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Promising Nothing


I hope the money laundering lawyer from Brandon has to reveal he name of the secret donor, though most of us already have a hunch who that person is.

The South Dakota secretary of state will go to court next month and ask a judge to force state Rep. Roger Hunt to reveal several key details about a corporation he created in the midst of a heated battle over abortion.

The corporation gave $750,000 to a group campaigning to ban abortion but refused to reveal who was behind the donations.

Hunt has said that he set up the corporation because the donor, whom he described as a South Dakota resident, feared violence if his or her identity were known.

Like I said above, it wouldn’t be to hard to figure out who that person is, if you really wanted to attack them. I’m assuming if they have $750,000 to throw at a wasted political effort, they have money to hire a bodyguard. Maybe they could hire the same one Leslee did (to protect her from extreme pro-lifers that were mad at her that her ban did not go far enough. I still find that ironically humorous.)

“I think it’s very important to understand that just because one side of this issue has drug this out as long as it has shouldn’t allow them to simply avoid complying with what the law was because they’re able to delay it for so long,” Nelson said Wednesday.

It seems Roger Hunt was hoping that it would just go away. You’d think a lawyer would know better.

But Steven Sanford, a Sioux Falls lawyer who represents Hunt, said in his view, the state’s pursuit of the donor’s identity “is of questionable value to anybody, but the state has its own interests, and the secretary of state seems to think it’s pretty important.”

Are you talking about the same state that Roger works for as a legislator in the same party that Nelson belongs to and has a majority in the state? Or maybe this is about soemthing else? The LAW perhaps?

Hunt referred questions about the case to his lawyer but said he’s surprised it has gone on this long.

“I, to be honest, am surprised that since this case deals with a statute that was repealed by the Legislature at the request of the secretary of state, that this case is still in the system.”

Yes, Roger, it is amazing that this day and age that courts are still trying to prosecute lawmakers of money laundering – the shame!

MORE BAYBEEZ! But only at a hospital

The state house has rejected a bill that would have allowed home births to be conducted by certified midwives. Despite a good record from the 24 states that allow the practice, it seems it just won’t cut it here.

The first comment on the Argus Leader article about the bill says it best.  In a state where a large percentage of the population lives in the middle of nowhere, it makes sense to have certified midwives who can deliver babies at home. It’s perfectly reasonable to do so, and the hundred or so baby books I’ve read lately all sing the praises of midwives and home birth – just have lots of towels.

One wonders about how the two largest health care systems in the state may have influenced this vote as well…

Poor Roger

From Kelo-TV

Lawsuit Revived To Identify Abortion Vote Donor

The South Dakota Supreme Court has revived a state lawsuit that seeks to identify the secret donor who gave $750,000 to the failed 2006 effort to outlaw most abortions in the state.

A corporation set up by state Representative Roger Hunt of Brandon made the donation without revealing the contributor’s name.

Secretary of State Chris Nelson went to court to make the donor’s name public, but a circuit judge threw out the lawsuit.

The Supreme Court says a trial should be held to determine if Hunt’s corporation meets the definition of a ballot question committee that must report a donor’s identity.

The Argus Leader editorial; Two years too late

I’ll give them credit for covering this, but it should have never gotten to the Supreme Court. It is blantantly obvious that Roger Hunt setup a shell corporation to hide a secret donor’s name, some would call that money laundering. I have a feeling we will never know (but I have some pretty good guesses).