly funded facility to convince me God exists and is all powerful. 

I’m sure Jesus has a few words to say about this? Oh he does;

1 John 5:21;

Little children, guard yourselves from idols.

I wanted to correct what I found out was a rumor going around that the mayor only spoke with Christian clergy to not have Sunday services. This is apparently not true. What I did find out is that he has privately urged many different religious centers to forgo services. Which is a good thing and smart. Sorry for the confusion.


But I will stress one thing, in this time of crisis, a world-wide pandemic, ALL leaders, large and small need to be very vocal and very public about their concerns. While sending an email is a nice gesture, transparency and openness is key.

While I agree 100% with his supposed decision to contact clergy in our community, he should have done it very publicly and put out an official memo from his desk at city hall that encourages ALL worship centers and businesses to close if they are not essential to our well being and health. In other words if you don’t have to go a social gathering which puts you in contact with others, don’t go. It really is that simple.

While I have watched many hours of news coverage about this virus, one thing is super clear, preventing the spread of the illness will flatten the curve and that should be our number one priority.

Once again, I sincerely apologize, but remain vigilant in this fight for open and transparent government.

I’m just asking the question. I have never seen the chair (mayor) do the opening prayer before until last night. In Paul’s defense, the pastor that was supposed to do it didn’t show or call (that was weird) and maybe Paul doesn’t know procedure, but a foot soldier said this to me in an email this morning;

I found it very insulting and crossing the line when the new young mayor crossed the secular line by giving the invocation at the meeting. The leader of the event must NEVER cause the subtle inference of mixing religion and government. It is just not done. NEVER.

Well, I wasn’t that offended, but I did think it was strange. In the past city councilors have done the invocation, but never the chair. Maybe Paul should have asked one of them to do it? Either way, I could care less if they do it or not. The deist, Ben Franklin, who created the invocation did it to calm the nerves of the lawmakers before a meeting, it had nothing to do with religion. These days, I don’t think it is working that well anyway. Maybe a 10 second time of silence and deep breaths would go further.

I won’t get into whether or not Mr. Jaber is innocent or guilty (I guess if he had a fair judge and or jury, I could see the decision going either way). I do agree with some that Jackboots is using this as political grandstanding.

Also don’t get me started on the 3 cousins pissing match over who’s religion is the BEST! People wonder why I am non-religious, watching the 3 cousins clown around is one of the main reasons. You are all descendents of Abraham, you all worship the same God. Get over it already, put the f’ing guns down and give each other a group hug.

Some would say the police did not act accordingly, believe it or not, I will defend the SFPD on this one. Our gun laws in SD are so lax, they had no choice then to let Mr. Jaber go. His possession of multiple assault weapons and pistols in his vehicle is perfectly legal in SD. AND, he probably bought them all legally.

If good, God fearing South Dakotans should be scared of anything, it’s not radical Muslims, Jews or Christians they should worry about, it’s our hazardous and troublesome lax gun laws in South Dakota that allow a person to carry around an arsenal in their mini-van. You’d think Mr. Jaber was preparing to drive through the middle of Baghdad instead of sleepy old Sioux Falls.