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Ironic Johnny the Hypocrite

I just saw this list and noticed that Mr. Stacking Bill’s 600 miles high made the Omnibus Hypocrites list;

Thune (6 earmarks, $4.3 million)

Funny, how John stomped his feet and voted against the bill yet still found time to put in his own earmarks as if he knew the thing would pass anyway. Then why did you fight it John? To put on a good showing as usual. Oh, but John’s earmarks are nothing when compared to the biggest crybaby about this bill;

McConnell (36 earmarks, $51 million)

Oh, Mitch, if it wasn’t totally obvious that you are lying sack of shit, it would surprise me. But you go on Meet the Press and say things similiar to this;

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) called the spending bill a “missed opportunity” and urged President Obama to veto it. “The bill costs far too much for a government that should be watching every dime,” he said. 

Then turn around and find your hands in the cookie jar. So if you stacked $51 million dollars worth of dimes on top of each other, how many miles would that be?

The Republicans wonder why nobody trusts them anymore. Gee, that’s a tough one.

A military or Government job is not a ‘Real Job’ – Micheal Steele

Image; Driftglass

According to the new RNC chair, if you work for the government or are getting your ass shot at in Iraq, it isn’t a real job. Where do they find these clowns anyway?

Watch Michael spill douche all over himself.

Poor Mikey is running out of options

Cheap Brand

(Another) Cuckoo Bird Letter of the Day

I’ll have to admit, after reading this letter, I came to realize there are still whack-jobs out there that support GW Bush, our WORST president in the history of our country, unfckbelivable!

Congratulations to the Argus Leader, The Associated Press and other national media outlets on the historic victory of your candidate, Barack Obama. All of you must be proud, as it was one of your finest campaigns in our country’s history.

Yes, the media was bias towards Obama, I will agree with you on that. But I disagree on the reason why. Obama ran a positive campaign, so when the media did a story on Obama, it was a positive story. When they did a story on McCain it was a negative story, because he was negative. The campaigns controlled the message they wanted the media to cover, not the other way around, McFly.

For eight years, you have eloquently articulated the problems of our country and how each problem decidedly was caused by the Bush administration. Who can forget your negative war coverage and how you rallied many citizens against Bush and his evil oil-related policies.

Actually, brain surgeon, the MSM DID NOT do their job on the run up to the war, because if they would have, we would have seen the Bush administration was lying through their teeth. They went along with it, just like the lazy ass Congress did. This was an enormous failure by our media, and they have yet to apologize or make it right. The fourth estate has let us down.

Perhaps less noticeable, but equally effective, was your silence regarding our country’s current success in Iraq. Managing to bury Obama’s failure to support the surge and its resounding success perhaps was your finest hour.

Success?! First off, we shouldn’t have been there to begin with. Secondly, we would not have had to use the surge if we could have maintained security to begin with, and thirdly, the surge has only partially worked. It’s objective to end the violence has been successful, but the diplomatic part has been a complete failure. The Iraqi government is still in disarray. Why? Because we keep holding their hand. It’s time to push the baby bird democracy out of the tree and let them fly on their own.

My personal favorite was how quickly you and others set out to destroy Sarah Palin when her unfiltered convention address helped McCain surge ahead in the polls.

I’ll say this for the 900th time, She is dumber then jellied moose nose. She destroyed herself when she opened her mouth.

The End of an Error

ILUSTRATION; The Late Great Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth

The End of an Error

In all seriousness, it really doesn’t matter who wins the presidential race today, one thing is for sure, NO MORE BUSH.

I think he has been the worst president our country has ever seen. I still like the bumper sticker I have seen on several cars around town; ‘Never thought I would miss Nixon’

What surprises me the most is that he isn’t sitting in a jail cell with Cheney. Not only is there plenty of evidence to charge him with war crimes and crimes against humanity, he could have been impeached on violating the 4th Amendment alone (something he admitted to in a press conference – how much  more proof do you need?).

History will judge him very poorly. There has even been rumors circulating that he will be brought up on criminal charges when he steps out of office.

He has single-handily;

– Bankrupt our country

– Destroyed the middle-class

– Tore up our Constitution

– Destroyed our standing in the world

– Increased world terrorism in the world against our allies

– Contributed to global warming by removing energy regulations

– Destroyed the reputation of his party (which isn’t all that bad). He did get some help from Tom Delay on this one, and most recently, Ted Stevens.

And this is where Barack Obama comes in. If it weren’t for Bush’s pitiful failures, Obama may still just be a Senator from Illinois. He has been able to take the high road, and prove that you can be positive in a campaign and get results – we’ll know more about that tonight.


South DaCola email box; The RNC journalists arrests

Brian from MPLS sent me this about his experiences;


Here’s something I put up on the RNC arrests of journalists.




The site may look familiar. There still a lot of things that are being sorted out through this. I did go to a forum between journalists, cops and the city of St. Paul. I asked the Asst police chief of St. Paul why some journalists were released at the scene and others were sent downtown. He said there was a “gap in communication.” Interesting….


This post points to two more stories of journalists in the same situation.


http://liberalmediaelite.com/?p=830 they are much more interesting than mine.