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South DaCola art club w/Rodin


The best part about the Rodin exhibit at the Pavilion? It’s FREE!

Auguste Rodin’s “The Thinker” is one of 62 of the French sculptor’s works that will be on display May 9 through Aug. 1. Art exhibits of this magnitude are rare in the state, and area students, artists and others celebrated the announcement Tuesday.

This is pretty exciting, even if these pieces are merely casts. I had a chance to see some of Rodin’s work in Atlanta a few years back, cool stuff.

Before the renowned European sculptor died in 1917 he donated his estate to the French government, as well as the right to produce original casts of his sculptures posthumously. On exhibit at the Pavilion’s Visual Arts Center will be castings from his original work.

Gawd, wouldn’t it be great if Sioux Falls had a cast of a sculpture by a great artist . . .