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Councilor Erickson goes ape over $60k while giving millions in tax rebates to welfare developers

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So this happened at the informational meeting on Tuesday, and I didn’t think much of the drama until people started nagging me about it;

Erickson said the Playhouse, formerly known as the Sioux Empire Community Theatre until August, currently owes $66,000 in debt to the city. She questioned why the debt had not been settled after it received $418,739 between several COVID-19 relief programs, including the Paycheck Protection Program and the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant.

First, let’s put some things in perspective. The Sioux Empire Community Theatre incurred this debt, not the current group and SMG let it grow to level it should not have. Once the Orpheum changed hands to the Pavilion’s management a payment program was set up. But in all reality, the city should have just wrote off the debt due to SMG and the previous theatre company no longer being in play. That would be the ‘logical’ thing to do

Some have asked me, “While Erickson has voted to give millions in TIF tax rebates to wealthy developers and voted for a failed $26 million dollar bunker ramp debacle why does she give a sh!t about this $60K debt?”

Well folks, this isn’t about the amount of debt it’s about who is being held hostage for the debt. The NEW organization’s president is no other than Mr. Rick Weiland, and this is an obvious attack on him politically as a prominent Democrat in our state and Christine’s cozy relationship with SD GOP leadership. It’s petty, and honestly the reason I didn’t say anything on Tuesday after witnessing her driveling. But par for course for the dirt bags that run that institution (out of Iowa).

Besides, if we really want to question the abuse of tax dollars by an arts org in Sioux Falls, we only have to look to the Washington Pavilion who is rumored to pay their director around or over $200K a year and has ravaged the entertainment tax year after year for millions in maintenance for a $19 million dollar building that cost us $50 million plus to complete and continues to drain us. Why doesn’t the city council just have a resolution that renames the tax the ‘Pavilion maintenance tax’? Let’s call it what it really is. And when are we going to get a financial report from them? Isn’t the director a Democrat?

This is what a political rally looks like

Rick is gaining steam . . .

I will have to admit, I may have to eat crow. And that’s fine, I have had worse.

Big Wheel

Looks like the Republican tracker has borrowed some of his dining habits from Whopper and Whopper Jr. only thing that is missing is a cigarette hanging from his mouth.

The Rick Weiland Campaign


Believe it or not, I got asked to attend a coffee this morning hosted by Weiland at the SF Downtown Library by a Republican who hasn’t been pleased with Mr. Rounds.

She was impressed, as was I.

Trust me, I am always skeptical of ANY politician, don’t care what party they are from, but I do like a couple of messages Rick has put out there;

1) Medicare Choice for all (Single-Payer option through our payroll taxes)

2) Increasing the FICA on the wealthy

3) Getting ‘Big Money’ out of politics

I learned a lot today from Rick’s visit, including his sense of ‘civility’. When asked about EB-5, he said he would prefer to let it play out before he comments on the situation (the Federal investigation is still impending).

Are the Dems screwing the chicken on this one?

Okay, I know, I know, I am a cynical bastard sometimes, but I can’t help to wonder what they are thinking with propping up Rick Weiland for their Senate candidate?

Of course, a possible governor run by Herseth-Sandlin has it’s appeal, for once, the Dems just might be able to take back the governor’s office (that is if she decides to run).

But Weiland? Don’t get me wrong, Rick, in most senses of the word is a ‘True’ Democrat, but not sure how that will bode with SD Voters.

Rick has a uphill battle. Besides NEVER winning an election, he has been out of the game for at least a decade. That, and they will hang the lobbyist thing around his neck like you wouldn’t believe. Also take into account that Rounds has a great record of winning, and the amount of money that will be flowing into his campaign treasure chest will be enormous. Weiland will probably be outspent 2 or 3-1.

Rick, on the other hand has some things going for him. He knows how Washington works (or for that matter doesn’t work) and Rounds has a horrible record when it comes to transparency, spending and nepotism. Those three issues alone could sink him.

BUT, Rick needs to get out ahead of the game, and fast. He needs to pound those issues and not get caught up in a catchup, putting out the fire game like Heidy-Scott experienced.

Rick also needs to get the SD Dems organized, and quickly. No more chili feeds on the reservation and FB fiddling around. The Dems need to knock on doors, and take this campaign to every city, small town and county in this state. That means boots on the ground, because we know Rounds will be busy dumping leaflets from the back of his airplane.

Rick also doesn’t have a voting record that can be held against him, besides being a wealthy lobbyist, he really doesn’t have any cobwebs in his closet, and if anything, propping his wonderful family up on a pedestal will do him well. His wife alone has virtually single-handily made the State Theatre a reality and with the help of her very talented children runs one of the most successful DTSF restaurants. Rick has done well in this department and needs to exploit this to high heaven.

In a nutshell, Mike Rounds disgusts me to no end. The man’s entire political career has been of helping himself and his family to the feeding trough of the taxpayer. Rick needs to drive this point home, hard.

Can Rick beat Marion Mike Rounds? Sure, but he better come out swinging, and he better do it soon, because the fight bell has already rung.